Puoi scaricare spettacoli su HBO Max e salvarli oltre i 30 giorni?

HBO Max or MAX provides an extensive collection of shows and movies from a variety of Warner Media entities, including HBO Originals, DC Comics, CNN, TNT, TBS, and Cartoon Network. The HBO movies provides lots of fun to users. But what if you want to view these shows beyond their standard 30-day download period? This article will show you how to download HBO Max or Max videos forever!

Can I Download Shows on HBO Max?


The HBO Max streaming service, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, allows users to download select movies and TV shows for offline viewing. However, the unwatched downloads from HBO Max tend to expire in 30 days. Once you start watching the downloaded shows, you will be able to finish watching them in 48 hours. So how can you keep your favorite shows for a longer period or even forever?

The Y2Mate HBO Max Downloader can assist you in this. This tool supports unlimited movie and TV show downloads that don't expire, even when such content leaves HBO Max. What's more, the downloader allows seamless sharing and transfer of such content to any of your devices.

How to Download HBO Max Shows for Offline Viewing With Y2Mate HBO Downloader?

Y2Mate HBO Downloader stands out as a powerful tool for downloading HBO Max content to your device without any problem. Obtain easy access to all of your favorite shows and movies and enjoy offline viewing whenever you want.


Features of Y2Mate

Outstanding Download Quality

With Y2Mate HBO Downloader, rest assured that your downloaded videos will remain in high-quality 1080p format. There is no noticeable difference between streamed and downloaded content. The audio specification retained is 125 kbps and 48 kHz, with a consistent variable bitrate around 5500 kb/sec across your downloads.

Share and Download Unlimited Content

Share content across multiple devices and enjoy the benefits of unlimited download options. Although HBO Max's app supports an auto-download feature, it has few limitations. With Y2Mate, you overcome these - watch downloaded videos on any device and forget about expiring downloads.

Auto-Download For New Releases

Y2Mate HBO Downloader offers an enhanced auto-download feature where it can identify when a video is part of a series, subsequently gathering information on upcoming episodes. This means you can easily download multiple episodes all at once. Also, support for automatic download of newly released HBO Max originals is available, working efficiently in the background.

Extra Features: Download Subtitles and Metadata

One of the other major advantages of Y2Mate HBO Downloader is the ability to download videos with subtitles and meta info. You have the option to download subtitles and remix them or add them as a separate .srt file.

Guide to Using Y2Mate for HBO Downloads

Discover how to use the Y2Mate HBO Downloader for downloading your favorite HBO Max video content onto your devices. This tutorial includes a step-by-step guide for both Windows and Mac.

Y2Mate HBO Downloader is your perfect solution for downloading HBO Max shows. You can seamlessly download onto your laptop, PC, hard drive, or eventually transfer it to your mobile phone. 

Here's how you can start your HBO Max downloading journey:

Step 1 – Installation of Y2Mate HBO Downloader

Firstly, install and launch the Y2Mate HBO Downloader, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. In the HBO downloader section, you get direct access to HBO Max right on the main interface. 

Step 2 – Connect to HBO Max and Locate Your Desired Video


Next, sign in to your HBO account from within Y2Mate interface. Enjoy easy browsing and locate the video that you wish to download just as you would on a browser.

Step 3 – Play the Video to Prompt Download


Lastly, strart playing your chosen video within the Y2Mate HBO Downloader. The video begins downloading automatically. 


1. Are There Any Limitations on How Many HBO Titles I Can Download?

Yes, you can download up to 30 items across all user profiles and devices on your account at a time. Once you reach the limit, you will have to delete some downloads before you can download more. However, if you use the tool like Y2Mate HBO Downloader, you can get rid of HBO download limit.

2. Is the Quality of Downloaded HBO Shows the Same as Streaming?

The quality of the downloaded content depends on your device capability, the available storage, and the quality settings you have selected for downloads in the app settings. But if you choose Y2Mate, you will get high-definition HBO videos offline just as online videos.

3. How to Get Free HBO Max?

Warner Bros has entered into an agreement with several cable TV service providers. If you have subscribed to HBO on the respective cable services, you can get HBO Max for free. You simply need to sign in to HBO Max and get access to it for free.

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