8 Best Audials Alternatives 2023: Exploring the Best Substitute

Audials is all about recording and enjoying the stream offline, be it video or audio. This amazing platform supports a range of features that make it worth the hype it has gained. Rest you can leave on the bundles of positive customer reviews. In this article, we have summed up nine Audials alternatives; let’s dive in to explore!

What is Audials One?


Audials One is an amazing creation from Audials – a renowned software developer. This platform has made offline streaming more fun and joyful with its handful of features. Where it supports all of the streaming platforms out there, it also offers lightning recording speed. In short, it's the ultimate choice of most streamers.

Some other notable features of it are listed below:

Removes Ads – Audials One removes all the ads when recording your desired stream, letting you enjoy disturbance-free streaming.

Can Save Subtitles – Are you having difficulty understanding the dialogues and want to save your native language substiles with your stream? Audials One has got you covered in this aspect, too.

Optimal Audio – Are you tired of movies with too much background noise, making it difficult to listen to the movie's dialogues? You can skip facing this issue with the amazingly amazing Audials One!

Supports Multiple File Formats – This amazing platform supports multiple file formats, including 4k, MP4, HVEC, H.264, or WMV.

Save Streams in Your Desired Video Quality ­­– Whether you wish to save your stream in a bit lower quality to save space on storage or want to enjoy that seamless Full HD video experience, Audials One gives you the privilege to choose your desired video quality.

Want to learn more about Audials One? Give this comprehensive Audials One review a quick read!

Why Find the Need for Audials Alternatives?

By now, you must be stuck with: "if it's that much awesome, why would one look for its alternative?" If you are wondering the same, let us clarify your confusion. There are only two points that this platform lacks. These include its priciness and complexity to using. Believe these are the only reasons why a streamer can helplessly give up on this platform looking for Audials alternatives.

Wondering does Audial One 2023 is worth it? Read this article to find out!

Top 8 Audials Alternatives

Let’s now come to the main section of the article – The Top 8 Audials Alternatives!

Audials Alternatives

1. Y2Mate DRM Downloader


The very first on our list of Audials alternatives is the Y2Mate! It’s indeed your best video mate for all streaming services. It supports multiple streaming platforms, over 500 streaming platforms, and over 100 websites. Besides this, it downloads your desired streams in MP4 and MKV file formats to let you enjoy your downloads wherever you want. Isn’t it amazing?

It supports impressive video qualities, including 4k, 8k, 720p, and 1080p. You can choose your desired one before downloading videos. In addition, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. Just hop onto the website to download your desired version in no time.

Y2Mate DRM Downloader
Your Best Mate to Download Videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime and 100+ Sites Offline!
Learn More


  • Batch downloads multiple videos at once
  • Removes ads when downloading content
  • Supports excellent audio and video quality
  • Swiftly download videos at a blistering speed of 32 MBs per second
  • Saves metadata info along with the video to ease the organization of the media library


  • Doesn’t support video editing

2. FlixPal


Next on the list of the best Audials alternatives is FlixPal – what they call the best Pal for downloading videos. It’s true for sure! With it, you can skip the worry of missing your fav show’s live stream, as you can record and enjoy it later, wherever and whenever you wish. One of its fantastic features is that it supports high-speed downloads owing to its GPU boost. You can download a 2-hour movie in just 10 minutes. Like WOW!

Other features include compatibility with Windows and Mac, the ability to download subtitles, and support for multiple streaming platforms.


  • Doesn’t impose any download limit
  • Can download live streams as well
  • Saves subtitles in separate SRT files
  • Allows high-speed downloads with GPU boost
  • Compatible with the universal file format, i.e., MP4


  • Doesn’t support downloading audio streams

3. PlayOn


PlayOn is a software development company aimed to make offline streaming worthwhile with its amazing products. With that in mind, the platform has launched two products, PlayOn Home and PlayOn Cloud. One is compatible with Windows, and the other with Mac. Both of these Audials alternatives can record streams from anywhere, support offline viewing, and their downloaded videos never expire!


  • The first-ever cloud DVR for streaming videos
  • Turns your PC into a powerful DVR for streaming
  • Support casting streams to the TV
  • Auto-records new episodes as soon as these are available
  • Offers closed captioning support


  • Offers limited support for streaming platforms
  • PlayOn Home doesn’t support 1080p recordings
  • Recording rather than downloading videos

4. EaseUS RecExperts


Next, we have EaseUs RecExperts as one another premium Audials alternatives. It’s renowned as one of the best game recorders, except for being an exceptional streaming recorder. It offers multiple recording features that together make it an all-rounder platform. These features include scheduled recording, full-screen recordings, selected region-based recordings, multi-screen recordings, auto-stop and auto-split, editing when recording, and loads more.


  • Records screen along with webcam and audio
  • Features embedded video editor and media player
  • Has a smart AI-powered noise remover
  • Can capture any desired region of the screen
  • Can perform auto-recordings, if scheduled


  • Somehow pricey
  • Editing options are limited

5. MyStream Downloader


This alternative to Audials one is another best bet for those looking for a downloader with similar features as in Audials One. It comes equipped with multiple features, like auto-ad removal and swift-downloading technologies, support for various regions, and more. You can also use it as a video manager, building your media library. Moreover, it allows 1080p video downloads.


  • Uses state-of-art technology to swiftly download streams
  • Batch downloads multiple episodes without compromising an inch on the quality
  • Supports various tracks to make streaming fun for audiophiles
  • Features built-in browser, letting the users search for their desired video without leaving the software
  • Enables transferring videos to other devices


  • Doesn’t support 4k and 8k video downloads

6. SameMovie


Whether you want to download content from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or any other, SameMovie has your back. With it, you can enjoy seamless downloads in exceptional audio and video quality. Its lightweight and convenience of use account for making one of those Audials alternatives that are user-friendly. Other notable features include support for Dolby 5.1 sound, internal, external, and hardcode subtitles, and more.


  • Supports hardware acceleration when available
  • Features a multilingual user interface
  • Stable performance – none of the users have reported any issues when using this downloader
  • Offers free and timely support to its customers
  • Has broad compatibility


  • Some users have reported that it is crashed sometimes
  • Supports downloading videos on one platform only

7. FlixGrab


FlixGrab is a premium platform aimed to simplify downloads from one of the top-tier streaming platforms, i.e., Netflix. Whether you want to download documentaries, shows, originals, series, movies, or other video content, it will be your ultimate bet. It does not imply any limitation on the number of videos you can download daily or weekly. This one of the fantastic Audials alternatives can also tweak the language of subtitles as per your requirements.


  • Supports downloading videos in a range of qualities
  • Offers support for Dolby Surround Audio 5.1
  • Auto-selects optimal voice quality and language
  • Can download subtitles in TTML format
  • Pretty easy to use with a straightforward user interface


  • Limited support for streaming platforms
  • Compatible with Windows only
  • Relatively slow downloading speed
  • The free version supports limited features

8. MovPliot


Lastly, we have MovPilot as another amazing Audials One alternative. It offers various products, from Netflix Video Downloader and Hulu Video Downloader to more. The best thing about this innovative downloader is that it supports multiple advanced technologies. These include High Download Success Rate & Speed, GPU Acceleration Tec, and Auto Connection with the Streaming Service.


  • Supports Dolby Atmos 5,1 Surround Sound and Full HD downloads
  • Supports multilingual subtitles and audio tracks
  • Features GPU acceleration technology
  • Can auto-connect with streaming services
  • Offer 24/7 instant customer support


  • Free trial supports limited features
  • Can convert only the first six minutes of any Netflix video

Summing Up

That is all about the different Audials alternatives we have on the market. We have tried to shed light on multiple aspects of each, listing features, pros, and cons. If we have to choose one, it will surely be Y2Mate, because of its exceptional performance in multiple aspects and endlessly helpful features. Hope you find this info worth reading. Stay tuned for more informative articles.


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