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Empower Your Peacock Moments: Grab Your 1080p Joy and Dive into Your Favorite Peacock Shows!

Y2Mate Peacock Video Downloader stands as a reliable streaming instrument, empowering seamless batch downloads of Peacock TV videos at 1080p resolution, meticulously preserved in both MP4 and MKV formats, all free from intrusive advertising disruptions.

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v1.2.3.0 | 8.0 MB for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit) | Last Update: 07/19/2024

A “Downloader”, not a “Recorder”

We "download" rather than "record" the video, which means we can analyze the source of the video being played on the web page and download it.

Fast Speed
Blazing-fast downloads.
Batch Download
Effortless batch downloading.
MP4/MKV Output
Export to MP4 & MKV formats seamlessly.

Discover Y2Mate's Multifaceted Features

High-Quality Download
MP4/MKV Output
Extract Subtitles
Remove Ads

Preserve Peacock Videos in Superior Quality

Y2Mate Peacock Downloader facilitates the acquisition of Peacock TV series and films in diverse resolutions reaching up to 1080p to satisfy your preferences. Whether you aspire for super clarity in your visuals or aim to save your internal storage for other apps, Y2Mate can meet your needs. Immerse yourself in an uninterrupted, superior-quality video streaming experience.
Preserve Peacock Videos in Superior Quality

Download Widely Compatible MP4 Peacock Videos

Y2Mate Peacock downlaoder is designed to offer you the simplest method but to maximize your offline watching not constrained to time, place, and internet. If you've ever given up Peacock episodes due to imcompatible video formats, why not try Y2Mate Peacock downloader? It supports downloading videos in MP4 format, the universally compatible format for all devices. The one-shot-for-all function minimizes any possible difficulties related to imcompatibility issues.
Download Widely Compatible MP4 Peacock Videos

Flexibly Customize Audio and Subtitles

Y2Mate Peacock Video Downloader provodes you with the option to select the desired audio and subtitles in different languages. This means that if you want to download a Spanish episode, you can save the audio and the subtitle in both English and Spanish based on your preferences. Additionally, if you don't want in-built subtitles, Y2Mate is a handy Peacock downloader which can save the subtitles separately in SRT format.
Flexibly Customize Audio and Subtitles

Save Ads-free Peacock Videos

Ads, as one of the revenue channel for major streaming platforms, dent users' excitment from captivating plots. Peaocok subscribers need to spend $5/month on its premium plan with ads, and $10/month on its ad-free premium plus plan. If you use Y2Mate Peacock Downloader, nettlesome ads will not get in your way as it filters commercials automatically during the downloading process. Immersive viewing is no longer a pip dream.
Save Ads-free Peacock Videos

Download New Episodes Automatically

Is there any series that you've watched but not finished yet and have to download new episodes manually every time? Y2Mate has newly launched a feature to automatically book new episodes for download. You can set a fixed time to make Y2Mate automatically detect if there is any new episode available every week. And Y2Mate will also download them automatically. In this way, you can watch new series more smoothly!
Download New Episodes Automatically
Your Best Video Mate

Y2Mate Peacock Downloader

Empower Your Peacock Moments: Grab Your 1080p Joy and Dive into Your Favorite Peacock Shows!

Tech Specs
Operation System

Windows 7 or above / macOS 10.10 or above


Intel i3 or above / Core 2 Quad or above



Hard Drive Space

40GB of free hard disk space


Live internet connection

Fair Use Policy

Please note: Use of Y2Mate is for personal use only and does not entitle you to share downloadable material with third parties. Please respect the copyrights of supported streaming providers.

The 30-day free trial of Y2Mate is limited to approximately 3 downloads per product.

In the paid version of Y2Mate, each product is limited to approximately 100 downloads per day to avoid being blocked.

3 Steps to Use Y2Mate!


Visit the website you want to download videos from.

To begin, activate the Y2Mate Peacock Downloader. Then, select the “VIP Services” option from the sidebar within the interface. Afterward, scroll down until you locate the icon for “Peacock.” Finally, click on the “Peacock” icon and proceed to sign in.


Play the Peacock video you want to download.


Customize output settings to start the download process.

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Answers to Common Queries

1. What are the system requirements for Y2Mate?
To use Y2Mate, you need to meet the following system requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit), or macOS 10.10-13
  • Processor: Intel i3 or above
  • RAM: 4GB or above
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 40GB or above
  • Internet Connection: A live Internet connection is required for the downloader to function properly.
2. What is the difference between the free trial and the premium version of Y2Mate?
The primary difference lies in the number of downloads. The free trial allows you to download videos in the same quality as the premium version but limits you to 3 downloads within a 30-day period. Namely, you can enjoy all advanced functions in the free version of Y2Mate.
3. What is the highest video quality available for download with Y2Mate?
Y2Mate supports downloading most videos in full HD 1080p. Availability in higher resolutions like 4k and 8k depends on the original video quality and specific platforms.
4. Which payment methods are accepted for purchasing Y2Mate products?
You can purchase any Y2Mate product using Visa, American Express, UnionPay, MasterCard, and other standard payment methods. To know more, visit the payment page of Y2Mate.
5. How do I activate Y2Mate after purchase?
Activation is easy. Create a Y2Mate account, set a password, and use it to activate the software. If you don’t have an account, register now. If you lose your password, recovery is also a simple process.
6. Why can't I download videos from a streaming site with Y2Mate?
If you're facing download issues, follow these steps:
  • 1. Check if the video is playable in your browser (Chrome or Microsoft Edge).
  • 2. Verify if the specified output folder for downloaded files is full. If so, try another folder or free up space. You can access the default output location via Settings > General > Output Directory.
  • 3. Wait for later update to add more supported sites.
  • 4. If the problem persists, contact us Provide links to the problematic videos and share the latest Y2Mate.log file for troubleshooting, found in Settings > General > Log Directory.