Best Way to Download U-Next Videos [PC & Mobile]

Japan's largest video-on-demand "U-NEXT" allow you to watch classic Show movies, Korean dramas, or even movies that have just been released to theaters. And the exclusive distribution content is also substantial, and the abundance of viewing devices is also attractive.

However, as is well known, with U-NEXT, you can download and save your work on your smartphone or tablet, and you can watch it offline without worrying about the amount of communication even when you are out, but you can watch U-NEXT videos on your computer. Cannot be downloaded or saved. Therefore, this article will introduce how to download and record U-NEXT videos on your computer.

5 Things You should know before downloading U-NEXT videos

When downloading U-NEXT videos, first of all, you need to be aware of the following restrictions.

download u-next videos

  • Only applicable works can be downloaded- Not all works are eligible for download. If the movie does not have a "Download" icon on the work page, it cannot be downloaded.

  • Only one device can be downloaded- However, if you have a family account, you can download it to the respective devices used by the parent and child accounts.

  • The number of videos that can be downloaded at one time exceeds 25-25, and no new videos can be downloaded.

  • Downloaded works can be viewed for up to 48 hours -If the rental work has expired, you will need to use "Points" to re-download it.

  • Cannot be downloaded to TV or PC -If you want to download U-NEXT videos on your PC, specialized software is indispensable.


Best Way to Download and save U-NEXT videos on your PC

When watching videos and dramas using U-NEXT on a smartphone or tablet, you can directly download downloadable videos, but you cannot download all U-NEXT videos on your computer. Below, we will introduce software that downloads videos, videos, and dramas that you are interested in when using U-NEXT on your computer.

Y2mate Downloader is attracting many users as a software that allows you to download videos online. You can easily download videos by supporting not only U-NXT but also major video sharing sites such as Nico Nico, FC2, and NHK.

Step 1

Before downloading the U-NEXT video, please use the download button below to install and run this Y2mate Downloader software on your computer. The software also supports Windows and Mac, so Mac users can use the software to download U-NEXT videos.

Step 2

Open U-NEXT video you want to download, then click the "Ready to Download" button on the software interface to automatically paste the URL of the U-NEXT video. Then click the "Analysis" button.

download u next videos

Step 3

After analyzing the URL, select the video option of the next applicable resolution and select the subtitles and audio channels option. Later, click "Download Now" to start downloading the U-NEXT video.

download u next videos 3


Record U-NEXT video on your PC

I often wanted to download U-NEXT videos, but I couldn't. In this situation, some works are protected from downloading videos with a technology called DRM (Digital Rights Management). Therefore, try recording U-NEXT videos using specialized recording software.

You could use a screen recorder software for Windows/Mac that allows you to record online video on your PC, record audio from your PC, and take screenshots of your PC screen.

Download U-NEXT videos on your smartphone

If you use the U-NEXT app on your smartphone, you can download U-NEXT videos directly on your smartphone. U-NEXT allows you to download videos individually or in bulk. Now, I will explain how to download videos with the U-NEXT app.

To download videos with U-NEXT

After moving to the U-NEXT work page you want to download, scroll down and tap the download button that appears. When the download starts, the progress will be displayed.

Download U-NEXT video on mobile

How to download series works such as dramas

The download method is different for series such as dramas. When you reach the work page, tap Select Episode. When the episode list is displayed, tap the download button at the top right of the screen. Switches to the selection screen. Tap the icon labeled "Unselected" to start downloading the video.

Download U-NEXT video in the app

FAQ: How to Fix "I can't download U-NEXT videos"

When downloading U-NEXT videos, if you cannot download them by all means, there are five main possible causes.

  • In the case of the U-NEXT app on your smartphone, you are not logged in to the U-NEXT app. If you can't download it on your computer, your work is probably protected by a technology called DRM to prevent you from downloading the video. In this case, please use the recording software.
  • If you fail to download the U-NEXT app video on your smartphone, please check if you are trying to download it to multiple devices.
  • The OS / U-NEXT app version is old, or there is no free space on your smartphone or tablet.

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