Can You Record on Discovery Plus? (Updated 2023)

Discovery Plus is one streaming platform offering users an impeccable range of TV shows and movies. However, the ease of offline downloads is something else—no hassle of poor internet connectivity and no worrying about unclear images or lagging issues.

If you are planning on subscribing to the service but want to know what it is properly and if can you record shows on Discovery plus or not, then this article is for you. Hop on below to find the answers to your questions.

What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is an American streaming platform that falls under the ownership of Warner Bros Discovery. The platform features a streaming library of non-fiction and fiction movies and TV shows and additional Discovery exclusive series.

While Discovery Plus offers some exceptional movies, it also gives users access to quality content from major cable channels. Be it Discovery, Animal Planet, or even Food Network, if you missed an episode streaming on your favorite cable channel. You can easily catch up with it on Discovery Plus.

Another excellent benefit perk that comes with Discovery Plus is its price factor. No one likes streaming services that charge a fortune for the mere return of a few shows. Discovery Plus subscription plans cost at only $4.99 for ad-supported videos and $6.99 for ad-free streaming.

Can You Record on Discovery Plus?

If you are wondering whether you can record on Discovery plus before hitting this subscription button. The answer is yes, you can. To download shows on Discovery Plus, any user must be a current active subscriber and avail of the ad-free subscription plan. You also need to have the latest version of Discovery Plus on one of the following updated devices:

  • Any iOS device running on iOS version 13 or later.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet operating on OS 5.0 or more
  • Android phones and tablets with OS 5.1 or more.

However, to record Discovery Plus may not be a good idea. The following are the reasons that you should take them seriously.

Why Should You Not Record on Discovery Plus?

While the streaming service allows users to record Discovery Plus shows, we won’t recommend you do this. There are many reasons why recording Discovery plus shows directly is not a great option. A few of the reasons are mentioned below:

Legal issue

While it is okay to download the shows, Discovery Plus itself allows using the drop-down arrow. We won’t recommend you use a third-party application to download movies or shows on which the streaming service doesn’t allow you to make a download.

This is because not all streaming services are reliable; many can cause legal issues and even cause you to lose your subscription.

Third-Party Recorders Not Safe

As mentioned above, there are better options than third-party recorders for downloading shows that Discovery Plus videos hold. Not only can these third-party downloaders cause legal issues and cause you to lose your account. But they can cause viruses and malware to hit your system too.

Hence, before it becomes more trouble and makes you lose all your data, it is better to avoid downloading the content you want through an unsafe third-party application.

Time-consuming and Low Quality

Another downside of using any third party or even Discovery’s downloading option is the time it consumes. We understand that this generation wants everything quickly, especially regarding technology. And it's hard to record Disney Plus videos in 1080p.

Hence, they lose interest when they wait for such content to download. Downloading through several third-party apps can not only be unsafe but time-consuming too.

So, what do you do in such situations? Well, you turn towards a safe, reliable, and quick downloader. Want to know which one is it? Hop on below to find out.

Download Rather Than Record: Use Y2Mate to Download Discovery Plus Videos

Using an unsafe or unreliable third-party video downloader might be insignificant. However, we never said you could not use a safe and reliable one to download some of your favorite shows from Discovery Plus. If you are thinking about what this safe and reliable third-party downloader can be, try Y2Mate!

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader lets users download content from any streaming platform most safely and reliably. Users can benefit from its many features and gain some of the best and high-quality downloads within minutes.

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader

The service is quick acting and offers users clear images and high-quality content. Not only this, but it can download the latest movies from any streaming service with ease too. If you are someone who wants to make downloads from Discovery Plus, then Y2Mate is your safest and best option to do it.

How to Download Discovery Plus Videos with Y2Mate?

To begin, please use the provided "free trial" button below to download the Y2Mate software. For new users, there is an option to enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Next, locate and select the Discovery Plus icon, which will direct you to the official Discovery Plus website.

Y2mate discovery plus

Afterwards, sign in to your Discovery Plus account and use the search function to find the videos you wish to watch offline.

Discovery Plus

Once you have found the desired videos, select the preferred download formats and click on the "download now" button.

Y2Mate Discovery Plus


How Can I Find a Movie or Show to Download?

Any TV show or movie that Discovery Plus will allow users to download will have a downward-facing arrow next to it. Users will notice that the content has started downloading upon clicking the arrow.

Once done, the streaming platform will notify you that the download has been completed. Users can access the record Discovery Plus shown in the downloads folder section in the application.

How Many Shows or Movies Can I Keep in My Download Folder?

There is no limit to the download discovery plus videos. You can keep it in your downloaded folder. It all depends on the space your device has. Hence, the more storage your device can hold, the more Discovery plus videos you can download.


Discovery Plus is a great online streaming platform, but recording its content to watch online through any third-party app or the app itself is not a great idea. We encourage you to use Y2Mate instead! This video downloader is safe and effective and downloads the videos users want to watch within minutes.

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