Why Can't I Download Movies on Disney Plus: Causes and Solutions

Have you ever found that you can't download movies on Disney Plus? Sometimes when we try to save its abundant streaming resources for offline watching, download errors occur and you have no idea what’s going wrong. You wonder "Why can't I download movies on Disney Plus?" In this article, we summarized possible causes and solutions.

Can't Download Movies on Disney Plus — Causes and Solutions

Actually, you are not the only one who can't download the movies on Disney Plus. Many people have given feedback on Disney Plus downloading issues. Behind the downloading crash are multiple problems. Let's discern the causes of why you can't download movies on Disney Plus and conduct targeting solutions to fix them.

Cause 1: Outdated Disney Plus Version

If you find the Disney Plus download stuck in a queue, we advise you to check the app version. In case your phone or smart TV doesn't have automatic app renewal enabled, there's a possibility that you are utilizing an older iteration of the Disney Plus app. In this case, you can't download movies on Disney Plus.

Solution: Update Your Disney Plus

Open the app store on the device to see if there is a renewal button beside the app icon. Choose to update your Disney Plus when necessary. Replacing the old version with the new one really matters to solving the Disney Plus download not working. Let's see how to make an app renewal on different devices. 

For PC/Laptop

(1) Upgradation Through the Microsoft Store or Apple Store

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store (Windows 10) or Apple Store (MacOS), and use the search bar to search for Disney Plus.

Step 2: Check if there's an 'Update' button next to it. If the renewal is available, the button will appear. Click on it to initiate the update. (For macOS, you need to enter your Apple ID and password to authorize the update.)

Step 3: After the renewal is complete, close the Disney Plus app if it is running. Then, reopen the app to ensure that the latest version is now active.

(2) Upgradation Through a Browser

Step 1: If you access Disney Plus through a web browser, go to the Disney Plus website using your preferred browser and sign in to your Disney Plus account.

Step 2: If there's a browser-based renewal available, the website will usually prompt you to refresh the page or automatically update the app.

For Android, iPhone, and iPad

(1) Upgrade Disney Plus on Android

Step 1: Open the Play Store. Use the search bar at the top of the Play Store to search for 'Disney Plus'.

Step 2: Check if there's an 'Update' button next to the 'Disney Plus' icon. Tap on the 'Update' button. The Play Store will start downloading and installing the optimized app.

Step 3: Once the renewal is complete, reopen the app to ensure that the latest version is now active.

(2) Upgrade Disney Plus on iPad/iPhone

Step 1: Open the App Store and use the search bar at the bottom to search for 'Disney Plus'.

Step 2: Check if there is an 'Update' option beside it. If there is, click on it.

Step 3: The App Store will start downloading and installing. After the renewal finishes, close and reopen the Disney Plus to activate the new version.

Cause 2: Account Dormancy

If you haven't utilized your Disney Plus account in the past month, it's likely that you can't download movies on Disney Plus due to an inactive account. 

Solution: Reactivate Log out of your Disney account and then sign in again. If it doesn’t work, you can reboot your device and then log in to your Disney Account again.

Cause 3: Device Storage or Device Incompatibility

Adequate storage capacity is required on your device to store content downloaded via the Disney Plus app. If your device's internal storage is nearly full or lacks available space, you can't download movies from Disney Plus.

Solution: Remove excess photos, videos, and unnecessary files or application cache to free up space for Disney Plus downloads. If you still can't download movies on Disney Plus, try to clear the cache of Disney Plus and re-launch your app.

To clear app data for Disney Plus on Android devices, you should:

Step 1: Open 'Settings', and then choose 'Apps' and locate the 'Disney Plus' icon.

Step 2: Choose 'Storage' and tap 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data'.

Step 3: Reboot your device and log into your account.

For iOS devices:

Step 1: Navigate to 'Settings' and choose 'General' to access iPhone Storage.

Step 2: Locate the 'Disney Plus' app, tap it, and then choose 'Delete App'.

Step 3: Proceed to the 'App Store' to download 'Disney Plus'.

Step 4: Log in to your account and confirm if your downloaded content plays correctly while offline.

Cause 4: Location Restriction

Certain nations prohibit the viewing of specific content within their borders. If you can't download Disney Plus movies due to error 73, you need to alter your IP address.

Solution: Consider utilizing a VPN to alter your device's IP address and location, enabling access to restricted content.

Can't Download Movies on Disney Plus — Use Y2Mate 

When you can't download movies on Disney Plus, using a high-quality third-party downloader to access downloading is a fast way out. Y2Mate Disney Plus downloader is an ideal choice.

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  • Batch Downloads: Y2Mate supports batch downloads for a whole series. 
  • Meta Data Storage: Y2Mate preserves metadata for organized video management. You also have an option to separately save subtitles or incorporate them into the video.
  • Multinational Support: With Y2Mate, you can acquire Disney Plus content from any accessible regional website.

How to Use Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader to Save Disney Plus Content?

Step 1: Install and launch the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader.

Step 2: Tap 'Disney Plus' icon on the 'VIP Services' column. Log into your Disney Plus account and locate the specific video you intend to download. 

Step 3: Open the video, customize settings on the window pop-up, and click 'Download Now' or 'Add to Queue' to commence the download process.


Can I Download Disney Plus Movies on My Mac?

Yes, you can resort to some web browsers such as Safari 11+ (MacOS 10.12 Sierra and later), Chrome 75+ (MacOS 10.10 Yosemite and later), and Firefox 68+ (MacOS 10.9 Mavericks and later).

Why Can't I Download Disney Plus Movies with Error Code 142 Occur? How to Fix It?

It is related to an unstable internet connection. You need to first examine your internet connection and Wi-Fi signal and then reboot your device. After that, reopen the Disney+ app and play the video anew after a few minutes. If you can't download Disney Plus movies with error code 42 or error code 142, read "How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 and Disney Plus Error Code 142" for solutions.

Why Is My Disney Plus Download Stuck in Queue? How to Fix It?

There are multiple reasons leading to the glitch. You can examine your device storage, check your internet connection, clear out the Disney Plus cache, or reboot your device. If it doesn’t work, you can check Disney Plus download restrictions. Read "What Is the Disney Plus Download Limit" for more information.

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