What are the features of EaseUS RecExperts? Thorough explanation of the screen recording software's price, usage, and reputation.

Have you ever wanted to use screen recording software to record online meetings, game play, or educational videos? However, there are so many screen recording software available that you may be at a loss as to which one to choose. There are a wide range of factors to compare, such as image and sound quality, editing functions, and saving formats.

In this article, we will provide a thorough explanation of EaseUS RecExperts screen recording software, including its features, price, usage, reputation, etc. EaseUS RecExperts not only provides high-quality screen recording, but also offers convenient features such as easy editing, annotation, and scheduled recording. With EaseUS RecExperts, your screen recording needs will be met.

After reading this article, you should find EaseUS RecExperts attractive and will not have any doubts about your choice of screen recording software. We hope you will stay with us until the end.

Features of EaseUS RecExperts

Trying out the screen recording software EaseUS RecExperts | Various Notes

EaseUS RecExperts is a software with most of the features needed for screen recording. According to the official website, EaseUS RecExperts has the following features

  • First, it offers a wide variety of recording modes. You can choose to record full screen, part of the screen, multiple windows, webcams, games, and more. It also features editing functions while recording, allowing you to add text, shapes, annotations, and more to your video.
  • Next, it offers advanced features. Options such as scheduled recording, automatic recording stop, and recording split allow you to freely set the recording time and size. In addition, recorded videos can be edited in the video editor. In addition to basic editing functions such as trimming, merging, cropping, and rotating, you can also extract audio from videos and add intros and outros.
  • Finally, a media player and screen capture and GIF creation functions are included. Not only can recorded video and audio be easily played back, but it also supports 4K high-definition video, MP4, MP3, and other formats. It also allows users to snapshot any area on the screen and create funny stickers.

As mentioned above, EaseUS RecExperts is a software that can meet a wide variety of needs related to screen recording.

EaseUS RecExperts Price

EaseUS RecExperts is a screen recording software. There is a free version and a paid version. The prices for the paid versions are as follows

  • 1 month license (for individuals): 2,629 yen (tax included)
  • 12-month license (for individuals): 5,269 yen (tax included)
  • Perpetual license (for individual): 9,229 yen (tax included)
  • 2-PC license (for corporate use): ¥13,189 (tax included)
  • 5-PC license (for corporate use): 26,389 yen (tax included)

Differences between the paid version and the free version

The paid version includes features such as improved sound quality and video editing. The free version has unlimited recording time, but only one minute of playback time. Also, the EaseUS logo will be included in the recorded data.

How to Use EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a professional screen recording tool. You can record your computer screen in high quality and easily edit and save it. You can also take screenshots while recording:

First, download and install the software from the official website. After installation is complete, you will see the following screen

Easy Recording of PC Screen! How to use EaseUS RecExperts and what to look out for | Update Co.

Here, you can configure the recording settings. You can customize the output video format, destination, audio selection, etc. to your liking. 2.

2. next, select the area to record. In the "Area" section of the menu screen, you can choose whether to record the entire screen or just a portion of it. Click on "Full Screen" if you want to record the entire screen. If you want to record only a portion of the screen, click "Custom" and drag to specify the area you want to record.

Step 1 to record video with recexperts

Once you have decided on the area to record, press the "REC" button to start recording.

While recording, you can use hotkeys (shortcut keys) to start and stop recording and take screenshots. Hot key settings can be changed from the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 3.

Step 2 of recording videos with recexperts

When recording is finished, you can view the files of the recording in the Recording List. By right-clicking on a recording, you can "edit" or "compress" the recording.

Step 3 of recording videos with recexperts

This is a brief overview of how to use EaseUS RecExperts.

EaseUS RecExperts reputation

The reputation of EaseUS RecExperts is divided into advantages and disadvantages.


  • Unlimited recording time even in the free version (1 minute for mac version)
  • Edit screen and take screenshots while recording
  • Paid version offers features such as improved sound quality and video trimming
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Operated by a reliable company with services in 160 countries


  • Playback time is limited to 1 minute in the free version
  • Free version includes EaseUS logo
  • Live streaming is not supported
  • Screen recording, so the image quality is not as good as the original.
  • Free software such as OBS and ShadowPlay are also available for recording PC games.

Thus, EaseUS RecExperts is useful for creating short videos such as live gaming, but it is not suitable for the purpose of video preservation. Therefore, we recommend the Y2Mate DRM Downloader software for those who want to download videos easily with higher quality. Unlike EaseUS RecExperts, this software is developed as a downloader and can save various video contents such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well as YouTube.

Y2Mate, an alternative to EaseUS RecExperts

Y2Mate DRM Downloader allows you to download videos from most sites on the web in high quality. EaseUS RecExperts is a screen capture software, which inevitably degrades image and sound quality when recording. However, Y2Mate is a better method than recording because it preserves the original image and sound quality when downloading. Y2Mate's video preservation features include the following advantages.

Support for a wide variety of websites

Y2Mate DRM Downloader can download videos not only from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but also from sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max. In addition, DRM-protected videos can also be downloaded.

High image quality that rivals that of movie theaters.

Y2Mate can store 4K and even 8K high quality videos on your device as long as the distributor's image quality is supported. Since it is a download, not a recording, you don't have to worry about quality degradation. If the video has subtitles, you can automatically search for them and download the audio at the same time, including sub-subtitles. There are many other formats to choose from, not to mention mp4, so you can use it according to your own needs.

Secure plan with money-back guarantee

Y2Mate offers a choice of monthly, annual, and perpetual plans to meet your needs. In the unlikely event that you are unable to download a video, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, so even if you are not sure, you can try it out with peace of mind.


In this article, we introduced EaseUS RecExperts, a screen capture software, and a recommended alternative downloader, Y2Mate DRM Downloader. We hope you now understand the difference between recording and downloading. Everyone has his or her own needs in terms of usability and demand for features, but we hope you will take this opportunity to download the Y2Mate DRM downloader and try out its excellent features firsthand.

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