Can I download videos from Study Supplement? Learn more about how to do this!

Study Supplement is a convenient service that allows you to study at home or wherever and whenever you want. It is especially recommended for those who want to use their time effectively. However, if you cannot download the videos, you cannot start learning. Therefore, this article will explain in detail how to download Study Supplement videos. There are also explanations with pictures, so we hope you will read this article to the end.

What is Study Supplement ?

study sapuri is a web-based learning service operated by Recruit Co. Its target audience is mainly high school students, but it also offers courses for junior high school students, university students, and adults, enabling learning tailored to their needs. The main feature of this service is that it provides high-quality classes via the Internet, which users can access and take from their smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The study time for Study Supplement content is basically set short, from 1 to 5 minutes. This makes it possible to study efficiently even in a little spare time. In addition, each lesson takes only about 10 minutes to complete even if you watch the entire lesson, so you can review your mistakes over and over again. Furthermore, the extensive content makes it possible to study in a fun and enjoyable way without getting bored.

Can I download Study Supplement videos?

I can't seem to download the study supplement video...
When I try to download Study Supplement videos, the download function itself is limited...

Don't worry, you can download Study Supplement in high quality using the method we will show you today. This is the video I downloaded to my PC.

Causes of download failure

Numerous users often fail to download videos on StudySupplement, which leads them to believe that they cannot download StudySupplement videos. In fact, this is due to DRM.

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a technical means of protecting the copyright of digital content. DRM prevents the above (piracy) by encrypting the media or restricting how it can be used.

Conditions for downloading Study Supplement videos

If you want to download Study Supplement videos, a DRM removal tool is essential. In this case, we strongly recommend using Y2Mate m3u8 downloader, a professional downloader that uses the latest DRM removal technology and can convert videos to MP4/MKV format. Not only does it allow you to download high quality video and quality audio, it also retains up to 4K video resolution and 5.1 channel audio quality to preserve your content in the most excellent quality.

[Permanent] Download Study Supplement Videos with Y2Mate

Y2Mate m3u8 downloader is a professional downloader with the latest DRM removal technology. It can convert videos to MP4/MKV format. And it enables you to download high quality videos and rich audio. With up to 4K video resolution and 5.1 channel audio quality, you can preserve your content in the highest quality.

Y2Mate Features
  • H264/H265 video codec support
  • Full HD (1920*1080) ultra-high quality storage
  • EAC3/AAC 5.1 surround sound support
  • Ability to save multilingual voice-over and SRT subtitles
  • 3 free trials at a very reasonable price

Y2Mate m3u8 Downloader Pricing Plans

First, let's look at the Y2Mate m3u8 downloader price plans together.


Monthly Plan

Annual Plan



35.9 USD

69.9 USD

139.9 $139.9

Number of downloads

3,000 per month

36,000 pcs/year

No limit

Term of Use

1 month

One year

No expiration date

Purchasing a monthly subscription and bulk downloading is the best option for those who wish to download a large number of videos in a short period of time and store them for a long period of time with Study Supplement. By downloading large quantities at specific times, such as after watching a complete TV series, your downloaded videos will not expire and will be available for viewing at any time.

For those who watch videos frequently and want to store them permanently, the annual plan for about 9,000 yen is recommended. It costs a little more per month than the monthly plan, but has the advantage of unlimited downloads per year. For those who plan to utilize Study Supplement for more than two months, the annual plan is cost effective.

Both plans can be cancelled at any time and are immediately refundable, so there is no need to worry about quality. If you experience any problems, please contact our customer service team and we will take care of it. In addition, each plan also offers a free trial, with three videos available for free download from their platform; with over 120 videos available for download, we recommend that you try it for free first and then purchase the plan that best suits your needs.

The benefits of downloading Study Supplement videos are great.

-Enables you to watch videos offline while on the go without worrying about download limits!
You can also save the movie to your hard disk and watch it permanently.
You can record the entire movie and keep it forever, even if you have to pay a rental fee!
You can save on subscription fees by subscribing only when you want to watch a particular movie, and canceling when you are done.
You can transfer the recorded movies to your smartphone or tablet and watch them anywhere you want.
You can also watch on a big screen by connecting your smartphone/tablet to a TV!

Y2Mate Downloader Special Sale!

The next section will finally explain how to download Study Supplement videos using Y2Mate.

Procedure for downloading Study Supplement videos with Y2Mate

Steps to download
  • Install "Y2Mate m3u8 Downloader
  • Start downloading

Install "Y2Mate m3u8 downloader

Once completed, you will see it in the file. Once double-clicked, the installation will be cliniced.

After a short wait, the installation will be completed.

Access to Study Supplement

Paste the video URL ( of Study Supplement into the URL field of "Home" to access the site.

Play the Study Supplement video you wish to download.

Access the Study Supplement video you wish to download and begin playback.

Select download options

When the video is playing, the download options will appear. Here, select "Download Now" and make the necessary settings (e.g., with or without subtitles).

    You are now ready to save your favorite videos!

Now you have saved your favorite videos!



Notes on downloading videos

Some may have concerns about downloading Study Supplement videos, but there is no problem as far as personal use is concerned.


According to Article 30 (Reproduction for Private Use) of the Copyright Act, it is against the law to give downloaded videos to others or upload them on the Internet for others to download.

In conclusion, it is legal as long as you record and download the video for personal use.

There is no problem downloading videos from VOD services using the recording software "Y2Mate" described in this article. Also, according to the Personal Information Protection Law, there is no need to worry about your downloads being discovered.

In light of the above, please share this article on social networking sites and introduce this technique to your friends!


What do you think? In this article, we have introduced how to download with Study Supplement, how to use Y2Mate m3u8 downloader and its features, and how to download movies, dramas, music and other contents of various genres with Y2Mate m3u8 downloader. You can download movies, dramas, music, and many other genres. Please give it a try.

Y2Mate m3u8 Downloader
The best tool to download Study Supplement Video in MP4 permanently, compatible with Windows and MAC, and save in full HD (1920*1080) ultra high quality, with EAC3/AAC audio. Voice-overs and SRT subtitles in various languages can also be saved.

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