[The Most Efficient] How to Solve Hulu Downloads Not Working?

The night fall. You lean back against the bed, turning on your iPad ready to watch the Hulu TV series you've already downloaded ahead of time. But you find that the app keeps reporting errors. Many people met with issues with Hulu downloads not working. How to solve the problem? Read this article and you will know the answers. 

Hulu Downloads Not Working — Cause and Solution

It's so disappointing to find your Hulu downloads not working. Hulu users sometimes encounter sudden disappearance of their downloaded videos, movies, and TV series.

Hulu Downloads Disappear


When the problem occurs, we advise you to check your Hulu account. The downloading function is only available for subscribers with Hulu ad-free plan. If you are a Hulu add-support subscriber, you are not able to enjoy offline watching. That's one reason for Hulu downloads not working.


If you are not an ad-free subscriber, you have to change your plan to the one with a downloading function. If you don't want to afford this sum of money, you can try other comprehensive video downloaders such as Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader to avoid the Hulu downloads failures.

If you are an ad-free subscriber meeting with such problems, we advise you to check whether your account and subscription are in validation. Your downloads are automatically deleted if you log out of your account or your ad-free plan expires.

If you find something wrong with your ad-free subscription, you have to re-download these expired videos.  The time lag does lead to the working failure of Hulu video downloads. So you should pay attention to Hulu app reminders, or you can set a note on the calendar app on your mobile phone to remind you to top up your Hulu plan. As for the number and time restrictions, we suggest clearing out the downloads that you have already watched for storing new downloads.

Hulu Downloads Failure


Some people can't find a download option for some videos on Hulu. That's normal because not all Hulu videos are available for downloading even if you have an ad-free subscription. For streaming content that doesn’t belong to the Hulu streaming library, the download function is not supported. You can only watch videos from Hulu premium add-ons and content with a Live TV subscription online if you want to download them.

If there is a download icon beside the video but the downloading process crashes with various error codes, you may check whether the internet connection is good enough. Sometimes the Hulu app optimization is needed for normal functioning. The app Cache and the device's insufficient storage capacity may lead to download failures. Don't forget that 25 videos are the maximum download limit. If you try to download the 26th video, the Hulu downloads won't work. 


In this case, regularly clearing out the cache and upgrading the Hulu app are important for normal download functioning. Shift to other internet connections if necessary. Using a third-party video downloader can better avoid "Hulu downloads not working" issue. Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader enables you to download videos as long as it can be streamed on your device online. 

Use Y2Mate to Solve "Hulu Downloads Not Working"

Previously we have discussed common issues concerning "Hulu downloads not working". We can see that Hulu download limits really undermines our viewing experience. A Hulu ad-free subscription doesn't necessarily guarantee smooth downloading and offline watching. Is there a better way to solve "Hulu downloads not working"? YES! Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader enables you to download 200 videos per day. You can download Hulu on Mac and Windows. The downloads are stored on your device, which means there is no worry about expiration and you don't have to use the Hulu app to stream them.

Hulu App
  • 25 downloads, 30 days or 48 hours limit
  • Videos can only be played on Hulu app
  • Video expires with outdated the subscription
  • Standard or high video quality
  • Downloads and No-ads only available for the Ads-free subscription
  • Normal Downloads
Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader
  • 200 downloads per day without time constrain
  • Videos can be played on other players 
  • No expiration for downloads
  • Various quality options for your convenience
  • Automatic ads removal for all subscribers
  • Timed Batch downloads are supported
  • In-built subtitles or save subtitles in SRT
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • High speed Download

How to Use Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader?

  • Download Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader to your PC.
  • Access the Hulu website through 'VIP Services' on the left side of the interface.

  • Locate the video you are about to download.

  • Play the video and wait for the download configuration window to appear. Tap 'Add to Queue' or 'Download Now' to start the downloading process.


Can I Set the Hulu Video Quality?

If you open the 'Profile', you can see 'Cellular Data Usage' in the 'Settings' section. The option of 'Best Available' means that Hulu automatically provides you with the highest quality of video, but the 'Data Saver' option will make your videos played at standard quality for data traffic saving. To change the Hulu video quality, toggle between the two options.

Can I Play My Downloads on Other Players?

No, to protect its content from abusive use, all of your downloads can only be played on the official Hulu app with your valid ad-free subscription. If you want to permanently save these videos, you may resort to other video downloaders such as Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader.

Do I Need to Pay for Downloads Renewal on Y2Mate?

No, Y2Mate optimizes Hulu resources automatically without extra charge. Y2Mate also supports a free trial for three downloads for your convenience.

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