10 Best Netflix Downloader 2023 - Download Netflix Videos Anywhere, Anytime!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring the 10 best Netflix Downloaders available today! These fantastic tools have been curated specifically for those who value convenience, versatility, and high-quality streaming downtime.

Whether you're planning a long journey or simply want to save data, these Netflix downloaders are your pathway to unbounded entertainment. So, readers and internet users seeking "the best Netflix downloader", "best tools to download Netflix videos", or "how to download Netflix content offline", this guide was written with you in mind. Ensure to bookmark this page as your go-to resource for Netflix video downloading solutions!

Why Should You Get a Netflix Video Downloader?

Netflix Video Downloader

In response to the soaring demand for offline streaming, Netflix introduced the ability to download shows or movies for offline viewing. Users can download their favorite Netflix content on Android and iOS via the official Netflix app. This feature has certainly broadened the scope of content streaming, making it less restricted.

However, for several users, the Netflix offline download feature might still seem inadequate. Your offline viewing experience may necessitate a dedicated Netflix video downloader. Here's why: 

1. Device limitation

Netflix offers its content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. It means you can only watch the downloaded content via Netflix’s app and can't share it across multiple devices. This can be inconvenient, particularly for larger families or individuals with numerous devices.

2. Limited Viewing Time

Another significant drawback is the offline viewing time limit; Netflix’s downloaded content usually comes with an expiry date, meaning it cannot be viewed once this date is passed without either re-downloading or reconnecting to the internet.

3. Region-specific Content

Finally, Netflix's geoblocking denies access to content exclusive to certain regions. With the best Netflix video downloader, perhaps coupled with a VPN service, users might have the means to overcome these restrictions to gain access to their favorite shows or movies.

Is the Netflix DRM-protection intervening in your binge-watching plans? If so, don't fret. This article is designed to help you overcome these hurdles. Read on to find our expertly curated list of the '10 Best Netflix Video Downloaders'!

10 Best Netflix Downloaders 

1.Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is our top pick when it comes to best Netflix Downloader. With the help of this software, users can download Netflix movies and shows easily in up to 1080p quality and with 5.1 audio.

What We Like
  • Batch downloading 1080p Netflix videos
  • Deleting ads during downloading videos
  • Free trial for users
  • Download subtitles and meta info
  • Support both MAC and Windows systems
What We Don't Like
  • None

You can can click the icon below to enjoy your free trial. And please note that this is only for personal use. Don't just stream - download today with Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader and immerse yourself in the world of high-quality Netflix offline content!

Step-by-step Guide to Use Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Step 1: Click the Netflix icon after open this Netflix Downloader.


Step 2: Log in to your Netflix account


Step 3: Search for the video you want to download and select the download now button.


2.  TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

tunePat Netflix Video Downloader

The second in our list is the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader that also allows you to download Netflix movies and TV shows. Equipped with an intuitive interface, TunePat allows offline access to your favorite Netflix shows. This impressive software maintains the original quality and supports various formats such as HD, 1080, or 720p. TunePat Netflix Downloader offers flexibility by allowing multiple downloads simultaneously, enhancing efficiency in performance. 

Notably, it also maintains audio tracks and subtitles, creating a genuinely immersive viewing experience. Quick, reliable, and powerful, TunePat Netflix Video Downloader transforms the way we consume Netflix content. If you want to know more about TunePat, check this comprehensive TunePat review.

What We Like
  • Available in 27 different languages
  • Fast speed download
  • Download videos from 240p to HD 1080p
What We Don't Like
  • Expensive pricing
  • Interface is too simple

3.  Flixgrab


If you’re someone who does not want to shell out some heavy bucks on a Netflix Video Downloader, then we have a cheaper solution for you - Flixgrab. It is a cheaper downloader for Netflix allowing you to download movies, tv shows, documentaries, and more. 

FlixGrab stands out among Netflix downloaders as a high-speed tool, facilitating seamless offline binge-watching. With its unique batch downloading and automatic quality selection features, FlixGrab allows users to download entire Netflix series or movies in just a few clicks. The software respects copyright protections yet provides a practical solution for personal offline viewing. 

What We Like
  • Budget friendly
  • Simple usage:paste URL
  • Some decent quality of life
  • Subtitles along with Dolby 5.1 audio support
What We Don't Like
  • Flixgrab not working sometimes
  • No regular software update

4.  FlixiCam Netflix Video Downloader


FlixiCam, lauded for its impressive performance, boasts a user interface mirroring TunePat, offering a familiar and seamless user experience. Dive into the functionality of FlixiCam and TunePat, which are identical, streamlining your choice for a dependable Netflix video solution. Opt for either FlixiCam or TunePat, whichever suits your preferences.

What We Like
  • Fast performance along with easy to use interface
  • Free updates along with free technical support
  • Supports HD quality, subtitles, audio
What We Don't Like
  • Relatively slow downloading speed
  • Interface is similar to TunePat

5.  FreeGrab Netflix Video Downloader


If you’re looking for a somewhat free Netflix Video Downloader with a simple yet powerful experience, then let us introduce you to FreeGrab. The software is designed especially for Netflix meaning it can download movies & TV shows from the Netflix OTT platform. 

What We Like
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hassle-free
  • Save substitles
What We Don't Like
  • Not FREE, inconsistent with its product name
  • Downloading freeze sometimes
  • Available only for the Windows platform.

6.  NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader


NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader brings all the features that you would want from a video downloader. Explore the premium features of the NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader and elevate your streaming experience to new heights. 

The NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader guarantees high-quality downloads at impressive speeds, effectively transforming your Netflix binge-watching sessions. It's user-friendly, making it perfect for both first-time users and seasoned downloaders. With the NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader, savor the thrill of your Netflix favorites, anytime and anywhere you want.

What We Like
  • High-quality audio
  • Fast download speeds
  • Download multiple Netflix videos
  • Save Netflix substitles
What We Don't Like
  • Only supports MP4 video format
  • May have to pay VAT 


7.  PlayOn


PlayOn is one of the best Netflix Downloaders that takes a bit different approach to achieve the same end result. Instead of straight-up downloading the content, the software records it and later gives you the ability to download it in MP4 format.

What We Like
  • Support multiple platforms
  • Works for Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • No ads recording
What We Don't Like
  • Recording, not download
  • Can only record 720p Netflix videos

8.  Audials


Since we’re on the subject of recording video streaming, we can not keep ourselves from talking about Audials. It is one of the most popular recording services out there that work for both music and video streaming services out there. Audials is designed seamlessly keeping the Windows operating system in the mind. 

What We Like
  • Supports popular OTT platforms
  • Batch recording 
  • Recording high-definition videos
What We Don't Like
  • Complex interface and usage
  • Only for Windows system

9.  Kigo Netflix Downloader

Kigo Netflix Downloader

Kigo Netflix Downloader is another popular option out there that brings a minimal yet modern user interface to the table. All you need to do is just paste the URL and then hit the Download button. 

Kigo Netflix Downloader exemplifies superior streaming technology with handy features, including retaining original video quality and support for downloading Netflix in multiple languages. It also offers a swift download process, ensuring that your desired content is easily accessible when you want it. The application supports various popular output formats, giving users broad device compatibility. 

What We Like
  • Support up to 1080p videos
  • Retain tracks and subtitles
  • Minimal and modern user interface
What We Don't Like
  • No automatic downloading
  • Expensive subscription fee

10.  Any Video Converter

any Video Converter

We will end this listicle with our final and one of the best Netflix Video downloaders and it goes by the name of Any Video Converter. The software supports various video links including Netflix which makes it a universal option out there. You can download videos in high quality (720p or 1080p) along with subtitles and audio tracks.

What We Like
  • Multi-video downloading
  • No ads
  • Download Netflix videos in 1080p
What We Don't Like
  • Slow downloading speed
  •  Outdated software interface


While streaming content is quite convenient, the fact that you need a stable internet connection all the time feels limiting. This article recommends the 10 best Netflix downloader, and Y2Mate is the most recommended if you stress the qualtiy of downloading Netflix videos. It is your best Mate to download Netflix videos on Mac and Windows.

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