Latest in 2023! Record and download NHK Plus videos on Mac! Learn how to save it easily and in high quality!

Many people may want to record and download NHK Plus videos on their Mac, but may not know how to do so or may be concerned about the safety of the recording/downloading tools. Here we will show you how you can easily record and download NHK Plus videos on your Mac. Using a download tool to save the high-quality video will also allow you to watch it offline.

Can I record and download NHK Plus videos on Mac?

Sure, you can record and download NHK Plus videos on Mac. But there are many situations where recording or downloading does not work due to DRM protection. Therefore, the easiest way to download NHK Plus videos to your Mac is to use a dedicated recording/downloading tool. Below we suggest a reliable and secure download method.

To download and save videos in high quality, the use of Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader is recommended. This tool is also available for macOS and allows you to download NHK Plus videos in high definition up to 1080p. Furthermore, the downloaded videos are saved in formats such as mp4 and mkv, making them viewable on a wide range of devices.


Download NHK Plus videos on Mac with Y2Mate

Here are the specific steps to download NHK Plus videos on Mac.

Step 1: Install Y2Mate NHK Plus Downloader

Step 2. access the website where the video is posted

Select the NHK Plus category from the menu on the left. Or, simply copy the URL of any OTT website, paste it into the address bar at the top, and press enter.


Step 3. Find the video you want to download and play it.

Use Y2Mate's built-in browser to access the website, find the video you want to download on your Mac, and play it. Some websites may require you to log in before you can access the video.


Step 4. adjust output settings and download

When you play the video, Y2Mate will automatically begin analyzing the video. You will be prompted to customize output settings such as resolution, audio, subtitles, etc. When you are done with the settings, click "Download Now.


You are now ready to download NHK Plus videos on your Mac.

About Y2Mate Downloader Performance

1. batch download function

Downloading a series of episodes over and over again can be annoying, so Y2Mate downloader's batch download function allows you to download multiple videos or whole episodes on your mac at once. This allows you to save your content efficiently and easily.

2. download videos in original quality

In addition, Y2Mate downloader has the ability to download videos on mac in up to 4K or Full HD (1920 x 1080) quality. This makes it ideal for viewing on large screens and for videos where detail is important (e.g., natural landscapes and complex animations).

3. extensive compatibility with MP4/MKV file formats

Y2Mate also offers the ability to convert videos to MP4/MKV format. As long as the MP4/MKV format is compatible with most devices, you can watch videos on any device, including web browsers, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops, without any problems. In addition, it is compatible with many operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.). Minimize file size while getting a quality video experience.

4. freely configurable subtitles

As a new feature, Y2Mate downloader can now automatically retrieve subtitles for videos you download as SRT files. A multilingual voice-over feature has also been added. This makes it possible to watch a video in any language while reading the subtitles in your native language, making it easier to understand the content.

Other Tools for Recording and Saving NHK Plus on Mac

There are still several tools for recording and saving NHK Plus on Mac. Here is a summary of them. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. KeepStreams NHK Plus Downloader

KeepStreams NHK Plus Downloader allows you to download videos of NHK Plus in high, medium, low, and lowest quality, with images up to 2060p. KeepStreams is a good choice for those who want to download NHK Plus programs such as historical dramas, serials, and novels in the highest quality. with KeepStreams, you can download videos in MP4/MKV format. This allows you to save NHK Plus productions on smartphones, TVs, game consoles, PCs, mobile devices, tablets, and more. Since these are very common formats, they are suitable for use on each device.


2. StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader

The StreamGaGa NHK Plus downloader is recognized as a popular tool for acquiring diverse high-quality content from NHK Plus. It has the ability to save videos of various genres such as drama, anime, variety, and sports as MP4 or MKV files with up to 2160p resolution and AAC 2.0 audio track format. As a result, they can be viewed anytime, anywhere, regardless of Internet connection or viewing availability. Additionally, there is a batch download option for downloading and saving many NHK Plus videos at once. streamgaga

3. StreamFab NHK Plus Downloader

With StreamFab NHK Plus Downloader, you can save NHK Plus videos in up to 1080p HD quality and AAC 2.0 audio quality. This way, you will be able to view the video in a quality comparable to streaming viewing. Additionally, you can use the high quality AAC2.0 as an audio option.


4. iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is an advanced PC screen capture software. It allows users to record and save PC screens in high resolutions such as 4K and HD. It can record streaming and live broadcasts, covertly record Teams and Zoom meetings, and also has a game recording mode that allows you to record newly released or popular games without delay.



What did you think? In this article, we have introduced an easy way to download NHK Plus videos on Mac. With a download tool that preserves high quality video, you will be able to watch the videos even when you are offline. We hope you will experience it at this time.

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