[2024 Latest] RedFox AnyStream Review: Usage, Safety, Pros & Cons

Video distribution services are convenient, but you may have trouble when you cannot connect to the Internet or want to watch offline. In such cases, a convenient solution is software that allows you to download videos from video distribution services. RedFox AnyStream is one of the most popular among them because it can support major video distribution services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

However, some reviewers say that RedFox AnyStream has many drawbacks, such as being difficult to use. In 2024, AnyStream has updated its service and made great changes. Does the update make it better or worse?

This AnyStream review introduces the usage, safety, advantages, and disadvantages of RedFox AnyStream, and introduces its alternative program. If you want to get the latest info about AnyStream and make an evaluation before using AnyStream, read on to find what you're interested in.

Basic Info about RedFox AnyStream

RedFox AnyStream is a Windows computer program developed by the RedFox Project, an American software company. This tool can download videos from popular streaming sites, and let's continue with its basic information, such as OS requirements, key features. and pricing.

System Requirements

Before downloading the program, it should be noticed that RedFox does not work for Mac OS. If you are a Windows PC user, make sure that your computer meets the following requirements:

  • At least a 2 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM.
  • System Version: Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  • Requires a valid account for each streaming service.
  • A valid AnyStream license is necessary to use AnyStream in a Virtual Machine.

Key Features

As RedFox has canceled the basic plan called "AnyStream" recently, you can only get access to "AnyStream Plus" at a higher price. Meanwhile, you can enjoy additional services offered by RedFox Plus:

Key Features-1

  • Supported Platforms: RedFox AnyStream initially supported downloads from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and 14 additional services such as HBO Max, Hulu, and Paramount+.
  • Download Quality: supports downloads in up to 1080p HD quality and retains Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.
  • Output Format: Downloads are saved in MP4 or MKV format, compatible with most devices and video players, which means that you can transfer
  • User Interface: A browser-based interface makes searching for movies and series easy and user-friendly.
  • Subtitles and Audio Tracks: Subtitles and audio tracks in multiple languages are supported and can be incorporated into downloaded files or saved as external subtitle files.
  • Batch Download AnyStream Plus allows you to download content in batches or add entire movies or seasons to your download queue.

Latest Pricing

As mentioned before, now there is no option for the general plan AnyStream, therefore, you have to pay more for AnuyStream Plus. In 2024, AnyStream canceled its Lifetime plan and only offers 2 kinds of subscription now:

  • 1-Year Plan: €109
  • 2-Year Plan: €125

It means that you have to continue to pay for AnyStream once it expires after one or two years.

How to Use AnyStream?

RedFox AnyStream is a software developed by an English company, but it is also available in 25 languages. With this tool, you can download your favorite videos from popular streaming services effortlessly. Furthermore, the downloaded videos are DRM-free, so you are free to edit them or transfer them to other devices.

So how does AnyStream work? How to use it correctly? Below are the basic instructions on how to use AnyStream, from installation to video downloading.

1. Installing AnyStream

Download the 64-bit or 32-bit installer for your PC from the AnyStream official website. Launch the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation. After it's complete, launch AnyStream.

install anystream

2. Initial Setup of AnyStream

After launching AnyStream, a dialog box regarding licensing will appear. Click "Start Trial Period" if you wish to try the software. The free trial period is 21 days with a limit of 10 downloads.


Note: If you purchase on the official website, you will receive a registration key by e-mail. Open the file attached to the email to activate the registration key. Then, restart AnyStream. Your AnyStream license will then be activated.

Then, the initial setup screen will show up. Here you can set the language, destination, video codec, and other settings as you prefer. Click "Done" when you are done with the settings.

3. Select a Streaming Service and Login

On the top menu bar of AnyStream, you will see tabs for supported streaming services. Click on the service you wish to download videos from. Since AnyStream is a browser-based interface, you can "Back" and "Forward". In the homepage of the service, login to your account.


4. Select the Content You Wish to Download

Once logged in, search or browse for the content you wish to download. When you select content, the title will be recognized and the "Available for Download" indicator will appear. Clicking on this indication will open the "Downloadable Items" screen. Here you can select the episodes you want to download.


Note: If a dubbed or subtitled version is offered, you do not need to select audio language and subtitles.

5. Start to Download

Navigate to "Download selection" to set the download options in the window as the following pic shows. Once you have decided on the options, click "Download" or "Select for download" to download multiple episodes at once.


When the download is complete, you will be taken to the "Download Queue" screen. Here, you can check the list of downloaded files and their status. Downloaded files are saved to the destination specified in the initial settings. You can check it by playing it on your media player.

Is AnyStream Safe to Use?

Most people are skeptical when using new third-party programs. For personal use, RedFox AnyStream is safe. It does not infringe on copyrights from a legal point of view, since you can only download content from OTT sites logged in with your account.

However, a tampered AnyStream crack that allows you to use the tool forever by tampering with the trial period, is illegal. The cracked version is a high-security risk and has quality and functionality issues. The legitimate version of RedFox AnyStream is always kept up-to-date to provide a secure and pleasant download experience. Therefore, if you want to use RedFox AnyStream, we recommend that you purchase the official version from the official website.

RedFox AnyStream Reputation and Reviews


At the mention of RedFox AnyStream review, the most important part is the reputation and overall reviews. Based on the comments from multiple channels and hands-on experience, we made a comprehensive review on the pros and cons of AnyStream.

  • Customizable video and audio quality;
  • UI is supported by multiple languages;
  • DRM-removed downloads are free to use;
  • Remove all ads from downloaded videos
  • *Download procedure is complicated and time-consuming;
  • Only support 14 streaming sites;
  • Old-style UI;
  • Only available for Windows PCs;
  • Comparatively expensive for subscription;
  • No Lifetime Plan for a long-term investment;
  • 280 downloads in total per week.

*AnyStream cannot download a video just by playing it. You must select the desired video from the list of available downloads. This technique, whether in a film, drama, or variety show, is repeated and may appear tedious.

Best Alternative: Y2Mate Video Downloader

Although RedFox AnyStream boasts various advantages, this software has some disadvantages such as slow download speed, poor quality, and limited supported sites too. Therefore, many users are looking for another video downloader with better features than AnyStream. We recommend this one for you, Y2Mate Video Downloader with powerful functions.

Top Features of Y2Mate

The top features that attract me a lot are the download speed and convenient batch download service. As Y2Mate automatically selects the best server to maximize video download speed, it allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously. I used this software to download all seasons of the Netflix drama Stranger Things at once, and it was very smooth.

y2mate video downloader

What's more, high-quality saving from various streaming sites is accessible in Y2Mate. It supports downloading videos from 100+ streaming services, including BBC, Pornhub, BiliBili, 7Plus, and Beeg. The highest download quality can be up to 1080P and 4K, which is enough for offline viewing.

Like AnyStream, Y2Mate is able to remove DRM protection from downloaded videos, and save them into compatible formats like MP4/ MKV. In this way, you can convert them to any device and enjoy unlimited offline viewing anytime, anywhere.

Y2Mate Video Downloader offers 3 different plans to meet various requirements of users:

  • Monthly Plan: $35.9
  • Yearly Plan: $69.9
  • Lifetime Plan: $139.9

How to Use Y2Mate?

Y2Mate uses a well-designed modern UI, making the download procedure easy with convenience for both Windows users and Mac users. To use Y2Mate, follow these simple 4 steps:

Step 1: Install and Launch Y2Mate

It's recommended to download Y2Mate from the official Y2Mate Video Downloader website, in order to prevent potential computer viruses. You can also get it from the button below based on your OS.

If you are interested in other products, visit Y2Mate to get more info. If you're a big fan of TV episodes and movies, it's recommended to use Y2Mate One to get access to 1000+ streaming sites at once.

Step 2: Open Y2Mate and Choose the Service

Open Y2Mate and enter VIP Services, choose the service you want to download videos from to enter the official site. You can also directly enter the URL of the streaming service to the search bar. Then login to your own account to get legal access to all content from the streaming site.


Step 3: Play the Video You Want to Download

After entering the official site using the built-in browser of Y2Mate, play the video you want to save and wait for Y2Mate to analyze the URL automatically in several seconds.

y2mate video downloader

Step 4: Choose Download Settings and Download!

When the analysis is done, a prompt will show for you to customize download settings. Click on "Download Now" to initiate the download process.

y2mate video downloader


If you are still hesitating to purchase AnyStream, hope this post will give you some reference. If you want to find an alternative with more available subscription plans,Y2Mate Video Downloader is an excellent alternative to RedFox AnyStream. If you want to freely download videos from the web and enjoy them offline, please try Y2Mate Video Downloader. This software is free to download and easy to use. You, too, can rediscover the charm of web videos with Y2Mate!

Continue to read Top 6 HBO Mac Downloader and Y2Mate DRM Downloader Review to learn more about other popular video downloaders.

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