How to Screen Record DMM TV Videos?

DMM TV is an online platform that provides a video-on-demand service, offering a wide selection of entertainment options for streaming through the internet. It offers anime, movies, dramas, and other types of content. If you are looking for an economical way to screen record DMM TV videos, you can't miss this article for an effective way to save DMM TV videos for offline watching.

Can you Screen Record DMM TV Videos?

DMM Videos fall into two categories:

  1. DMM TV Special Free Distribution
  2. DMM Premium Membership (unlimited viewing)
  • Anime
  • 2.5 Dimensions / Stage
  • Special Effects
  • Kids
  • Movie
  • Drama
  • DMM TV Original
  • Variety
  • Gravure
  • Other handsome

Screen recording DMM TV videos is impossible due to a technology called 'HDCP'. It prevents unauthorized video recording on devices. Even if you could screen record DMM TV, the video records are impacted by an internet connection. Poor internet condition leads to advanced pictures and pauses, and you cannot use other software during the recording. But downloading DMM TV videos will help you avoid such inconvenience brought by screen recording DMM TV. Let's see how to download DMM TV videos for offline watching.

How to Download DMM Videos?

You can download DMM TV videos by purchasing them from the DMM TV official website or using a third-party video downloader. 

Method 1: Purchase DMM Videos

By paying a monthly fee of 550 Yen to subscribe to DMM TV's service, users obtain unlimited access to DMM TV's complete collection of videos. However, in order to download a specific movie, users need to buy it separately using the provided feature. You need to visit "", sign in, identify the video, and buy it. You can either add the video to the purchase list or pay for it directly. After the purchase, you can download it.

However, purchasing DMM TV videos may not be the most economical way. 

Even though you pay for the download, there is a specific validation period for downloads. 

HD Streaming Videos No Expiration 
Streaming Videos  No Expiration
HD Streaming Videos for Rental Validation Period: 2 days, 7 days, 30 days, etc.
Streaming Videos for Rental Validation Period: 2 days, 7 days, 30 days, etc.

The second bad news is not all playable works can be downloaded. Also, Products that have been ended or currently unavailable for purchase cannot be viewed. Therefore, screen recording DMM TV videos or simply using the official download service are not good ideas.

Method 2: Use Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader

If you want to get rid of the restriction of screen recording DMM TV and Purchasing its videos, you can use the Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader. It is a versatile video downloader to help you download high-quality DMM TV videos to MP4 without ads so that you can stream them to players you want to use. 

Why Choose Y2Mate?

While many of DMM TV indefinite edition videos cost more than 1,000 yen, rental videos with expiration dates often cost 500 yen or more. Once you download DMM TV videos with Y2Mate, you can watch it anytime on your smartphone or TV without expiration. No need for recurring subscriptions or additional rental fees.

  • Download Videos from 1000+ Video Platforms

Y2Mate supports over 1000 websites, setting it apart from other video downloaders. If you want to screen record AbemaTV videos or screen record Crunchyroll, you can also use Y2Mate. This saves storage space on your device and eliminates the need for multiple downloaders or subscriptions. 

  • High Download Quality

Y2Mate ensures that you can always download videos in the best quality supported by your plans.

  • Ads Filtering

Y2Mate filters out ads and reduces the risk of encountering malicious pop-ups. Save you time from Ads!

  • Fast Batch Download

Y2Mate offers fast and customizable batch downloads, allowing you to save time by downloading multiple videos simultaneously. You can even set automatic downloads for the latest episodes of TV series. The downloader allows you to customize settings such as resolution, audio, time schedule, and subtitles for a better downloading experience.

Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader
Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader allows you to download all playable streaming programs from DMM TV in high quality.
Click here for more information

How to Download DMM TV Videos with Y2Mate?

Actually downloading is much simpler than screen recording DMM TV videos because you don't have to monitor the streaming of videos. 

Step 1: Download and install Y2Mate DMM TV Downloader.

Step 2: Customize Your Download Settings and begin the download

Go to 'VIP Service' and tap 'DMM TV' to access the website.

Sign in to your DMM account. Play the DMM TV video you want to download. Y2Mate will then automatically analyze the video. As the download window pops up, you can set the output parameters. Tap 'Download Now' or 'Add to Queue'. You can check the video in 'Downloading'.

How to Watch DMM TV Downloads?

In the previous part, we have introduced why you shouldn't screen record DMM TV videos and how to download DMM TV videos with Y2Mate. In this part, you will know how to stream downloads on PC and mobile devices. 

When viewing on a computer, it is convenient to use a free media player. We recommend VLC Media Player because they are free and easy to use. If you do not have a specific media player, you can try it. Once you launch VLC Media Player, you can drag the video file into the decoding column, and the video will automatically play.

If you want to watch DMM TV downloads on a smartphone or tablet, you can use a USB cable or SD card to transfer videos to your mobile devices.


Now you must have a clear idea of screen recording DMM TV videos and how to download and play them on different devices. Y2Mate DMM TV downloader is a wonderful choice for you to download videos from DMM TV and other platforms.

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