How to Screen Record Rakuten TV Videos?

Rakuten TV is a comprehensive platform with abundant anime, TV series from different countries, operas, etc. Sometimes people may want to screen record Rakuten TV videos to watch them offline. Read this article, you will know how to save its videos.

Can You Screen Record Rakuten TV Videos?

If you screen record Rakuten TV videos normally, you will get a black screen, but if you use the techniques described in this article, you can record video smoothly. You cannot screen record Rakuten TV video content on any device. This is due to a technology called HDCP, which prevents unauthorized recording of video. HDCP is a copyright protection technology intended to prevent unauthorized copying of digital content.

Screen Recording Rakuten TV videos is impractical. Actually, Rakuten offers a download function for a portion of its content on its mobile app. The monthly fee of a Rakuten TV Subscription is €6.99/month, If you want to save or download some of its content, you must rent its productions (around €4.99/month, available for 48 hours) or buy its content (around €13.99/month, available for 2 years). All of your downloads are saved in VIDEO LIBRARY. The resolution ranges from SD and HD to Ultra HD.


Restrictions of Screen Recording Rakuten TV Videos

If you want to screen record Rakuten TV videos, there are some restrictions for recording videos you must know. In addition to the black screen caused by HDCP, the recording process is impacted by an internet connection. Accidental pauses and the soundtrack advance during the video streaming may largely undermine your record. What's more, you can't use other software during the recording process. Therefore, downloading is a better choice compared with screen recording Rakuten TV videos. 

Downloading Rakuten TV Videos is a Wiser Choice

Now that we know downloading videos is better than screen recording Rakuten TV videos, let's look at how to download Rakuten TV videos in the most economical and efficient way.

Choose Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader

No matter you want to screen record or download Rakuten TV videos, the ultimate goal is to save them for offline watching. How to download Rakuten TV offline? In addition to a Rakuten TV account and a normal internet connection, you need a dedicated video downloader. Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader makes its way out with strong functions. 

Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader
Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader allows you to download all playable streaming programs from Rakuten TV in high quality. By saving your favorite videos with Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader, you can enjoy Rakuten TV offline with about 200,000 videos online, including sports, movies, dramas, animations, and more!
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Lossless Resolution and Sound Quality

Y2Mate enables you to download videos with the top resolution supported within your Rakuten plan. The audio track is kept in AAC2.0 quality. Enjoy crystal-clear pictures with immersive sound output.

Widely Compatible Output Format

Y2Mate is able you download Rakuten videos into widely compatible MP4 format, giving you the largest freedom to play back your downloads on different devices.


Screen recording Rakuten TV videos can't filter ads in the content but Y2Mate can block all ads out of your downloads. You won't be bothered by annoying ads. 

Fast Batch Download

Y2Mate guarantees a fast download speed even for batch downloads. You can download a whole TV season simultaneously and you can schedule for automatic downloading of the latest episode with Y2Mate. 

Flexible Subtitle Storage

Y2Mate offers two types of subtitle storage. You can either save subtitles into your video files or into external SRT format. Therefore you can add or remove subtitles at your own will.

With Y2Mate, neither have to suffer failures of screen recording Rakuten TV videos nor pay recurring subscirption fees for expired downloads. 

How to Download Rakuten TV Videos with Y2Mate?

You just need several simple steps to download Rakuten TV videos with Y2Mate.

Step 1: Download and Open Y2Mate U-NEXT Downloader

Step 2: Go to Rakuten TV official website with Y2Mate

Click 'VIP Services' and access Rakuten TV website through the icon as shown in the picture.

Y2Mate Rakuten TV Downloader

Step 3: Play Back the Rakuten Video You Want to Download

Log into your Rakuten account and enter your buying content. Playback the video you want to stream. Once playback begins, you should see the download option. You can tick the batch download option, schedule a time, and choose to download the latest episodes. 

Step 4: Click on the Download Option

Click 'Download Now' or 'Add to Queue' to start the download.

Of course, it is best to use the commercial version, which has no functional limitations whatsoever, but a free trial version is also available, so you may want to try the free trial version first to see how the software performs.

How to Play Back Rakuten TV Downloads?

If you want to watch Rakuten TV videos on your computer, using a free media player is convenient. We recommend the standard free software VLC Media Player, which has a reputation for ease of use that even beginners can use without any confusion.

launching VLC Media Player, simply click and hold on the video data you want to play and drag it to the player. It will automatically play the video.


Now you are clear about how to save Rakuten TV videos for offline watching. Y2Mate is a good helper to download instead of screen record Rakuten TV videos. In Japan, there are some other wonderful streaming platforms with abundant videos. ABEMA is a good example. Y2Mate can also help you screen record Abema TV videos. Come and give Y2Mate a try. A free trial for 30 days is offered. 


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