How to Upscale Video Quickly with AI Video Enhancer?

Are you tired of low-quality videos? Do you want to upscale your videos without sacrificing quality? One of the most significant challenges with video content is maintaining high-quality visuals, particularly when upscaling low-resolution footage. But how can upscale video from 240p to 1080p? This article will give you a detailed guide.

Why Should You Choose a Video AI Upscaler?

Upscale video

AI video upscalers are increasingly touted as the future of video enhancement, offering an answer to the limitations of traditional video upscaling methods.

  Traditional Video Enhancement AI Upscale Video
Supported Formats 10+ 1000+
Video Quality  Low  High
Enhancement Speed 10X 25X
Method Ease of Use Requires significant manual intervention Simple-click operation
Enhance Audio Quality No Yes
Facial Details Enhancement No Yes

Traditional video upscaling, typically reliant on interpolation where missing pixels are averaged from surrounding pixels, often fails in delivering crisp and clear video output.

By not being able to appropriately handle varying video content types, such as fast-paced action or low-light scenes, the video quality often appears blurry, overly bright and pixelated.

Compared to their traditional counterparts, AI video enhancers bring the power of advanced machine learning algorithms to video upscaling. These smart upscalers rapidly analyze and process vast quantities of data, thus improving video clarity with minimal human intervention.

By choosing AI video upscaling, the power of machine learning algorithms will effectively handle all types of video content and provide high-quality results, increasing the viewing experience. In the race to seamless video enhancement, AI upscalers are clearly breaking away from the pack.

How to Upscale Video Quickly with AI Video Enhancer?

AI Video Enhancer, like Y2Mate Video AI, is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their video content without sacrificing quality. 

What is Y2Mate Video AI?

Y2Mate Video AI is an advanced video enhancement tool for Windows PC launched by Y2Mate Technology. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of videos. With Y2Mate Video AI, you can upscale videos to full HD resolution while maintaining their quality.

Whether you are working on a personal project or want to improve your old videos, Y2Mate Video AI is the perfect solution to upscale videos in batch. Y2Mate Video AI uses advanced algorithms to analyze and enhance your video quality. The system identifies areas of the video that need improvement and applies specific enhancements to those areas. 

Features of Y2Mate Video AI

  1. Support 1000+ video formats
  2. Upscale video from 240p to 1080p
  3. Upscale audio to 5.1 channels
  4. Improve video quality from SDR to HDR10/Dolby Vision
  5. Free trial and free Y2Mate Video AI updates

How to Use Y2Mate Video AI?

Using Y2Mate Video AI is straightforward and easy. With 3 steps below, you will upscale videos right away.

Step 1: Add your one video or a video folder to the Y2Mate Video AI task list.

Y2Mate Video AI

Step 2: Choose your preferred ai video enhance mode from Auto, Video Enhancement Only and Audiao enchancement only. Please note that different enhancement mode requires different processing time.

Y2Mate Video AI

Step 3: Set the output location and click the Start button. All chosen videos will be upscaled right away.

Y2Mate Video AI

Final Thought

Y2Mate Video AI is the ultimate solution for upscaling videos. Its advanced technology, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness make it the perfect tool for anyone looking to enhance their videos. Try Y2Mate Video AI out today and take your video viewing to the next level!

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