VideoHunter Review: Is it Safe and Legal to Use?

Nowadays, people spend their leisure time watching their favorite movies and shows. Do you know this leisure time can turn into annoying minutes with buffering or no internet?

To avoid this situation, be ready with the VideoHunter video downloader. Among the plethora of options, VideoHunter stands out from the strict competition. To know more, read on to this VideoHunter review. We will also discuss a better alternative, Y2Mate. So, let's dive into the details!

VideoHunter Review – What is VideoHunter?

VideoHunter is one of the best video downloaders that you can find in the market. Its name vividly reflects its functionality. This video downloader is specially designed for Mac or PC users to conveniently download audio and video from over 1000 websites for offline playback or to make a collection.

Apart from video downloading, it also offers the service of a convertor. You can select any video and convert it into various formats, including MP4 or MP3. VideoHunter offers professional services and supports downloading the entire playlist, channel, and subtitles.

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Exclusive Features of VideoHunter

The expert video downloader delivers the following feature to make job and downloading convenient for every user.

High Output Resolution

Many video or audio downloaders lose the quality while downloading the content. As people usually pay attention to the output resolution, VideoHunter has been upgraded to live up to people's expectations.

VideoHunter video downloader can cater to this demand as it has the ability to maintain originality and even download content in up to 8k resolution. There is no limit to quality, but it can be shaken due to low storage.

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Support more than 100 Websites

It is one of the most versatile video downloading platforms, which supports over 1000 supported websites, including video streaming like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and anything you can think of if you are a music fan but are annoyed with it too often buffering.

You can conveniently download your favorite music file from SoundCloud, Spotify, and any other website. Get a hand on this downloader, you will surely find the one you were looking for.

6 Times Faster Bulk Download Features

If you want to download an entire playlist or a channel's content, you can do it with the help of VideoHunter. This software is designed to accelerate the downloading speed up to 6 times. Moreover, VideoHunter for PC is also able to process multiple videos at a time. Hence, the user can download maximum content in one go without wasting time over and over selecting and downloading one by one.

Proxy Integration

When there is a regional restriction on the content you want to watch, it becomes difficult to bypass the restriction, but VideoHunter can help you do it. This effective downloader can conveniently bypass the limit, which allows users to download blocked videos in your country and watch them offline for free.

Intuitive Interface

This is a simple application that even beginners can learn to operate in one go. No need to follow complex tasks as it allows you to download the content in several clicks. It is a small application that keeps running on your computer, affecting its speed.

VideoHunter Review – VideoHunter VS VideoHunter Pro

VideoHunter is a single application with no other version. However, it offers different pricing plans, such as a free version or a paid version. The simple VideoHunter offers limited features, such as you can only download up to 3 videos or audio every day. Moreover, its functionality is limited to 480p quality and 320kbps MP3.

On the contrary, if you find it useful, you are suggested to immediately shift to the VideoHunter pro version. It clears the way of limitless features. With VideoHunter pro, you can download unlimited videos every day. Furthermore, it allows saving the video for offline playback up to 8K quality and free audio or video playlist downloading options.

VideoHunter Pro allows you to use a wide range of valuable features that make offline playback fun and worth the time.

VideoHunter Review – How to Use VideoHunter?

Due to a large number of features, you might think that VideoHunter app is a complex downloader, but it is not true. Follow these simple steps to save the content within minutes:

Step 1: Search for VideoHunter from google and open the official Website of this downloader. Complete downloading and installation from the official website to proceed without viruses and malware.

Step 2: Open the targeted platform and look for the video, channel, or playlist you want to download. Now copy its URL from the address bar.

Step 3: Pass the copied URL to the built-in search engine and hit the 'Analyze' option. The options will pop up on your screen. Select the playlist so you can download all songs of that playlist in one go.

Step 4: Once you have selected the audio or video you are willing to download, it is time to set output features. You can set audio and video quality. If you are downloading the playlist, you can select all songs or a few desired ones. After setting the options, hit the download button to proceed.

After following the above-mentioned steps, your favorite show, song, or video is ready to watch offline. By downloading the video, you can save yourself from annoying ads and buffering.

VideoHunter Review – Limits of VideoHunter

As it has many benefits to offer, you can also expect some loopholes. There is no compromise over functionality, but about pricing. Indeed, VideoHunter offers many different benefits, but it charges equally. Many people complain that it charges more than what it offers.

The free trial is extremely limited to analyzing software functionality completely. It only allows people to download three videos per day, and the quality limit is 480p, which is extremely low. People complain that they cannot check the quality of the highest limit, which makes it useless and does not deserve the investment.

The other limitation, like only the 320kbps MP3 version, makes people compelled to look for better alternatives where they can actually check all features and then make some investment.

VideoHunter Review – Y2Mate: The Best Alternative to VideoHunter

Despite all its beneficial features, there are still loopholes in this software that drags it down from a reputable position. Yes! Its limited feature in the free version repels the newcomer. If you are one who is facing the issue, you can download Y2Mate.

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is one of the best video downloaders that not only supports a wide range of streaming platforms but converts the video in any desired format for ultimate convenience. Comparatively, it is a better option than the VideoHunter.

Feature of Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Here are some appreciable and noteworthy features of the Y2Mate video downloader.

Support 1000+ Websites

The best thing about this software is that it supports an extensive list of websites, including paid streaming platforms. Yes! You can download the shows from Netflix, Disney+, and many other platforms.

Batch Download

When you are going on a trip, you may want to download different videos, but indeed, it is annoying and time-consuming to select videos one by one and set them for downloading. With Y2Mate, you can select multiple videos, make a queue, and click the download button. After a while, your all queue will be downloaded.

High-quality Output

Unlike traditional downloaders that lose original quality while downloading the content, Y2Mate pays serious attention to quality. With this downloader, you can save the videos in original quality and improve them up to 1080p.

Efficient Downloader

Y2Mate is an efficient downloader that consumes a few minutes to download the video. It will not consume hours, but it requires only 5 to 7 minutes to download a full movie.

How to Download Videos from Y2Mate?

Refer to the following guide to download content conveniently.

  • Complete downloading and installation to proceed. 
  • Navigate to VIP services, select the desired platform, and log in to the account using your credentials. You can also paste the link and let the built-in browser find the video.
  • Select the video, send output features such as format and quality, and finally, hit the download button.

VideoHunter Review – Summary

VideoHunter is one of the most used video downloaders available in the market, but people always want to be sure before investing. But, VideoHunter has failed to provide pre-purchase satisfaction due to extremely limited features in the free version despite this VideoHunter review.

Anyhow, you can select the Y2Mate DRM Downloader to avoid this problem. It has multiple features in the free version, it is affordable, and it downloads content in high quality. You can completely check the features in the free trial and then make an investment.

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