[2024 Latest] Comprehensive VidiCable Review: Is it Worth Trying?

VidiCable is a tool that can help you download and record videos from several popular streaming sites, such as Peacock, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. But can it download high-quality videos for real? Is it a scam or a good program? Is it safe to use? There are many points you need to know before using VidiCable.

This comprehensive VidiCable review covers all you need to know about this computer program. If you're looking for a reliable video downloader and considering VidiCable now, read on to get more information in just one article.

What Is VidiCable?

VidiCable is a video downloader and recorder, which works for 15 popular streaming sites and more video-sharing platforms. Be it a TV show, an Amazon sitcom, or a movie on Netflix, VidiCable can help you save them on your Windows or Mac computers. To begin with, let's dive into several top features of this tool.


Top Features

Just like most video downloaders, VidiCable boasts the following features:

  • Support of Various Sites:

VidiCable can download videos from popular video-sharing sites like Vimeo, X, TikTok and 15 VOD streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Max, HBO, etc.

  • High-quality Video & Audio Saving:

You can save a maximum of 1080P quality from most sites. VidiCable also supports to download 5.1 Dolby sound for an immersive offline view.

  • Download 3 Types of Subtitles:

Internal, external, and hardcode subtitles are all available through VidiCable. You can customize the output settings as you prefer.

Except for the most important 3 top features mentioned above, VidiCable also supports audio description, optional video codec (H.264/H.265), and MP4/MKV output of downloaded videos. What's more, it supports 25 interface languages.

Is VidiCable Safe?

Is VidiCable a safe tool or just a scam? To test the security, the editor used VirusTotal to analyze the installation package of VidiCable, and also install the program on my own computer. The result of security vendors is not optimistic, because IKARUS detected Trojan. SuspectCRC. But the remaining 54 vendors report nothing.

vidicable safety

Based on the in-person test, I installed VidiCable on my Windows PC and it works well. Other than the excessive CPU usage (55% and above) when downloading videos, there were no other problems with this tool. So in general, VidiCable is a safe program to download and use.

How to Use VidiCable to Rip a Video?

VidiCable provides a free trial so that you can rip a video before making any purchase. But remember, the free version only supports some video-sharing sites and only saves the first 5 minutes. To enjoy the full download services from VidiCable, you have to subscribe to one of the following plans:

  • $119.9/yr.
  • $259.9 for LFT
  • $59.95/yr (a single product)
  • $129.9 for LFT (a single product)

You can follow these simple steps to activate your VidiCable and download videos for offline viewing:

  1. Start the application
  2. Sign in using the email address that you used to purchase the software. Then enter the license key that you received from VidiCable.
  3. Choose your preferred platform from the options listed.
  4. Log in to your account on the platform you chose with the built-in browser.
  5. Select the movie or show that you desire to download.
  6. Tick the film or episodes that you want to download. Click the download button.
  7. If the download fails, use the record functionality instead.

Note: VidiCable shares a very similar UI and video download procedure with Tuneboto, FlixiCam, TunePat, and SameMovie. If you once used one of these tools, it's a noteworthy point.

Pros and Cons [Must Read!]

After the introduction of the basic info about VidiCable, let's dive into the most important part of this VidiCable review: Pros and Cons. All the following content is based on the in-person usage and experience of our editors, if you have any questions or want to quote the review, please contact us.

  • Support 22 streaming sites in total;
  • High video quality up to 1080P/8K;
  • Save 3 types of subtitles;
  • Compatible to both Windows & Mac;
  • Multilingual UI with 25 languages support.
  • Downloads always fail, so that you can only use the record service;
  • Slow download speed. The progress bar is often stuck at 99%;
  • To change the streaming platforms, you must restart the program each time;
  • The free trial version can only download/record the first 5 minutes of a video;
  • No 1080P options for videos from Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu sometimes;
  • Excessive CPU usage (55% and above);
  • Only yearly and lifetime subscription plans are available.

Best Alternative to VidiCable: Y2Mate One

If VidiCable fails to meet your requirements, you can try the best alternative: Y2Mate One. This tool can download high-quality videos from 1100+ streaming sites and video-sharing platforms.

What Makes Y2Mate the Winner?

Because of its powerful and stable features, Y2Mate One stands out from many other similar video downloaders and recorders. First of all, you can enjoy high-quality downloads up to 1080P from 1100+ streaming platforms worldwide. From some video-sharing sites, Y2Mate can even help download 2K/4K videos.

Y2Mate One is embedded with 44 products. But actually, you can get more from it. Just copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it into the search bar, to see what can Y2Mate do for you. (You can also contact the support team to ask for tech support for a new streaming site)

Y2Mate One
Say goodbye to the limited streaming experience, and enjoy your favorite shows in compatible MP4/MKV format anytime, anywhere.
  • Download movies, TVs and shows from 1100+ streaming sites across multiple regions and countries;
  • Download videos in high quality up to 1080p/2K/4K to view offline;
  • Save videos and convert them to MP4/MKV format;
  • Download multiple videos in batch;
  • Automatically download newly added episodes;
  • Choose H.264/H.265 codec to save more space for high-quality video;
  • Remove ads from downloaded videos automatically;
  • Save internal or extract external subtitles as SRT Files;
  • Use the free version to download 3 full videos in 30 Days.
Learn More

To better clarify the features of VidiCable and Y2Mate, we make a comparison table.

Downloaders Y2Mate One VidiCable
Supported Sites 1100+ streaming sites & video-sharing platforms 22 streaming platforms
Highest Quality 1080P/2K/4K 1080P (record service)
Download Speed 10X 3X
Free Trial Download 3 full videos Download the first 5 minutes of a video

Simple Steps to Download Videos with Y2Mate

Take Netflix for an example, Y2Mate allows you to download TV episodes and films to MP4/MKV format through these simple steps:

1. Navigate to Netflix and Login to Your Account

Launch Y2Mate and click the Netflix icon to enter the official site using the built-in browser. Login to your own Netflix account to get access to the video library.

y2mate downloader

2. Play the Video You Want to Download

Play the Netflix video you want to download and wait for seconds until a window pops up.

y2mate downloader

3. Set Download Options and Click Download Now

When Y2Mate finishes analyzing the URL, a window will appear just like the following picture shows. Customize the download options and click "Download Now".

y2mate downloader

You can check the real download process by clicking "Downloading" and find all downloaded videos in the "Downloaded" section.

Wrapped Up

This VidiCable review has made a comprehensive introduction and analysis of the features, safety, pros and cons of the video download/recorder. Generally, VidiCable can not be called a "video downloader", because it always fails to download videos and asks you to use the recording service instead. But the service can't quickly download the video as it claims.

So if you're not satisfied with the free trial offer and the features of VidiCable, this review also recommends an alternative - Y2Mate One for you to download high-quality videos from 1100+ streaming sites. Use the free trial of Y2Mate to save 3 full videos as you like before making your decision.

And since you're here, you may also be interested in the latest news about other streaming services, like 5 safe ways to download Avgle videos, and more reviews about other tools: Comparison of Y2Mate, Audials, KeepStreams, AnyStreams and PlayOn.


Q1. How to Get Registered VidiCable?

A1. To get registered, first, click the Key icon or Menu icon. You will find it at the top right corner of the screen. Click Register. There will be a pop-up for registration. Simply copy and paste the registration email and your license code. Once payment is made, and the order is validated, you get the license code via email.

Q2. Why Is the VidiCable License Code Not Working Even After Renewal?

A2. After the old license has expired, it is made invalid. You can no longer use it. After making the renewal, you will receive a new license. Simply click on the Menu icon of the VidiCable program, click on the register option, and click on change account. All you have to do is put in your new license to activate your account again.

Q3. How to Cancel The Auto-Renewal?

A3. The Auto-Renewal of VidiCable Video Downloader is turned on by default settings. To change it, follow the procedures below. After you finish your order, you will receive an email with your username and order ID in the title. Within the email, simply click on “Manage Your Order” and disable auto-renewal manually.


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