4K Video Downloader download speed is slow? 4 points to check

When you use 4K Video Downloader to download videos from YouTube, do you find that the download speed is slow? Or have you ever encountered a situation where you could not download properly? No need to worry. In this article, we will introduce four countermeasures to deal with slow 4K Video Downloader download speeds, and also explain in detail about the alternative software Y2Mate. By using these measures and alternative software, you can download and enjoy YouTube videos without stress.

Basic Information on 4K Video Downloader

First, here is some basic information about 4K Video Downloader, a popular downloader currently used by more than 2 million users and marketed by Open Media LLC, based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia .

Its main features include downloading videos from video sharing sites, extracting audio, and supporting multiple formats and resolutions.

Users are free to choose from a variety of plans, ranging from a limited trial version that allows free downloads to a professional version that costs around 10,000 yen.

4K Video Downloader

Why is 4K Video Downloader's download speed so slow?

Let's examine the actual speed of downloading videos using 4K Video Downloader. Let's start with the author's experience. I did not find the speed to be particularly slow, partly because the videos I downloaded were short. However, this alone may not be convincing enough, so I searched the Internet for reviews. As a result, I found the following opinions

"4K Video Downloader is slow to download, it is supposed to have a speed of 70 Mbps, but it only downloads at a speed of about 600 Kbps."

We found many comments that shared this opinion, so it seems safe to assume that this is not a coincidental phenomenon. In fact, one person in the comments section contacted the official response, "We will work to improve the download speed in the future," but this did not solve the problem.

Frustratingly slow download speed of 4K Video Downloader

Unfortunately, when we searched the official website guide, we could not find any solution regarding the download speed, although it describes what to do in case of parsing error or inability to download.

External conditions such as the Internet environment and the type of video being downloaded may also have an impact, but it would certainly be frustrating to have a slow speed after having purchased the software.

What to do if 4K Video Downloader's download speed is slow

Here are four points to consider when you experience slow 4K Video Downloader download speeds.

【1】Check your network environment 

Check your network environment, including your Wi-Fi connection, traffic volume, and VPN connection, which may affect the download speed. An unstable network environment or limited bandwidth may result in slower download speeds.

【2】Resolution of the video to be downloaded 

The higher the resolution of the video you are downloading, the longer it may take to download. To increase download speed, consider selecting a lower resolution video.

【3】Do not launch other applications while downloading.

If you are using other applications at the same time while downloading, the download speed may slow down. Try not to launch other applications during downloading.

【4】Using the latest version 

The latest version of 4K Video Downloader may have improved download speed. Try updating to the latest version.

If the download speed does not improve after trying the above solutions, please consider trying a downloader other than 4K Video Downloader.

Y2Mate as an alternative to 4K Video Downloader

Y2Mate Downloader is compatible with most websites and allows you to download in high resolution up to 8K. There is a money-back guarantee on some plans.


Y2Mate is designed to be easy to use even for beginners. Simply access the video page, copy and paste the URL, and the download will begin automatically.

Personally, I find it very convenient to be able to download videos while watching them in the built-in browser, so I can wait for the download to complete without getting bored, even with long movies.

Detailed instructions on how to use Y2Mate can be found on its official page, and we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to try it out.

Y2Mate Downloader
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In this article, we have detailed the causes and remedies for slow download speeds when downloading videos from YouTube using 4K Video Downloader. If the problem does not improve after checking the network environment, selecting a resolution, or avoiding launching other applications, please consider trying the alternative software Y2Mate. Please take this opportunity to try to speed up your downloads.

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