10 Best Chrome Video Downloader Review [2022 Update]

Out of total browser share as of January 2021, Google Chrome browser holds more than a whopping 63% making it the most popular browser of all time. One of the most prominent reasons why people prefer browsing the web pages with chrome is the availability of thousands of useful Chrome extensions.

To top things off, the Chrome web store is filled with a plethora of handy plugins like themes and customizable appearance.

In this world where people consume so much media online, one of the most viewed content types is the video that covers so much of the internet across millions of websites. Sometimes we may want to download the video to watch later or to save offline on our devices.

Considering all these in the mind, here is a list on the best video downloader for Chrome. So, here in this list article, you are going to see some of the best Chrome video downloaders that will let you download videos from many different websites. 

10 Best Video Downloader for Chrome

Well, there are millions of websites that serve video content, you may want YouTube URL video download , or to download Vimeo videos, or to download video media content from some other platforms. 

These extensions are not only limited to Chrome but will support any browser that is built on the chromium project like Microsoft Edge or the browsers that allow you to install chrome extensions like Opera.

The list below is not sorted on the grounds of good to average, every extension is unique and has a different set of features, you can choose whatever suits your needs the best.

So without further ado, here are the 10 best video downloaders for Chrome that you can install to download your favorite videos with ease.

Downloader for Chrome

01. Addoncrop via CrossPilo

Most people find an extension to download specifically from YouTube. This is one of the amazing Chrome video downloader extensions to download videos from YouTube. You don't even have to leave the YouTube video screen to begin downloading. It integrates its functionality right into the video page and shows you a download option just below the video.



  • Integrated right into the YouTube video page

  • Allows to download videos in multiple quality

  • Also allows converting YouTube videos into audio format

  • You can also select the portion of the video which you want to download the audio.


  • works exclusively on YouTube

  • little long process to install

How to download YouTube Videos using Addoncrop?

  1. Install CrossPilot from Google web store.
  2. Visit the YouTube Video Downloader addon website.
  3. Click on the option saying, “Install via CrossPilot”
  4. On the redirected page, click “Grant Permission” when the permission popup appears.
  5. Click on allow.
  6. This will install the add-on for you. Now visit any YouTube video in your browser, you'll be seeing an option to download multiple videos and mp3 download options.

02. Video Downloader Plus

With over 400k users and 4.5 reviews, Video Downloader Plus is a chrome video downloader extension that lets you download any video from any website.

Yes literally from any website, earlier in the days it was allowed to download from YouTube as well but, then Chrome Web Store in its updated policy stopped allowing the extensions to download video from YouTube, and eventually, YouTube video downloading functionality was removed from the extension.

Video Downloader Plus


  • Use it to download any video from any website.

  • Allows downloading videos from social media. Yes, Instagram as well.

  • Multiple quality options to choose from while downloading.

  • You can set size triggers in extension settings to detect only the files larger than the selected size.

  • You can choose the video type on the setting page, ie MP4, FLV, 3GB, M4A, and others.

  • Also detects and allows audio download.

  • Send videos to Chromecast.

  • You can enable or disable the chrome cast option in the setting.


  • YouTube downloading support is gone due to a new policy update

How to download videos using Video Downloader Plus?

  1. Install Video Downloader Plus from Chrome Web Store.

  2. Go to any web page you wish to download a video from.

  3. Hit the extension icon(if you can't see it, hit the plugin icon to pin the extension on top.)

  4. You'll see a lot of video options and quality options depending upon how many videos are present on the web page.

  5. Click the'Download' button on your desired video quality and your download will begin.

03. Video Downloader Professional

The 3rd chrome video downloader in the list is Video Downloader Professional that also allows you to download from any website.

You can download videos from any website or social media. Just like others; YouTube support is removed after the new policy update of Chrome Web Store.


  • Download from any website.

  • Allows downloading from Social Media.

  • You can customize the colors and style.

  • Multiple quality options for download.

  • Send videos to Chromecast.


  • Sometimes downloading from social media gives a text file.

  • does not detect all the videos sometimes.

  • YouTube support has been removed after the policy update.

How to download videos using Video Downloader Professional?

  1. Install Video Downloader Professional

  2. Visit any webpage, you want to download the video from.

  3. Hit the extension icon, it will open a list of found videos and available quality.

  4. Click on'Download' on any of your desired videos and it's quality.

  5. Your download will begin shortly.

04. Video DownloadHelper

This is another good chrome video downloader extension available after many of the great extensions were removed from the chrome web store to not follow the new policy update regarding YouTube Video Download.

This chrome video downloader allows you to download videos from the internet. Talking about YouTube, the support for downloading from YouTube has been removed from the chrome version of the extension.


  • Customizable appearance.

  • Too many handy features.

  • Downloads images.

  • Download in multiple qualities.

  • Fully customizable video quality option.

  • Also supports conversion into any of your desired formats.

  • Remember the last fetched video.


  • YouTube support is gone.

  • Old-school layout.

  • Mostly doesn't detect on social media.

  • Sometimes it needs a download companion for some videos.

How to download video with Video DownloadHelper?


  1. Install Video DownloadHelper .

  2. Go to the video's web page and hit the extension icon.

  3. It will list all the found video media on the page.

  4. Choose your desired quality and download.

05. Online Download Manager

Online Download Manager is one of the most feature-rich chrome video downloaders listed in this article. It has a hell of a lot of customization, including dark and light themes and other settings to configure your search criteria.

It also supports all types of media download, like Videos, Audios, Images as well as Documents. It also shows recently downloaded files right into the main screen of the extension. 

Download Manager


  • Customizable look with dark and light mode option.

  • Detects media on Social networks.

  • Other criteria to set how extension searches and lists the content on-page.

  • Download any type of media: Video, Audio, Images, and Documents.

  • Customizable Notifications.

  • Download in multiple qualities.

  • You can turn on and off any particular type of media download.

  • Option to directly upload file to Google Drive and Dropbox in Pro Subscription.


  • Sometimes unable to fetch media(especially on some websites)

  • Asks you to log in to authorize a request when unable to find it.

  • No support for YouTube.

How to download videos with the help of Online Download Manager?

  1. Install Online Download Manager

  2. Configure the extension on what media to grab, by default Image and other formats, are disabled, you'll need to enable them in the extension option.

  3. Go to the web page where the media is present.

  4. Click on the extension icon.

  5. Select the type of media you're looking for there are 4 different tabs for Video, Audio, Images, and Documents.

  6. Refresh the Page – If you select some other media type than what was already selected it will give you a button to refresh the page. Click on refresh.

  7. It will now list all the found content on the tab. Click on the media you want to download.

  8. It will begin the download.

06. Turbo Download Manager

This is a simple yet effective chrome video downloader. It doesn't have a lot of options but does its job effectively. On some sites, it fails to work but still the downloading is fast. Just like others, it has no support for YouTube video downloading. But one of the most prominent features of this extension is that it can resume the downloads and also lets you extend the speed of the downloads.


  • Resume downloads.

  • Extend the downloading speed.

  • Download in multiple qualities.

  • Supports Social Media video downloading.


  • No YouTube support.

  • This Chrome video downloader is a little complex, if you don't pay attention while clicking'Download Link' it will download all the found media on the webpage.


How to download videos using Turbo Download Manager?


  1. Install Turbo download manager

  2. Go to the webpage where you want to download videos from.

  3. Right Click and hit, “Extract media Links”

  4. Select the video you want to download and remove others from the list, otherwise, it will download them all.

  5. Hit the option, “Download Link” in the right corner.

  6. Your download will begin.

07. My Video Downloader

All the different Chrome video Downloaders come with different features, but this one adds a direct download button along with the content on most of the pages, but on some, it doesn't. And in case there is no download link, you can always download by clicking on the extension icon. This works well with most of the social media and majority of the websites except YouTube.


  • Works well with social networks.

  • Download in multiple qualities.

  • Directly adds a download link along with the media.

  • This Chrome Video downloader has a neat and Minimal UI.

  • Not much complexity and options. Just a simple to use video downloader.


  • No support for YouTube

  • No options or settings were available.

How to download videos using My Video Downloader?

  1. Install My Video Downloader to Chrome or Chromium compliant browser.
  2. You're done with no settings whatsoever.
  3. Just go to your destination webpage and enjoy downloading by clicking the extension icon.


08. Video downloader Pro

Here is another very simple to use Chrome video downloader. After the extinction of many famous video downloaders from the chrome web store, it's another great chrome video downloader that lets you download videos from all over the internet.

This one also supports downloading from major social media websites. there is no configuration required you can just install it and begin downloading your videos.


  • Simple to use.

  • No complex setup and configuration.

  • Download in multiple qualities.

  • Supports downloading from social networks.


  • Doesn't work on some websites.

  • Since there are no advanced configurations available, you can not choose between multiple options or formats on what media to fetch.

09. Web Video Downloader

This could be one of the easiest to use and productive Chrome video downloaders on this list. Web Video Downloader directly integrates a download button on the videos present on your webpage.

You can find the download option on hovering your mouse on the video, which could prove to be such a handy feature coming out of any Chrome Video Downloaders.


  • Adds a hover button to directly download the video file.

  • Supports Social Media video download.

  • Supports downloading videos in multiple qualities.

  • Simple to use, No configurations required.


  • No support for YouTube Videos.

  • Since there is no configurations option you can not use sorting, custom fetch, or media fetching rules.


How to download videos using Web Videos Downloader?

  1. Install Web Video Downloader

  2. And you're done! No seriously, that's all!

  3. Go to the video page and it will directly add a hover download button above the video.

  4. Can't see the hover? Don't worry if you can't see the hover on any website you can still always access the fetched videos by clicking on the extension icon.

  5. Click on the file and desired quality you want to download the video file in.

  6. Your download will begin.


10. Down Album

The last, in the list of best chrome video downloaders, is Down Album. This is not an'all video downloader' which means this won't work on all the sites, and it's neither a full video downloader.

It's developed to extend a hardcore bulk image downloading functionality but it supports some big social media like Facebook and Instagram and that's the main reason why this plugin is on this list.

You can easily download photos in bulk from Instagram or Facebook groups. Not only that on individual photos and videos it adds a download link to directly download the media.

Down Album


  • Download all the images present on the page in bulk.

  • Adds Download link to individual photos and videos.

  • Downloads the highest quality available.


  • Mainly developed for social media doesn't work on all websites.

  • Large album size may crash the browser.

  • No quality options to choose from while downloading.

How to download videos using Down Album?

  1. Install Down Album

  2. Open the video you want to download.

  3. You'll directly see a basic HTML link with a download option.

  4. Click on the link.

  5. Your download will begin.



Concluding the article, If you primarily want to download YouTube videos you shall try Y2mate DRM Downloader that works via CrossPilot . Install CrossPilot and then add the YouTube Video Downloader from Addoncrop. You'll be able to directly download the YouTube videos from the video page itself.

If you're looking for an extension that lets you download images and videos from social networks and primarily from Instagram, hands down! Go for Down Album .

If you're looking for an all-rounder extension that lets you download from any website, you can choose any chrome video downloader mentioned above in the list, depending upon your requirements and the features you need.

So, These were some of the best chrome video downloaders that you can use to download your desired videos from any website. You could also download youtube videos or videos from other streaming websites like FB, Twitter, Twitch with Y2MATE YouTube to MP4 downloader.


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