The Best Method to Download Movistar Plus Movies

Movistar Plus always brings you with compelling and distinct shows and films that keep you coming back for more. However, is it possible to download these movies from Movistar+ for offline viewing? In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how you can enjoy offline content from Movistar Plus.

What is Movistar Plus?

Movistar plus, also known as Movistar+, is a Spanish OTT platform owned by Telefónica. It offers a variety of entertainment options, including sports, movies, TV series, and documentaries. 

Movistar Plus

The features of Movistar+ include:

1. Comprehensive and Original Content

Movistar+ offers a wide range of content including movies, TV series, sports, as well as premium content such as Formula 1 racing and professional football matches. It also allows access to both international and local Spanish content.

Unlike some other platforms, Movistar+ invests in producing its own original content. This includes highly regarded Spanish series like "The Plague" and "Hierro".

2. Bundling Options

It can be bundled with Movistar's other telecommunications services such as internet and mobile, which could be cost-effective for those already using or planning to use these services.

3. User-friendly Language Options

Movistar Plus provides original language options with subtitles, particularly beneficial for non-Spanish speakers or those wishing to watch content in its original language.

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Can I Download Movistar Plus Movies for Offline Viewing?

You can record some Movistar Plus shows and watch them later via its mobile app. However, you cannot directly download Movistar plus movies as MP4 on your computer. If you want to save them as MP4. You need a powerful Movistar Plus downloader: Y2Mate MPD Downloader. 

Y2Mate allows you to batch download Movistar Plus movies in HD quality. And unlike other Movistar Plus downloader, Y2Mate MPD Downloader can also save subtitles from the original videos. You will get a better Movistar+ offline viewing experience.

Y2Mate MPD Downloader
Your Movistar Plus Downloader for Offline Viewing
  • Download movies from Movistar plus and other MPD videos, including Vix.
  • Download videos in high quality
  • Delete ads from Movistar Plus during downloading process
  • Save subtitles as SRT format
  • Free trial for 30 days
Supported Sites

The following tutorial provides a simple yet effective method of downloading videos from Movistar Plus using Y2Mate.

Step 1: Input the Movistar Plus URL into Y2Mate's Search Bar

First, navigate to the Movistar Plus and copy the official URL. Then paste it in the search bar of Y2Mate and click ENT button to continue.

Movistar Plus

Step 2: Select the Desired Movie from Movistar Plus

Next, you are required to sign into your Movistar Plus account. After successful login, explore through the vast library of content on Movistar+. Choose and play the specific video or series that you'd like to download. 

Movistar Plus

Step 3: Clicking the Download Button

The Movistar Plus Video Downloader will present you with a download window. From this window, you'll be able to initiate the download. All you need to do is click "Download," and Y2Mate will immediately start fetching the video for you. 

That's it! Within no time, you'll have successfully downloaded your favorite video from Movistar Plus using Y2Mate. So, why wait? 


Q1.  Can I Watch Movistar Plus on Multiple Devices at the Same Time?

A1. Yes, with Movistar Plus, you can register and use up to four devices at the same time.

Q2. Is There a Trial Period for Movistar Plus?

A2. No, Movistar Plus does not typically offer a trial period. You will have to purchase one of their packages to view content.

Q3. Can I Access Movistar Plus Outside of Spain?

A3.  Movistar Plus is primarily targeted for the Spanish market. However, certain contents can be accessed from outside the country by registering a device abroad.

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