How to Download Pluto TV Movies for Offline Viewing?

In the field of VOD and television streaming service platforms, Pluto TV is one well-known name. Over 52 million people utilize it each month as of this writing.

We'll cover all you need to know about Pluto TV in this article, for example, "What is Pluto TV?", "Why do you need to download Pluto TV videos?" and "How do you download Pluto TV videos?"

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a popular TV service that offers users over 250 channels to watch for free. The channels cover a wide range of interests such as sports, cooking, kids' shows, news, and more. There's something for everyone, with diverse content making up over 100,000 hours of programming.

For entertainment, viewers especially enjoy the comedy and movie channels. Some popular ones include BET, Comedy Central, and the Paramount Movie Channel. There are also plenty of child and teen-friendly channels like Anime All Ages, Dora TV, and Nick Jr. 

Sports enthusiasts can tune into channels like Fox Sports and MLS, while those who prefer news can access live broadcasts from CBSN, CNN, NBC News among others.

A major plus is that Pluto TV is compatible with many devices, including phones, tablets, and a variety of smart TVs and gaming consoles. So you can enjoy this service wherever you go.

Can You Download Pluto TV Videos?

Pluto TV does not provide a built-in download function, so downloading movies and shows from Pluto directly is not possible. You can only stream content online, with certain levels of control over features like closed captioning and screen volume.

However, if your internet connection is unstable or unavailable, you may face difficulties in streaming your favorite content. In this regard, a third-party downloader can be beneficial. One such tool is the Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader. This software allows you to download your preferred videos from Pluto TV onto your device for offline viewing. It's an effective solution for uninterrupted access to your favorite Pluto TV content.

Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader
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  • Remove ads from Pluto during downloading
  • Download multiple videos in one go
  • Save subtitles as SRT files (if subtitles available)
  • Free trial for 30 days
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4 Simple Steps to Download from Pluto TV 

Here's a quick guide to help you download Pluto TV movies in MP4 or MKV format with Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader.

Step 1: Select "Pluto TV" from "VIP Services"

After finishing the installation, please open Y2Mate Downloader and click "VIP Services" on the left bar, then choose "Pluto TV".

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Step 2: Search for the Pluto Video

You'll first be navigated to the official Pluto TV website. Once there, sign in to your Pluto TV account

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

If you'd like to download a movie like "Transformers: Dark of The Moon," for example, begin by clicking on "Watch Now" to start playing the video. Concurrently, the Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader software you've installed earlier will begin to automatically analyze and process the video for downloading.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Step 3: Click "Download Now"

Y2Mate will display settings for download after the analysis of the video, including choices of video resolution, audio, subtitles, and options for batch download and schedule.

You can then proceed with either 'Download Now' for immediate downloading or 'Add to Queue' to download later. Click on your preferred option, and the download will begin accordingly.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Step 4: Manage Pluto TV Downloads in "Your Library"

You'll see what you have chosen to download videos in the "Downloading" part of "Your Library".

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline


1. Can I Download Pluto TV Shows without Watermarks?

Don't worry, Y2Mate can download Pluto TV movies and shows without any watermarks. You will enjoy Pluto TV videos offline in MP4 format losslessly.

2. Is Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader Safe?

Yes! This third-party tool is 100% safe to use. Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader contains no virus and is SSL-protected. And please note that it is for personal use only.

3. Can I Use This Pluto TV Downloader For Free?

Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader offers a free trial to new users, allowing you to download 3 Pluto TV videos at no cost. This trial does not auto-renew. If you wish to continue enjoying offline Pluto TV movies after the trial, you'll need to subscribe to Y2Mate. Various subscription plans are available to suit your needs.

  • Monthly Plan: $19.9
  • Annual Plan: $49.9
  • Lifetime Plan:$119.9

Final Words

The article emphasizes the benefits and functionality of Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader, especially regarding downloading media from the free streaming platform, Pluto TV. 

Y2Mate is an optimal choice if you're aiming to download videos from Pluto TV. It excels by offering an ad-free experience, a selection of videos in various languages, and availability of subtitles. The tool's Batch Mode feature is especially noteworthy as it allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, thereby saving considerable time and effort.

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