Step-by-step Guide to Download Netflix Videos with an Ad-Supported Plan

Netflix has expanded its periphery with its flexible subscription plans, ices, features, and functions. Since there is no free trial plan available on the Netflix platform, you have to select a Netflix ad-supported plan or more expensive ad-free plan. 

However, Netflix ad-supported plan does not allow downloading Netflix videos. Can you slove this by other viable ways? This article will show you a detailed guide to download videos with Netflix ad-supported plan, don't go away!

What is Netflix Ad-supported Plan?

This service offers ad-supported and ads-free plans to provide audiences with different streaming requirements and satisfaction in their Netflix streaming world. The Netflix ad-supported plan is the basic subscription tier of Netflix. With this Netflix cost-effective plan, you can explore the entire Netflix library on compatible devices. So the Netflix streaming service with ads costs you $6.99/month.

Netflix ad-supported plan

Pros and Cons of Netflix Ad-supported Plan

Pros Cons
Cheaper and more affordable No offline viewing feature
Watch content with HD quality Have to watch ads during viewing
Enjoy unlimited mobile games Some Movies & TV shows are not available

The biggest advantage of Netflix Ad-supported plan is to help you save money while watching your favorite Netflix movies and shows online. If you don't have much budget, Netflix Ad-supported plan is a great option to consider.

On the other hand, you can't download videos on Netflix. During and before your Netflix streaming, you will get the streaming ads. You will get approximately 4 minutes of ads every hour. The time may vary depending on various titles. The streaming ads can be personalized depending on the search pattern, living location, your given information, and your interaction with the Netflix platform.

If you want to get rid of such limits, a reliable Netflix video downloader can help, and we will show you how to do that later.

Netflix Ad-supported Plan VS Ads-free Plan

Even though you know how does Netflix have ads in its ad-supported plan and what you will get from this plan, it's time to know that is the Netflix ad-supported plan worthy of trying. To know this, you must look at the basic comparison of Netflix ad-supported and ads-free plans.

Netflix Ad-Supported Plan

Netflix Ads-Free Plan

Monthly: $6.99

Monthly: Basic: $9.99, Standard: $15.49 & Premium $19.99

Downloading is not available

Downloading is supported

It supports only HD-quality streaming

HD & Full HD quality streaming is available

Some contents are restricted

Unlimited content can be watched without ad

Only 1 device simultaneous streaming is supported

Simultaneous streaming is offered on up to 6 devices depending on the plans

How to Download Videos from Netflix with Ad-supported Plan?

While availing of a Netflix ad-supported plan, if you are compromising on your offline watch, Y2Mate Netflix Downloader lets you download any of your favorite Netflix content without ads on your Windows or Mac PC.

You can also enjoy your ads-free Netflix downloads on any device with MP4 format support. So, Y2Mate is the ultimate to get unlimited and permanent Netflix downloads from Netflix ad-supported plan.

Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader
Your Best Mate to Download Netflix Shows and Movies in MP4!
  • Get an ads-free Netflix download in 1080p resolution
  • AAC 2.0/ EAC3 5.0 audio quality
  • Download regional Netflix content from any corner of the world
  • Enjoy automatic downloads of scheduled episodes with metadata
  • Save subtitles as SRT files
  • No need to download Netflix APP
  • Free trial for 30 days
See Pricing

Step 1: Navigate to Netflix Website through Y2Mate

Once you have launched the software successfully on your system, head to the left side Menu to select the VIP Service option. Under the VIP Service header, select the Netflix streaming service from the website list.


Step 2: Log in to Your Netflix Ad-supported Account

Sign into your Netflix account and browse the content to find your desired video for downloading. You can do the browsing inside the tool using the built-in browsing option.

Step 3: Play the Video and Set Download Settings

Once you play your selected video, you will get a pop-up window to customize the output profile with audio-video quality, formats, subtitles, etc., according to your specifications.

Download Netflix videos without ads

Step 4: Select the Download Now Button to Save Netflix Videos

Once you are ok with your video customization, select the "Download Now" option to finish the downloading process.


You want to enjoy everyone's favorite Netflix world with Netflix ad-supported plan to control your entertainment expenses in your economic budget. However, with the smart support of Y2Mate Netflix downloader, you can easily explore the premium Netflix offline streaming benefits with your ad-supported plan. This downloader will get you ads-free, high-quality, customizable Netflix downloads without ads.

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