4 Fixes to Get Rid of CleverGet Can't Download Issues

Many users have found the CleverGet Video Downloader to be a reliable solution, as it allows for easy downloading from a variety of OTT platforms. This is why it has become a favored choice among users.

However, a recurring issue reported by users is the 'CleverGet Can't Download' error. In this article, we aim to provide solutions on how to navigate and resolve this common problem.

What is CleverGet?


CleverGet is a popular video software that gives access to 1000+ websites where users can download movies and shows as MP4 or MKV format. You can also put your shared videos from different social media sites on download. 

Cleverget Video Downloader is suitable for every model, be it Windows or Mac. The downloaded video quality ranges from 720p to 4k. And it has some popular features like batch download and save meta information. And you can know more about Cleverget's info by this detailed Cleverget review.

Causes Behind CleverGet Can't Download

Cleverget Video Downloader is a popular choice among users. However, many have reported issues with CleverGet not functioning correctly, especially with video download failures. We've identified a number of common reasons that could lead to CleverGet can't download.

1. Changes in Video Specifications

If your video suddenly stops downloading, it might be because you have updated the specifications of your video distribution system. Unfortunately, these systems disable downloading software because of rigid regulations on illegal streaming. At times Cleverget freezes because of it.

The technical specifications are frequently updated. In these cases, be patient until the subsequent software updates come that are compatible with the specifications of your video distribution system.

2. Copyright or DRM Protections

CleverGet is a service that lets you download various videos. However, if a video is under copyright laws or DRM, CleverGet might not be able to download it.

This limitation is due to respect for these protections and encourages the proper use of digital content. So, if a video you want is guarded by copyright or DRM, CleverGet might fail to get it. 

3. Malware Attack

The file you are attempting to download may contain viruses, so per your antivirus software settings, your device may restrict the downloading process. So it's recommended to check the security settings to know if the antivirus software impacts it.

4. CleverGet Bugs

There may be a bug in CleverGet and changes in the requirements for the video distribution service. For instance, the video might not be recognized, the application might need to be fixed, or other mistakes might happen.

5. Unstable Internet Connection

If your web connection is unstable, it may cause an interruption in the video downloading process. So it is recommended to bring changes in your network connections to disable Cleverget freezes and Cleverget not working issues.

Solutions to Resolve CleverGet Cannot Download


1. Restart Your Device

If your device is operating slowly, consider restarting the device. Since sometimes your PC may lag or hang if you use it for an immense period. Immense virtual memory is created on your hard disk, which hampers the CleverGet downloading process.

2. Update the Security Settings

The video file might be flagged as a virus by your security software, so you might be unable to download it. Check your security settings to see if downloading or access to the site is prohibited. You can also disable security settings only when downloading, though this is not advised.

3. Reinstall CleverGet on Your Device

If you're using CleverGet, there might be an issue that may stop the software from functioning correctly. In addition, the cache may accumulate and cause the app to lag. Try reinstalling the most recent CleverGet app version if this happens. For example, you can download videos again by returning the app to its initial state.

4. Use a CleverGet Alternative

Users frequently have difficulty downloading when a video distribution service's specifications change because the application's response time takes too long. It is best to use a video downloader that is updated as frequently as possible to quickly identify and react to changes in the requirements of the video delivery service.

Best Alternative to CleverGet - Y2Mate DRM Downloader


Y2Mate DRM Downloader is a better option if you're having download issues with CleverGet, like faulty or slow downloads. Like CleverGet, Y2Mate can download HD videos as MP4 or MKV from over 1000 sites including Netflix, Paramount+, and OnlyFans. It also offers common features like subtitle and batch downloading, and ad-free offline viewing.

What sets Y2Mate apart? Two main advantages: speed and reliability. Y2Mate uses advanced decoding and downloading technology, allowing it to download a 120-minute movie in less than 10 minutes — much faster than other streaming video downloader.

Additionally, Y2Mate prioritizes software maintenance, with a dedicated team providing weekly updates to fix bugs. This ensures smooth, rapid video downloads for you. And you can click the button below to enjoy free trial. Downloading 3 videos from Netflix or OnlyFans for free is immediately possible!


This article gives solutions to common issues like Cleverget can't download, why Cleverget freezes. However, we recommend choosing a better Cleverget alternative than facing trouble identifying causes and solutions.

Use the Y2Mate DRM downloader to ensure quality video downloads and experience the best and safest entertainment with no trouble. This software quickly downloads videos, and its HD video quality gives you the charm of theater. 

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