[2024 Latest] 6 Best FlixiCam Alternatives to Level Up Your Downloads

The video downloader FlixiCam excels in downloading shows from various streaming platforms, but it does pose some download limits when you actually use it, such as the download quota, limited supported platforms and restricted quality. To ensure the best download experience, this post introduces 6 best alternatives to FlixiCam. The results and ranking are made based on objective market investigation and user survey.  

If you're searching for a tool that is capable to replace and even outweigh FlixiCam, this article is just what you need. Let's dive into the detailed info about these downloaders, and the pros and cons of each, so that you can choose them based on your needs.

Why Do You Need an Alternative to FlixiCam?

FlixiCam may be not the best choice for an audience who likes to stream on multiple sites, because it only supports to download videos from 15 streaming platforms as the following picture shows. It's impossible to use FlixiCam to download videos from some minor platforms in Japan, France, Ireland and other countries and regions.

flixicam supported sites

What's more, FlixiCam only supports the highest quality of 1080P from these major streaming sites except for YouTube. But in fact, many platforms now have provided 2K and even 4K shows. If you want to download shows in the best quality, you need to upgrade your video downloader and replace it with the latest one.

FlixiCam also doesn't have some additional services like the auto-download to upgrade the download experience. Based on the user survey and some comments from review sites, the high failure rate of download is also a great concern. To get a more comprehensive review of FlxiCam, read Comprehensive FlixiCam Review.

6 Recommended FlixiCam Alternatives

If you also find that FlixiCam can't meet your needs, read on to discover the carefully listed 6 FlixiCam alternatives below. We analyze the major features and pros & cons of each video downloader. Hope you can choose the most suitable one based on these info.

Each of the following downloaders has a free trial. So if you're looking for a Flixcam free alternative, this ranking can help, too. To quickly get the comparison between these video downloaders, directly jump to the last part "Wrapped Up".

ALT.1 Y2Mate One

y2mate one

There are users of the video downloader Y2Mate in more than a dozen different countries, so it is safe to say that it is one of the most popular video downloaders currently available on the market. The United States of America, Japan, Spain, and Turkey are just a few of the countries that are considered to be examples of countries that fit into this category.

Here we take its all-in-one product Y2Mate One for an example. Read the major features of Y2Mate One, and then you can get the reason why this video downloader has attracted so many users:

  • Support 1100+ major and small streaming platforms that can solve all problems with just the one tool;
  • Able to download high-quality videos up to 1080P, 2K, 4K and even 8K from various platforms;
  • Save your local storage by using the H.264/H.265 codec to download high-quality shows in smaller size;
  • Download internal subtitles in multiple languages and save external subtitles to SRT files;
  • Save your energy and time with the functions of auto-download and batch download;
  • Remove all ads from downloaded videos (even for the subscription plan with ad);
  • Support to download videos from all regional sites all over the world.
Y2Mate One
Y2Mate lets you experience premium downloads up to 1080P from 1100+ streaming platforms all around. Say goodbye to constrained streaming experience and savor your preferred shows anywhere, at any suitable MP4/MKV format. Prepare for a very remarkable streaming experience unlike anything else!
Learn More

How to Use Y2Mate?

Another reason why Y2Mate is ranked as the top 1 of FlixiCam alternative is that it's pretty easy to use Y2Mate. Take Netflix for an example. If you want to download videos from Netflix with Y2Mate, you only need to follow these simple steps below:

Step 1: Find Netflix in Y2Mate

y2mate drm downloader

Step 2: Login to Your Netflix Account

y2mate drm downloader

Step 3: Play the Netflix Video You Want to Download

Step 4: Set Options and Download Now!

y2mate drm downloader

Read the comprehensive tutorial for Y2Mate Netflix Downloader to get detailed steps and more download tips.

Pros & Cons

Does Y2Mate have drawbacks? Of course. Every coin has two sides. For Y2Mate, the cost of powerful functionalities and multiple supported streaming sites is the high price. Here are 3 kinds of Y2Mate One plans:

  • $69.9/mo.
  • $169.9/yr.
  • $299.9 for Lifetime Plan

But since Y2Mate One can download high-quality videos from 1100+ streaming sites, the price is reasonable compared with FlixiCam ($99.9/yr. for only 15 platforms).

  • Support 1100+ streaming sites;
  • MP4/MKV output format;
  • Can save 1080P/4K/8K videos;
  • Save internal and external subtitles;
  • Download newly added episodes automatically;
  • Download multiple videos at a time;
  • Easy-to-use UI;
  • Remove ads from downloads;
  • Global access to all regional sites;
  • Free to download 3 full films in 30 days.
  • High price of subscription plans;
  • Frequent updates of the software.

ALT.2 MyStream


MyStream Video Downloader is a strong competitor to FlixiCam since it allows users to download videos not only from Netflix but also from other popular 28 streaming sites. You'll be able to download films in resolutions up to 1080p if you use MyStream. It also supports EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels to ensure a better offline viewing experience.

Although MyStream can download the highest quality up to 1080P, but it not only have 13 more supported streaming sites but also boasts a clearer UI, compared with FlixiCam. Beyond that, MyStream also has batch download, auto-download, subtitle saving and other functionalities. Here is the pricing of MyStream:

  • $29.9/mo.
  • $59.9/6 mos.
  • $89.9/yr.
  • $149.9 for Lifetime Plan
  • Reasonable price;
  • MP4/MKV output format;
  • Save internal and external subtitles;
  • Download newly added episodes automatically;
  • Download many videos at a time;
  • Easy-to-use UI;
  • Remove ads from downloads;
  • Global access to all regional sites;
  • Free to download 3 full films in 30 days.
  • Can not download 2K/4K videos;
  • Only support 28 streaming sites.

ALT.3 MovPilot


MovPilot is a famous video downloader brand. It only support 5 streaming platforms. You can download full HD 1080P videos with Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound with MovPilot. The support of multiple languages and batch download also makes the download process more convenient.

With the GPU Acceleration tech, MovPilot claims that it can raise up the download into 5X speed on average. Based on our investigation, the download speed of Movpilot is about 2.3MB/s, which can not be called "super fast". Here is the pricing of MovPilot: $179.9 for Lifetime Plan (Tax Excl.).

  • MP4/MKV output format;
  • Subtitle files saving;
  • Batch download service;
  • Easy-to-use UI;
  • 5X faster download speed.
  • Can not download 2K/4K videos;
  • Only support 5 streaming sites;
  • The free trial can only download the first 6 minutes of a video;
  • Only Provides 1 subscription option.

ALT.4 Pazu


Pazu shares a similar UI with MovPilot. But differently, Pazu provides both video downloader and music recorder. But its video downloader is the most attractive, especially the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader. It is one of the most impressive downloaders available for Netflix on the market today. Pazu will be displayed in the most prominent position on Google's results page when you conduct a search for "Netflix video downloader."

With Pazu, you may quickly and easily download shows in 720P/1080P resolution (based on the site you want to download videos from) from 6 streaming sites. In addition to that, it can download videos in MP4/MKV format and save subtitle files without any difficulties whatsoever. Pazu supports six different languages in total. Here is the subscription plan of Pazu:

  • $129.9/yr.
  • $259.9 for Lifetime Plan
  • Download and convert videos to MP4/MKV;
  • Save subtitles files;
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously;
  • Easy-to-use UI;
  • 8X faster download speed.
  • Can not download 2K/4K videos;
  • Only support 6 streaming sites;
  • The free trial can only download the first 6 minutes of a video;
  • Only 2 subscription options are available.

ALT.5 AnyStream


Note: Unfortunately, the official site (redfox. bz) and software both breaks down temporarily. It's estimated that the recovery may take a lot of time. You join the community r/AnyStream on Reddit to catch the latest info.

AnyStream is a popular video downloader, which has attracted many loyal users for its powerful functions and reliable support team. It supports 14 streaming sites, including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Peacock, etc. The UI is pretty old-school style as you can see in the screenshoot.

AnyStream boasts many additional download features, such as ad-removal service, batch downloading, multiple languages support, MP4 output, and support of Dolby Digital Surround Audio 5.1. But it only works on Windows PC. The free trial allows you to download 10 downloads in total in 21 days. Here is the subscription rule of AnyStream: 

  • 1-Year Plan: €109
  • 2-Year Plan: €125
  • Download and convert videos to MP4;
  • Save subtitles files;
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously;
  • Easy-to-use UI;
  • Support multiple languages;
  • Can download 10 videos for free.
  • Only support 14 streaming sites;
  • Only support the highest quality of 180P;
  • Only works on Windows PC;
  • Provide no lifetime plan.

ALT.6 Audials Movie


Unlike the above-recommended video downloaders, Audials Movie is a screen recorder, but it is also a competitive FlixiCam alternative. One advantage of Audials Movie is that it can record movies and subtitles at a faster speed. Multiple recording formats are available to you. You can choose MKV, AVI, MOV, and so on based on your device requirement.

Worried about complex recording steps? You will love Audials when you record Netflix shows and movies with Audials Movie. The recording steps are super easy to follow. Pasting the URL of Netflix videos can be down within coffee time. Audials Movie also only provides one subscription plan: $49.9 for Lifetime Plan (Annual upgrade needs extra fee).

  • Record the full PC screen;
  • Low price of subscription;
  • Remove ads from recorded videos;
  • Inbuilt video editor;
  • Subtitle saving;
  • Multiple output format.
  • Doesn't support batch recording;
  • Lose the video quality when recording;
  • Doesn't support Opera browser;
  • Need extra fee to upgrade the software every year.

Wrapped UP

With the detailed explanation of the pros & cons of each video downloader, you must learn about the features of these tools. To quickly revise what we mentioned above, check the following comparison table:

Downloaders Y2Mate One MyStream MovPilot Pazu AnyStream Audials
Supported Platforms 1100+ 28 5 6 14 Full PC screen



$299.9 LFT


$59.9/6 mos.


$149.9 LFT

$179.9 LFT


$259.9 LFT



Highest Quality 1080P/4K/8K 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080p 720P
Download Speed 10X 7X 5X 8X 4x 2X
Batch Download
Free trial 3 full videos 3 full videos First 6 minutes First 6 minutes 10 full videos First 10 minutes
Supported System Win/Mac Win/Mac Win/Mac Win/Mac Win Win/Mac
Review Y2Mate DRM Video Review N/A MovPilot Experience Pazu Netflix Video Downloader Review RedFox AnyStream Review Audials Software Review

These 6 best FlixiCam alternatives have been explained in detail to you. As all of them provide a free trial, you can find what you need through this article although you're looking for a Flixicam free alternative. You can both know their advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Enjoy your videos download experience with those fantastic FlixiCam alternatives!


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