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Refer your friends to sign up or purchase Y2Mate,

and all of you can get a free VIP license

for at least 6 hours.

How It Works
Get and share your link Sign up for Y2Mate Get Free VIP License
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What You Earn
If your friends sign up for Y2Mate, all of you can get benefits!
Your friends who registered
Rewards you earned
6h Free VIP License
12h Free VIP License
18h Free VIP License
24h Free VIP License
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If your friends buy any Y2Mate plan within 7 days, all of you can get benefits!
Your friends Earn
5% OFF
10% OFF
15% OFF
You Earn


Free VIP License


Free VIP License


Free VIP License
Invite More Friends
Detailed Referral Rules
If You Are Your Friends Who Signed Up You Can Get Each of Your Friends Get
Non-Subscriber X Friends 3*X-Hour Free VIP License 6-Hour Free VIP License
Non-Lifetime Subscriber X Friends 6*X-Hour Free VIP License 6-Hour Free VIP License
Lifetime Subscriber X Friends 24*X-Hour Free VIP License 6-Hour Free VIP License
Each of Your Friends Purchased You Can Get Each of Your Friends Get
Monthly Plan 7-Day Free VIP License 5% OFF
Annual Plan 30-Day Free VIP License 10% OFF
Lifetime Plan 365-Day Free VIP License 15% OFF

1. All users, whether you are a Y2Mate subscriber or not, can take part in this referral program.

2. If your friends want to get the discount (5%-15% OFF), they need to purchase Y2Mate within 7 DAYS after they sign up. And the discount can only be enjoyed for the first time.

3. If you want to enjoy your rewards, go to "Referral Details" to REDEEM them. Please note that you'll redeem the maximum days you've got all at once. If you don't redeem, the redeemable days of license will be added up. Plus, your rewards can only be redeemed twice a month.

4. For Lifetime Subscribers, your rewarded license can be linked to another account. For other users, your rewarded license is automatically connected to your current account.

5. You need to wait for 7 or 14 DAYS to redeem your rewarded license as your friend buys a monthly, annual, or lifetime plan and doesn't refund it.

6. If we find that you cheated in the referral process, we shall cancel your rewards and prohibit you from engaging in the program again.

7. The final interpretation of this referral program belongs to Y2Mate Technology Inc.

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VIP Services
Y2Mate is an All-in-One Downloader
that supports 500+ Platforms
Y2Mate supports downloading videos from 500+ streaming platforms and 1000+ websites. Among them, around 40 are subscription-based streaming services for subscribers to view the latest movies, TVs and shows.
VIP Services include downloading videos from: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Pluto TV, Discovery+, Apple TV+, ESPN+...
See All Services Supported >>
1. Is there a limit on how many friends I can invite?
Absolutely Not! You can invite as many friends as possible. The more you invite, the longer a free VIP license you can earn.
2. How do I get my rewarded VIP license?
After your friends sign up or purchase Y2Mate, the free VIP license of certain hours will be automatically linked to your account. Go to "Referral Details" to redeem it, and you can enjoy all of the VIP downloading services on Y2Mate Downloader.
3. If I'm a Lifetime Subscriber, how can I use my rewarded VIP license?
If you're a Lifetime Subscriber, your rewarded VIP license can be redeemed for a new account. Just enter your new email address on the pop-up window of redeeming. You can also choose which plan you want to redeem, a Windows one or a Mac one.
4. How do I know how many free hours I have earned?
You can first log into your account on Y2Mate website. Then, go to "My Account" to see the "Referral Details", which shows how many friends you've invited, the status of your invitation, how many free hours you've earned, etc.
5. I invited my friends to purchase Y2Mate, but why didn't I get my rewards?
First, make sure that your friends buy a Y2Mate plan within 7 days after they registered via your own referral link. If their purchase happens after those 7 days, you and your friends cannot get the rewards or discount.
Second, if your friends buy a monthly or annual plan, you need to wait for 7 days to get your 7-day or 30-day free VIP license in order to make sure that they don't make a refund. In the same way, you need to wait for 14 days to get your 365-day free VIP license if the friends you've invited purchase a lifetime plan.
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