How to Download 2K ATRESplayer Videos for Unlimited Offline Viewing?

Are you a fan of Spanish TV shows and episodes? Have you ever heard of Atresplayer? This top Spanish VOD streaming platform provides various series, TV shows, and programs popular in Spain. Whether Atresplayer is free or not? Can you download Atresplayer videos for offline viewing?

This article will introduce the basic information about Atresplayer, and the way to download Atresplayer videos for unlimited offline viewing, so that you can watch your favorite Spanish TV shows without internet connection anytime, anywhere.

What is Atresplayer?

Despite being launched in 2019, the paid VOD Subscription Atresplayer (formerly Atresplayer Premium) is prospering and well-liked in Spain and even in certain foreign markets. What makes ATRESplayer so alluring? The fact that ATRESplayer offers both Spanish and English-language original content of the highest caliber is the answer.


You can view popular programs like La Voz and Pasapalabra's smash series Luimelia and Protected Stories. On ATRESplayer, you can also find a ton of great and unique documentaries if you enjoy watching them. Another interesting example is La estrategia del silencio.

Additionally inclusive, Atresplayer can be streamed on many types of devices, such as smart TV, digital media players, mobile phone & tablets, computer browsers, and many other common products. Such great compatibility means that you can enjoy shows from Atresplayer online on nearly any device you like.

Atresplayer also does well in video quality. You can watch 1080P and even 2K videos effortlessly here. Such high-quality enjoyment is not easily accessible through VOD streaming platforms.

How to Watch Atresplayer outside Spain? : Atresplayer service is only accessible to users in Spain and Andorra. Exceptionally, as stated for specific material, ATRESPLAYER will be available on a subscription basis in other territories. So it's suggested to visit the official site "atresplayer. com" to see if you can play videos here in your region. If you can not, use VPN to connect to Spain and use Atresplayer.

Does Atresplayer Have a Free Trial?

Atresplayer is a subscription-based streaming service. Although you can watch the first episode of some TV shows without subscription, you have to endure ads before enjoying videos. What's more, the video quality will be limited to 720P for users with the free plan.

By subscribing to the Atresplayer PLAN Internacional at €5.99/mo. or €49.99/yr., you can enjoy English subtitles, 4K high-quality videos, 3 independent profiles and download services for offline viewing outside Spain. This plan is for people who want to enjoy the global content on Atresplayer.

The premium plan provides you exclusive original content (series, self-produced shows, or documentaries), previews of content days before it airs on television, and access to the whole ATRESMEDIA content library on a single platform. To access any Atresemedia videos that comes with licensing rights for use abroad if you reside outside of Spain, you must be a member of the international premium plan.


There are other 2 plans for Spanish users: Atresplayer PLAN Premium (€4.99/mo. or €49.99/yr.) and Atresplayer PLAN Premium familiar (€7.99/mo. or €79.99/yr.). The former only provide 1080P videos and a single profile, while the latter one includes 4K videos, 3 profiles and a download option.

Unfortunately, different from other streaming services, Atresplayer provides no free trial of all premium plan for new subscribers now.

Can You Download Atresplayer Videos?

Have you ever wanted to know whether you can download Atresplayer videos or not? Well, Atresplayer does provide an official download service for a part of its subscribers, but there are a lot of points about download limits that you should pay attention to.

Time Limit

Only Atresplayer Premium subscribers can access previously downloaded media on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets without an active internet connection. The downloads you store on your mobile devices, even if you have an Atresplayer Premium subscription, will be automatically deleted after a week or after the subscription expires. You will have to renew the downloads when they expire.

Device Limit

Atresplayer users have access to the service across many devices as mentioned above. But the download option is only available for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Additionally, Atresplayer is not compatible with jailbroken or rooted smartphones. Therefore, if you want to watch Atresplayer videos wherever you want, you can download them to your PC using a third-party downloader.

atresplayer devices

Video Limit

There are some contents that, even for "Internacional" subscribers, are not accessible for consumption on this platform in some countries due to regulatory restrictions. You might get the geoblocking problem warning outside of Spain, and be declined to watch some episodes. Therefore, the best choice is to utilize Y2Mate to download Atresplayer videos for offline watching after switching your IP location to Spain, so that you can enjoy these downloaded content without internet connection wherever you are.

How to Download Atresplayer Videos Without Limits

As what is mentioned before, there are lots of limits on downloading videos from Atresplayer. Thus, you must wonder how to download Atresplayer videos without restrictions.

And I recommend using the cutting-edge features offered by Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader to download and watch your preferred Atresplayer movies and shows whenever you want. You can use these features whenever you want because they operate whether or not you have internet connectivity.

Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader

Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader is a powerful Atresplayer downloader, but it can not only download Atresplayer videos, but can also download content from other 48+ streaming services, including HIDIVE, LINE TV, Yahoo, etc.

Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader
Download high-quality videos up to 4K from Atresplayer and other 48+ streaming services, and convert them into MP3/MKV format. Unleash the potential of your Atresplayer free version by removing all ads and unlocking the 2K resolution exclusive to premium users. Improve your Atresplayer offline viewing experience greatly.
Learn More

Continue reading to know some top features of Y2Mate. How successfully you are able to use the following features will affect your perception of how simple it is to use the Y2Mate Atresplayer Downloader.

Batch Download

First, the Y2Mate Atresplayer Downloader's "batch download" feature enables users to download a large number of movies at once. As a result, downloads move along much more swiftly and waiting times are significantly reduced.

No Ads

Second, unlike other services, Y2Mate won't interfere with your enjoyment of the videos you are watching on Atresplayer by interfering with them with annoying advertisements. Y2Mate promises to remove all ads from downloaded videos, providing a seamless viewing experience.

High Resolution

Third, Y2Mate offers you a 1080P, and even 2K/4K resolution watching that is crisp and clear. You are not required to watch the blurry videos that other low-quality downloaders offer. You may enjoy the best offline watching with Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader. More importantly, even if you don't subscribe to Atresplayer, you can still download the highest quality (2K) of the video with Y2Mate!

Subtitle Saving and other Additional Services

Y2Mate understands the significance of subtitles, so it can download internal and external subtitles for offline viewing. You can choose to remux it into the downloaded videos or just extract it into SRT files. Additionally, Y2Mate can also save ID3 tags, and automatically convert downloaded videos into MP4/MKV format for better offline viewing experience.

4 Steps to Download 4K Atresplayer Videos on Your Computer

The process of downloading Atresplayer videos is made super simple by Y2Mate. Follow these 4 steps to download your favorite Spanish shows to MP4/MKV format and save them on your computer.

STEP 1: Enter Atresplayer with the Inbuilt Browser

Download and launch Y2Mate. Enter the official site of Atresplayer to the search bar to visit the official site using the built-in browser of Y2Mate.

download atresplayer videos

STEP 2: Log into Your Atresplayer Account

Log into your Atresplayer account to get access to the video you want to download. Notice: if the videos you want to download are only available for subscribers of Atresplayer, please make sure that you've subscribed to the according plan to play the video successfully.

download atresplayer videos

STEP 3: Play the Video and Download!

Play the video you want to download, and wait for a second when Y2Mate analyzing the URL. Then a window will pop up. Click "Download Now" to begin to download the video.

download atresplayer videos

STEP 4: Check Download Process and Find Downloads on Your Computer

You can check the download process at any time by clicking "Downloading". When the download is done, the saved videos can be found in the "Downloaded" part. Click the folder icon to quickly open the local file where the video is saved.

download atresplayer videos

Interested in how Y2Mate works for other streaming site? Read how to download Avgle videos using Y2Mate.


In conclusion, although there are many official download limits posed by Atresplayer, downloading 4K content for unlimited offline viewing is not only possible but also relatively easy with the right tools and methods. By utilizing a reliable M3U8 downloader like Y2Mate, you can bypass the time, device, and video limits imposed by ATRESplayer, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Follow the simple steps outlined in this article to save your favorite Atresplayer shows on Windows/Mac computer and watch them offline even when travelling outside Spain. And since you're here, you may also be interested in how Y2Mate performs compared with other downloaders. Check this post Y2Mate v.s. Audials v.s. KeepStreams v.s. AnyStreams v.s. PlayOn to get the answer.


Q1. Which series are the best on Atresplayer?

A1. Some of the top television shows of recent years are available on Atresplayer and are worth watching: Physics or Chemistry: The Reunion, Luimelia, Cardo, Veneno, By Ana Milán, La Valla, and El knot.

Q2. How many individuals can watch Atresplayer simultaneously?

A2. There is a maximum of two simultaneous playbacks with Atresplayer PREMIUM, however there is no restriction on registered devices. Additionally, it is not compatible with jailbroken or rooted smartphones.

Q3. Is Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader a safe tool to use?

A3. Yes. Y2Mate uses cutting-edge security protocols and encryption technology to secure your data from potential threats or criminal activity. Please ensure that you download Y2Mate from the official website, and then you can be confident that your computer is entirely secure when using the Y2Mate downloader.


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