[Quick Tutorial] Download Videos from Foxtel Go for Offline Viewing

If you are someone fond of movies and videos from across several genres, Foxtel is perhaps the best that you can opt for. One of the most promising movie and videos streaming services, Foxtel has been able to create a niche for itself. NXE Australia Pty Limited, an Australia pay TV company, established the Foxtel Group in 2018. And it's now attracting more and more audiences all over the world.

Mainly serving users in Australia, Foxtel also launches its VOD streaming platform Foxtel Go, offering a rich library of TV shows and films of various types. But, have you ever given thought to finding how to download content from Foxtel for offline viewing?

Overview of Foxtel

Before we dive into the download service of Foxtel and how to get Foxtel Go download offline, let's try finding out what is Foxtel all about. That would help you get a better understanding of what you can expect from the service and whether it is worth enough to download movies and videos from Foxtel.

Foxtel v.s Foxtel Go (Foxtel Now)

Foxtel is an on-demand movies and videos streaming service. Owned by the Australian media giant Foxtel, the streaming service was launched in 2013. It is a set box-based service that works through satellite receivers. In essence, it is a cable-based subscription service.

As for the content, Foxtel provides you access to outstanding content from Hollywood and other international studios, including the best Live TV content along with the on-demand content library. you will find outstanding content from services such as drama, entertainment, movies, sports, news, documentaries, reality, lifestyle, comedy, and kids’ shows here. If you want to watch Foxtel content on your TV, a set-top-box with a satellite or a cable connection is necessary.

foxtel go download offline

Foxtel also offers online services,namely Foxtel Now, which means that you don't need a set-top-box to watch Foxtel content on compatible devices. Equipped with a stable internet connection only, you can download the official app (Foxtel Go) and watch your favorite Foxtel shows through Smart TV, mobile and tablet, computer, PlayStation 4, Telstra TV, Google TV and many other ways.

Is Foxtel Now free?

If you want to stream on Foxtel Go, please ensure that you have a Foxtel ID or Foxtel Now ID. As Foxtel Now is a subscription-based on streaming service, you need to have a Foxtel subscription or directly subscribe to the All Packs for Foxtel Now at $59/mo. for 12 months.

In fact, compared with other popular streaming services such as Netflix, Discovery+ and Disney+, Foxtel's subscription fee is pretty high. But you can enjoy over 30 channels of various types, 1000+ films, 50+ live sports shows, attractive drama and Kids shows all over the world through Foxtel Now.

Note: New customers signing up for Foxtel Now can enjoy a 10-day free trial. Each customer is allowed one free trial only and this offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

By installing Foxtel Go on your mobile phones, tablets, Windows PC, and Mac, it's easy to watch your favorite Foxtel content on the go.

Can You Download on Foxtel Go?

Sometimes, you may travel by plane or live in a place without a stable internet connection. Under such circumstances, the download service can be the key to solve every problem. However, Foxtel has no download option. You can only stream on Foxtel Go app with internet connection or Wi-Fi on.

Foxtel app, unlike most other streaming services, does not let you download the content on its platform for offline viewing even if you're a subscriber to the Foxtel Now All Packs. That can be a concern if you found a show, series, movie or video interesting and want to download it for offline viewing. In that scenario, you are forced to use a third-party video downloader.

How to Download from Foxtel Go?

There are so many Foxtel video downloaders in the market, which one should I choose? Functionality and safety are always the first concern. Here we recommend a professional tool that combines the two features perfectly: Y2Mate MPD Downloader.

Y2Mate MPD Downloader

foxtel go download offline

What makes Y2Mate MPD Downloader a preferred choice for effective and efficient downloads? Well, it provides you with powerful download options that you would find much impressive with respect to outstanding quality. Some of the features that would make Y2Mate a preferred downloader for Foxtel video downloads can be cited as –

  • Download videos from 168+ streaming services, including Foxtel;
  • High-quality video downloads. Y2Mate actually downloads the videos instead of recording them. That would ensure that you get the same quality as that on streaming;
  • Download and save the Foxtel videos in MKV and MP4 file formats;
  • A faster download capability at 10X faster speed;
  • Crystal clear video downloads in different resolutions as you prefer, ranging from 480P to 1080P/2K/4K;
  • High-quality audio performance with AAC2.0 or EAC3 5.0 audio tracks;
  • Save internal and external subtitles as you prefer. You can either download them separately or embed them into your videos;
  • Remove all ads from downloaded videos.
Y2Mate MPD Downloader
Release the potential of Foxtel videos and download 1080P, 2K and even 4K shows from 168+ streaming sites. Save your favorite MPD videos in MP4/MKV for unlimited offline viewing, as easy as a breeze! 
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3 Steps to Download Foxtel Shows

Can you download Foxtel shows for offline viewing? Yes. The download process is pretty easy with Y2Mate. You only need to download and install Y2Mate on your computer and follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Visit Foxtel with Y2Mate

foxtel go download offline

Step 2: Login to Your Foxtel Account

foxtel go download offline

Step 3: Play the Foxtel Video You Want to Download

Now play the video you want to download, and wait for the analysis. Click on "Download Now" to save the Foxtel videos on your computer.

drm mpd

If you want to learn about the detailed download steps, read the official tutorial of how to use Y2Mate to download videos. Check the information from the part 2 > Step1 > URL Search.

Final Thoughts

Foxtel is indeed one of the most promising streaming services that you can opt for. The high in demand shows and movies available on the platform would make them a formidable pick in many cases. When choosing a third-party downloader for Foxtel, it is necessary to pick the right tool that offers the right sort of experience on the downloaded videos as on the streaming service.

If you are checking out the options for how to download movies and videos from Foxtel, it is worthwhile to give a try to Y2Mate MPD Downloader as your preferred choice. From that perspective, even when we have several options available for an effective download, Y2Mate can be a preferred pick for most of your individual needs and preferences.

And since you're here, you may also be interested in other streaming platforms, such as the way to download movies from Amazon Prime, and how to watch Netflix offline on any devices.


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