How to Download Videos from Sling TV App and Watch on Other Devices?

Sling TV is the first app-based TV service that enables online streaming of live TV and on-demand programming. wherever you are—at home or on the go—watch live concerts! You can select the television package with Sling TV that best suits your needs, including Channel Add-ons, Premium Add-ons, DVR Plus, and more. Sling makes it simpler and more economical to watch live TV.

This post makes a comprehensive introduction to Sling TV. More importantly, you'll learn how to download Sling TV app on different devices (TVs, mobile devices) and how to download videos from Sling TV for offline viewing.

What is Sling TV?

sling tv

Operated by Sling TV LLC, Sling TV is a Streaming TV service that is offered for American audiences. Launched in February 2015, the service is a division of television provider Dish Network. After adding 203,000 customers in Q3 2020, it now has attracted over 2.46 million subscribers for its rich collection of sports, news, entertainment shows and more content from other distributors.

When compared to some of its top rivals, Sling TV's user interface, local programming options, and app performance are put to the test. However, it's an excellent cord-cutting strategy because of its appealing price point, availability of premium cable channels and support of various devices.

Subscription Plans

The cost of the service is its key selling feature. The service's two entry-level $22.5/month Blue (42 channels available) and $20/month Orange (32 channels available) packages are considerably less expensive than the majority of other live streaming services, such as Hulu + Live TV ($64.99/mo) and YouTube TV ($64.99/mo).

sling tv

Orange Plan includes some popular international streaming services such as EPN and Disney+; While Blue Plan covers more local channels, such as ABC, Fox and NBC. You may choose the plan based on your preference. What's more, the monthly cost of the combined Blue and Orange package (46 channels available) is only $30. As a newcomer, you can get a DVR free trial and discount from Sling TV when you subscribe to it.

Download Feature

Unluckily, Sling TV provides no download service. So you can't download videos from it directly for offline viewing. But it does offer a DVR service, which means that you can record Sling TV live shows and store them on the Sling Cloud online.

Every Sling subscriber will receive 50-hour free storage for DVR. If you want more, you can also pay $5/month for extra 200 hours. But please note that you only save these Sling TV live content. Network connection is still necessary to play them for later watching.

Note: Sling TV DVR functionality is not available fir Digital Networks, including Local Now, ACC Network Extra, ESPN3 and SEC Network+.

How to Download Sling App on TV & Phones?

The highly compatible Sling TV app is simple to install on your streaming devices, mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs. For detailed instructions on downloading and installing the Sling TV app, check the following part based on your device.

Get Sling TV on Android

To use Sling TV on Android phones and tablets, please make sure that your device is running OS Lollipop 5.0 or higher. Follow these instructions to download the Sling TV app on your Android smartphone or tablet:

  1. Search for Sling TV on the Google Play Store by opening it.
  2. Select "INSTALL" and agree to Google's terms of service.
  3. Press OPEN to start Sling TV after the download is complete.

sling tv

Get Sling TV on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

To utilize Sling TV, your iOS device must be running iOS 11 or a later version. Follow these instructions to download the Sling TV app from App Store:

  1. Start your device's App Store.
  2. Use Search Tap GET to find the Sling TV app or tap on Sling TV to get more information.
  3. Tap Open or leave the App Store and tap the Sling TV icon on your device once the installation is finished.

Get Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Sling TV also works for many types of smart TVs. Follow these instructions to install the Sling TV app on your Amazon Fire TV and watch shows from it easily:

  1. Return to your Amazon Fire TV home page and select the search icon in the top-left corner of the screen to get started.
  2. Next, enter "Sling TV" into the search engine to find the Sling TV app.
  3. Related titles will appear underneath the Text Search keyboard, as you'll see. To find the application, choose Sling TV or Sling Television.
  4. Select Download to start the download process and get information about the Sling TV app by clicking on it.
  5. Click "Open" to start the Sling TV app after the installation is finished.

Get Sling TV on Roku

The procedures listed below can be used to download the Sling TV app to your Roku:

  1. Locate Search on your screen's left side.
  2. To find the app, enter "Sling TV" into the search field.
  3. When it shows up, click Sling TV to proceed.
  4. Click the "Add" option. The app will start installing immediately on your Roku device.
  5. Return to your Roku home screen after the installation is finished, then choose the Sling TV app to begin viewing.


Get Sling TV on Samsung Smart TV

Once your Samsung Smart TV is online, Sling TV will be pre-installed on the My Apps area for compatible models. By clicking the Home button on your remote control, choosing Apps, and then My Apps, you can access this screen.

If you can't find Sling TV in My Apps, you can also download and set up the Sling TV app through these steps:

  1. To find Sling TV on the Apps screen, choose the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the display.
  2. To install the app on your Smart TV after finding it, click Install.
  3. Await the download and installation to be finished.

Note: You can get access to Sling TV with your Windows PC or mac directly through the web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari...) by visiting

How to Download Videos from Sling TV

Like mentioned above, Sling TV sadly doesn't provide offline programming. Actually, there are only a few OTT cable alternatives like Sling TV offer an offline download function. Still, you can use DVR functionality to store videos from Sling TV, but the saved content can not be accessed without an internet connection.

If you want to download videos from Sling TV and watch shows on the go, you may need the help of a safe third-party downloader. One of the best choices is Y2Mate Video Downloader, which can assist you with downloading Sling TV content in the quickest and simplest way.

Y2Mate One

y2mate video downloader

Y2Mate is a powerful video downloader, that is able to download movies, TV episodes, and series from 1100+ streaming services, including mainstream platforms Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and more importantly, Sling TV. You can customize the quality of all downloaded shows, from 240p to 1080p, 4K and even 8K.

Additionally, you can select to save internal, external and hardcore subtitles in various languages with this tool based on your preferences. To offer the best download experience, Y2Mate also helps you to save multiple titles at a time and download new-added episodes automatically.

Except for these basic functions mentioned above, you can also enjoy many other services from Y2Mate Video Downloader. Use the free trial to download 3 of your favorite Sling TV films for offline viewing with the help of Y2Mate now to discover more.

Y2Mate One
Y2Mate can help you download high-quality videos in 1080P, 4K, and even 8K from over 1100 streaming platforms worldwide like Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV+, Hulu, and others. You can save movies and episodes in MP4/MKV format with subtitles. Enjoy ad-free offline streaming by downloading multiple episodes easily in one click.
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Detailed Steps to Save Sling TV Shows

Y2Mate boasts a clear and intuitive UI. Downloading videos from Sling TV is made a super easy process by Y2Mate:

Step 1: Launch Y2Mate and Login to Your Sling TV Account

Launch Y2mate Downloader and input the official website of Sling TV in the built-in browser on the homepage. Sign in to Sling TV in the official site, in order to get access to the video you want to download.

download sling tv

Step 2: Play the Video and Customize Download Settings

Now stream on Sling TV using the inbuilt browser of Y2Mate. Play the video or live you want to download, and wait for seconds. A window will pop up, so that you can choose the download options as you prefer. Click on "Download Now" to save your favorite Sling TV shows on the computer.

sling tv download

Step 3: Find Your Videos in the Library

Click "Downloading" on the left bar, and you can find the videos in the task list. Here you can check the progress and speed of downloading as well as the videos that have been downloaded onto your computer.

Now you can play the downloaded Sling TV videos on any player and watch them offline. Without the worry of a poor internet connection, you can enjoy what you like anytime, anywhere. And if you're interested in other streaming platforms, check the posts to know how to download FIFA videos for offline viewing, and how to rip videos from Crunchyroll.


Sling TV offers a convenient solution for streaming your favorite shows and movies on a variety of devices. Whether you are using an Android device, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Samsung Smart TV, the process to download Sling TV app is simple and user-friendly. Although the download feature is not available on the Sling TV app, you can still use the safe third-party tool Y2Mate One to download videos from SlingTV and watch these content offline, wherever and whenever you want. For people who is traveling often, this method is very helpful.

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