What is Roku DVR? How to Record Roku on DVR? Full Explained

Can you record on Roku? Yes, Roku DVR is the perfect function to record Roku shows. You can DVR on Roku as long as the streaming channel you're using offers such a feature.

roku dvr

This post will delve into everything you need to know about DVR for Roku, and explain what is Roku DVR, how to use DVR on Roku and other similar features to DVR to better improve your streaming experience. Read to know more about this powerful function.

And you may also want to know how to activate Viki on Roku, and the way to watch CW Live on Roku. To know more about Roku Channel, visit Y2Mate Blog.

What is Roku DVR?

The Roku DVR, also known as Cloud DVR (Digital Video Recorder), is an essential feature of the Roku TV smart television platform. It lets you record a show that airs on a streaming channel on a schedule and play it back whenever it's convenient for them.

These recordings are securely stored in the remote data center of the streaming channel and can be accessed by your Roku device over the internet whenever you choose to view the program.

It is important to note that each streaming channel offering cloud DVR functionality provides different subscription levels with varying limits on storage and the number of shows that can be recorded simultaneously:

Features DVR Time Price (Starting from) Quota per account Ad-Free
Hulu Live No Limits $70 2
Sling TV 50 hrs $40 1
DirectTV 20 hrs $75 20
Fubo 1,000 hrs $75 10

Based on these plans, you may personalize your own Roku DVR experience according to your needs and preferences.

How to DVR on Roku?

Does Roku have a DVR? There is no built-in DVR feature of Roku players. But Roku includes DVR services from different streaming channels, as mentioned before. Taking Sling TV as an example, this part will show you how to DVR on Roku.

sling dvr

Sling TV allows you to record most live shows up to 50 hours for free. All you need to do is to click on DVR button when streaming your favorite live show. Then you can find all recordings in the "My TV" section, which will be saved until you delete them or cancel your subscription.

Sling TV also offers "DVR Plus" plan. If 50 hours is too short for you, you can pay $5 to add 200 hours to your DVR storage.

Other Similar Features

If you don't want to use online Cloud DVR Roku, other similar tools can also improve your streaming experience on Roku. Here we'll introduce Live TV Pause feature of Roku, and Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader.

Live TV Pause

Roku Live TV Pause is a wonderful feature, which can allow you to pause live digital broadcast television for up to an astounding 90 minutes. Simply augment your Roku TV with a 16GB USB flash drive, and then you can pause at any time without losing a minute of your favorite shows.

But Live TV Pause is only available for "over-the-air" broadcast TV from the Live TV input, which means that you can't use Live TV Pause when streaming live TV from the Roku Channel.

Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader

roku channel downloader

Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader is a powerful tool that allows you to save your favorite Roku Channel shows immediately after they air. As long as you can play the videos on Roku, Y2Mate can help download them in high quality up to 1080P in compatible MP4/MKV format.

What's more importantly, Y2Mate can automatically remove all ads from downloaded shows, offering clear and clean offline viewing. The software works for both Windows PC and mac, without worries about compatibility.

Y2Mate offers a 30-day free trial now with full features provided. Unlock your improved offline viewing of Roku Channel now without costing a penny.

Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader
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In conclusion, Whether you're a cord-cutter or simply looking for an all-in-one entertainment solution, Roku DVR has become an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to personalize their streaming experience. It offers a convenient and efficient way to record your favorite content and enjoy it at your own leisure. Furthermore, we have explored other comparable features such as Live TV Pause and the Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader, which further enhance the streaming experience.


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