[Must Read] What to do when you can't record Netflix

Netflix (Netflix) is preventing you from recording content that you want to record. This is because Netflix uses a technology called DRM (Digital Rights Management) for copyright protection; DRM prohibits recording and screenshotting to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of Netflix videos.

So what should you do if you cannot record Netflix? Actually, there is a way to make Netflix recordings available for . This article will show you what to do if you are unable to record Netflix. We will also introduce you to some free software that you can use to easily record Netflix, so please read to the end.

What is Netflix?

Causes of Netflix Recording Failure

When I try to record a Netflix video, I get a black screen. This is because Netflix uses copyright protection technology called DRM, which restricts recording and screenshots to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of Netflix videos. The Netflix video is played back using an encrypted key that is sent and received by the browser or app. Without this key, the video will not display and the screen will go black.

If Netflix does not appear in Google Chrome or other applications

If you are unable to record Netflix, you will need to overcome this. In the next section, we will show you how to enable Netflix recording.

How to enable Netflix recording

If you are unable to record Netflix, try using a Netflix recording tool, which is a tool designed to remove DRM from Netflix videos and record them in high quality, Watch Netflix videos offline or transfer them to other devices.

There are several types of Netflix recording-only tools available, but here we introduce one of our recommendations, Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

Features and Usage of "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader," a Netflix recording-only tool

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader" is a free tool that allows you to record Netflix videos at high speed and quality. Y2Mate Netflix Downloader" can un-DRM and save Netflix videos in MP4 format, a versatile video format that can be played on most devices. The tool can also record subtitles and audio tracks of Netflix videos. In addition, this tool can download Netflix content in ultra-high resolution up to 1080p.

The Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is available for both Windows and Mac. It offers a free trial, so feel free to try it out. This tool makes it easy to record Netflix.

How to use Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

The instructions for using "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader" are as follows.

  • First, download and install "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader". The download location is here.
  • Next, launch "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader". Once launched, login to the Netflix website. Once logged in, select the video you wish to record and play it.

  • Once the video is played, recording will begin automatically.

  • Recorded videos can be viewed offline or transferred to other devices. To transfer to other devices, use a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

These are the instructions for using the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.


How was your experience? In this article, we have introduced some solutions for when you are unable to record Netflix.

We especially recommend "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader," a tool that allows you to record Netflix videos with high speed and high quality. It can record subtitles and audio tracks as well, and you can watch them offline or transfer them to other devices.

Please take this opportunity to download and try "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader" and we hope you will be able to record Netflix.

Y2Mate Downloader
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