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Have you ever wanted to download streaming videos? However, you may be wondering which software is best for you. For you, this article details a popular download software called KeepStreams. We will detail its usage, reviews, reputation, and cancellation procedure. In addition, we will also introduce the Y2Mate DRM downloader as an alternative to KeepStreams. This software supports more sites than KeepStreams and can download videos up to 8K resolution. If you want to enjoy the content of streaming services to the fullest, you should definitely try KeepStreams or Y2Mate DRM downloader. Read this article to find the best download software and transform your viewing experience.

What is KeepStreams?


KeepStreams is a revolutionary solution that allows users to enjoy streaming service content offline. The solution was developed and marketed in December 2021 by KeepStreams, a U.S.-based company, and has been highly acclaimed by many users around the world. with KeepStreams, you can download and store your favorite videos and music from a variety of popular streaming services, including Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and many other popular streaming services, you can download and store your favorite videos and music on your own computer. KeepStreams is a convenient and innovative solution that allows you to enjoy streaming service content anytime, anywhere. KeepStreams is a convenient and innovative solution for enjoying streaming service content anytime, anywhere.

KeepStreams Features

KeepStreams official site

KeepStreams is an innovative solution that allows users to enjoy streaming service content offline. The solution has many useful and attractive features. Among them, the most noteworthy features are as follows

  • Support for over 1000 streaming services: Download videos and music not only from popular sites such as Netflix and YouTube, but also from sites such as Nico Nico Douga and SoundCloud. You won't miss any of your favorite content.
  • You can freely choose the video quality and sound quality of the videos you want to download: high quality from 320p to 4K or high quality from 96kbps to 320kbps. You can choose the best picture and sound quality for your computer's performance and storage capacity.
  • You can convert videos and music to your favorite formats. Videos can be converted to popular formats such as MP4 and MKV. Music can be converted to popular formats such as MP3 and M4A. You can solve compatibility problems by converting to formats that can be played on your computer.
  • Unlimited download speed. Download multiple videos and music at once. Maximum download speed depending on your Internet speed. No wasting your time.

Free version of KeepStreams

KeepStreams is software for downloading movies, variety shows, TV programs, and other videos. First-time users can try the free version of KeepStreams One.

KeepStreams One supports over 40 video sites, and the free version allows users to download up to three videos from each site. This allows users to download up to 120 videos in total.

We recommend that you try the free version first to see how the product performs. If you decide you want to download more content, you can purchase additional licenses later.

How to use KeepStreams

Just follow these simple steps to download your favorite videos and music to your computer.

First, visit the official website and install the free version of the software.

Next, launch the software, select "Settings" from the menu tab on the right side of the home screen, and configure the necessary settings. Here you can specify the video quality, sound quality, format, and destination folder for the videos you wish to download.

If there is nothing special, you can skip this step. Even with the default settings, you will be able to download videos of high enough quality.

Finally, there are two ways to start downloading

Method 1: Click on the service you wish to use from the top page. After logging in with your account, play the video in the built-in browser and you will see a message "Ready to download", click on it to start downloading. This method is useful when searching for videos from a particular service.

Method 2: Copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download into the address bar of the built-in browser. When you navigate to that page, a settings window for downloading will automatically appear. This method is useful when you already know the URL of the video you want to download.

The "Downloading" tab on the left side allows you to check the progress of the download in real time. When the download is complete, the video will be saved in the "Downloaded" tab, and clicking on the folder icon will display the downloaded contents. From here, you can play the downloaded video or music, open the folder, or delete it.

The basic usage is as described above, but the procedure differs slightly between regular video sharing sites and streaming video sites, so please refer to the official KeepStreams website for more details. The official site also provides FAQs and troubleshooting instructions.

KeepStreams Reviews and Ratings

The author downloaded KeepStreams himself and tried downloading videos from major streaming sites. As a result, I was able to save the videos to my computer without any problems and the download speed was fast, so I can say that KeepStreams is a very good downloader.

Using KeepStreams offers the following advantages

  • Enjoy videos and music even without an Internet connection.
  • You can watch videos and music at your own convenience, regardless of the streaming period or subscription.
  • You can choose subtitles and audio in the language of your choice.

On the other hand, KeepStreams also has the following drawbacks

  • Downloading may not work or the ability to download multiple videos or music at once may not be available.
  • Downloaded videos are for personal enjoyment only; showing or distributing them to others is prohibited by law.
  • When downloading software, always download from official sites. Downloading from a fake site may result in infection with dangerous viruses. To ensure safe use of the software, please be aware of this point.

KeepStreams Cancellation Procedure

KeepStreams renewals are automatically billed monthly or annually according to the subscription plan you have selected; if you wish to cancel your KeepStreams subscription, you must follow the instructions below to contact Customer Service:

1. go to the official KeepStreams website.

After logging in, go to the Account Information page.

Find the "Subscription" section and click the "Cancel" button there.

If necessary, select a reason for cancellation and confirm the cancellation.

Alternatives to KeepStreams: Y2Mate DRM Downloader

While we have introduced the basic functionality and usability of KeepStreams, its biggest drawback is that it is expensive when using multiple services. However, there is an excellent alternative that eliminates this problem.

That is the Y2Mate DRM downloaderIt is. This software can download videos from most sites on the web in high quality and offers the following significant advantages over KeepStreams

  1. It supports over 1500 websites, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Hulu, Abema, and more. This allows you to enjoy all content on one platform.
  2. It supports downloading of streamed videos of up to 8K resolution, and in terms of sound quality, it supports up to EAC3/AC3 5.1ch audio tracks. This allows you to enjoy a cinema-like viewing experience at home.
  3. You can comfortably watch your favorite videos without advertisements. This prevents the viewing experience from being compromised by obtrusive advertisements.
  4. With the batch download feature, you can automatically select the episodes you want to save. This allows you to download your favorite series all at once without any hassle.
  5. Subtitles can be downloaded directly from the distribution service. This makes foreign language content easier to understand.

Everyone is different in terms of usability and demand for features, but we encourage you to take this opportunity to download Y2Mate DRM Downloader and try its excellent features for yourself.

Y2Mate DRM Downloader
🏅Supports more than 1500 distribution services including Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, FANZA, etc.
Remove 🏅DRM protection and download videos without restrictions.
🏅Full support for 4K/1080p/Dolby quality and H.264/H.265 codecs.
🏅EAC3/ACC/Atmos audio for a superb viewing experience.
🏅Seamless viewing experience with zero advertisements.
🏅Customizable subtitles according to your preference.
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