[Verified & Safe] 5 Top MovPilot Alternatives: Pros & Cons

When it comes to watching movies and shows, no one likes to watch movies online when they are continuously loading and buffering. In order to solve this problem, there are a lot of different video downloaders available online. MovPilot is one of them.

However some users are unsatisfied with this video downloader because of the location problems or pricing issues. This is why finding a good MovPilot alternative is necessary. If you find MovPilot's services can't meet your needs, a powerful alternative is just what you need.

This post will introduce 6 top similar tools for you to make your streaming experience much easier. Compare their pros & cons and pick the most appropriate one for your download requirements. To begin with, check the comprehensive MovPilot review to learn more about this downloader in advance.

Comprehensive Comparison

To help you quickly understand the 5 alternatives and compare these tools with each other more clearly, we provide the comparison table below. Based on your requirements, pick the best one for you!

Downloaders MovPilot Y2Mate MyConverters SameMovie AnyStream PlayOn
Supported Platforms 5 1100+ 1000+ 15 14 21






$129.9 LFT



$139.9 LFT


$179.9 LFT


€125/ 2yrs.

Up to the cloud storage
Highest Quality 1080P 1080P/4K 1080P 720P-1080P 1080P 720P
Download Speed 7X 10X 8X 8X 6X 1X
Batch Download
Subtitle Download
Supported OS Win & Mac Win & Mac Win & Mac Win & Mac Windows Windows

Read on to discover the 5 top video downloaders and learn about their features, pros and cons in detail.

Top 1: Y2Mate Video Downloader


Y2Mate Video Downloader is the top 1 MovPilot alternative on this list. Because this tool boasts the ability to download videos from 1100+ platforms and many other additional features. You can choose to use the all-in-one tool called Y2Mate One to save shows from various streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, etc, or just use an individual product to download your favorite videos from a single streaming service.

The high-quality downloads up to 1080P, 10X faster download speed, batch download service, automatic download option, and MP4/MKV conversion all make Y2Mate a good MovPilot alternative that can't be missed. Here are the pros & cons of Y2Mate based on our own test and usage:

  • Download videos from 1100+ VOD sites and video-sharing platforms;
  • 10X faster download speed (up to 9MB/s);
  • Support high-quality downloads up to 720p, 1080p, and even 4k;
  • Automatically convert downloaded videos into MP4/MKKV format;
  • Remove ads from downloaded videos;
  • Download multiple videos in batch;
  • Save internal subtitles or extract external subtitles into separate files.
  • The overwordy art style of UI;
  • Frequent update of the software.

Y2Mate Pricing

What's more, the pricing and plans of Y2Mate is quite reasonable:

Y2Mate One Single Product from Y2Mate
  • Monthly Plan: $69.9
  • Yearly Plan: $169.9
  • Lifetime Plan: $299.9
  • Monthly Plan: $35.9
  • Yearly Plan: $64.9
  • Lifetime Plan: $129.9

If you haven't used Y2Mate before, you can enjoy the 30-day free trial to download 3 full videos in total for free. The trial version is still supported by all advanced services so that you can test the functions in advance before making any purchase.

How to use Y2Mate?

Downloading videos from streaming sites is pretty easy with Y2Mate. Take Disney+ for an example, these steps make up the whole process of downloading a Disny+ video:

Step 1: Choose Disney+ and Log in

Launch Y2Mate and find Disney+ from "VIP Services". Enter the official site using the built-in browser and login to your own Disney+ account to play the videos you want to download.

y2mate video downloader

Step 2: Play the Video and Set Download Options

Play the video you want to download with the built-in browser. Wait for seconds while Y2Mate analyzes the URL, and an on-screen window will pop up. You can set the video quality, audio, subtitles and tick the episodes you want to download here. Click on "Download Now" to initiate the download process.

y2mate downloader

Step 3: Check Download Process

When the videos are downloaded, you can check the real-time process anytime by clicking "Downloading". To quickly find the saved shows, click "Downloaded".

Top 2: MyConverters


Another fantastic video downloader that is an excellent alternative to MovPilot is MyConverters. This video downloader also supports various OTT streaming services up to 1000+. It provides not only a convenient professional program but also online services. You can choose to install the program or not based on your preference.

MyConverters can cost you $39.90 per month. For a versatile video downloader that supports 1000+ streaming platforms, the price is quite reasonable compared with MovPilot which only supports 5 platforms.

  • Support 1000+ streaming platforms;
  • Can use online services;
  • 8X high-speed download (up to 7MB/s);
  • Download many videos at a time;
  • High-quality download up to 1080P;
  • Automatic ads-removal feature;
  • Only need the URL to save a video;
  • Subtitle saving.
  • The online service only supports video-sharing sites;
  • Need to try a few times to download a video sometimes;
  • Frequent updates.

Top 3: SameMovie Video Downloader

same movie downloader

Another recommended MovPilot alternative is SameMovie Video Downloader. It performs better than MovPilot ;in the major functions like supported sites, download quality, and speed. Like most downloaders, MovPilot can save videos from 15 platforms and convert them into MP4/MKV format. It will cost you $79.9 for a year.

SameMovie claims that the highest quality it supports is 1080P, but based on our usage, the actual "1080P" videos is more blurry than the 1080P shows saved by other tools. So the authenticity still remains to be verified. What's more, we find that SameMovie shares a very similar UI to VidiCable, Tuneboto, FlixiCam and TunePat, if you want to know more about this detail, read VidiCable Video Downloader review.

  • Download videos to MP4/MKV format;
  • 8X fast download speed;
  • Download many videos simultaneously;
  • Multilingual subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Only support 15 streaming platforms;
  • Long response time of the built-in browser;
  • Only provide a yearly plan and lifetime plan;
  • The free trial can only save the first 5 minutes of a video;
  • Blurred 1080P video.

Top 4: AnyStream Plus

anystream plus

Note: AnyStream seems to break down. The official site and computer program are unavailable anymore. You can wait for the fixing or choose another alternative.

AnyStream Plus is a classic video downloader, but it supports only 14 streaming platforms, less than SameMovie. But you can still download high-quality videos up to 1080P with AnyStream. Because of recent DRM problems, this tool may fail to save videos from some sites such as Netflix. So if you're a Netflix fan, AnyStream may be not your best choice of MovPilot alternative.

AnyStream made a great change in 2024. Now it only provides a one-year plan (€109) and a two-year plan (€125). What's more, it only supports 3 payment methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

  • Can download high-quality 1080P videos;
  • 6X faster download speed;
  • Can save videos in MP4 format;
  • Extract subtitles into SRT/TTML format;
  • Batch download service;
  • 21-day free trial to download 10 videos in total.
  • Only support 14 streaming sites;
  • Old-fashioned style of UI;
  • Only support virtual currency;
  • Only 280 downloads are available per week;
  • Only works on Windows PCs.

Top 5: PlayOn


PlayOn is also an amazing MovPilot alternative, which is famous for 2 products: PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home. Both of them are recorders that can save videos from 21 streaming sites. You can record videos and use PlayOnCloud to save them online and watch them across various devices, or use PlayOnHome to save them on your computer.

The exact charge of PlayOn is up to the cloud storage, ranging from $4.99 to $49.99. Because it's a video recorder, so it will take more time to save a film than other tools mentioned above. For example, if you want to download a 2-hour movie, you only need less than 5 minutes to save it with Y2Mate, but need 2 hours with PlayOn. If you want to know more details about PlayOn Cloud, read PlayOn Cloud review.

  • Easy-to-use UI;
  • Comparatively lower cost;
  • Support to record videos from 21 streaming sites.
  • Only support 720P recording;
  • It takes a lot of time to record a video;
  • Easy to run out of cloud storage;
  • PlayOn Home only works on Windows PC.

Wrapped Up

This post introduces 5 popular and powerful MovPilot alternatives. If you are not able to use MovPilot due to any reasons or find it fails to meet your needs after an update, hope the list can help you download your favorite series and films easily. And since you're here, you may also be interested in other video downloaders and their review. To learn more, read Y2Mate v.s Audials v.s KeepStreams v.s AnyStreams v.s PlayOn.


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