How to Cancel TuneBoto Subscription? A Complete Guide

Amazon Prime is a well-known streaming platform with a bunch of features to enjoy every genre in one place. It has a famous complementary tool known as TuneBoto. This is a versatile tool packed with a bunch of tools to customize your output file. If you have been using TuneBoto for a while and are now looking for a reliable way to get a TuneBoto cancel subscription, we have you covered. Read this guide to learn how do cancel my TuneBoto subscription and explore better alternatives, such as Y2Mate.

What is TuneBoto?

TuneBoto is available in over 210 countries and is widely acclaimed as the best Amazon video downloader. It has two primary tools TuneBoto Amazon music converter and TuneBoto Amazon video downloader, to facilitate you to download both audio and videos.

It is highly compatible with Windows and Mac. However, people have concerns regarding the working of TuneBoto and want an option for TuneBoto cancel subscription. Before canceling your subscription, give TuneBoto Review [2023 Latest]: Is TuneBoto Safe? A quick read.

How to Cancel TuneBoto Subscription?

To avail of your TuneBoto cancel subscription option, you will typically need to follow the cancellation process outlined by the company. Although the specific steps may vary slightly, here's a general guide on how to cancel your subscription.

  1. Go to the official TuneBoto website using a web browser on your computer or compatible device. Log in to your TuneBoto account using your registered email address and password.
  2. Once you're logged in, locate the account settings or subscription settings. This might be listed under your profile, account details, or a dedicated subscription section.
  3. Look for your TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader subscription within the account or navigate to subscription settings.
  4. Click on the cancellation option for your TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader subscription. The wording may vary, but it could be something like "Cancel subscription" or "Stop auto-renewal."
  5. After selecting the cancellation option, you will receive a confirmation email.


If you encounter any difficulties or have specific inquiries, it's advisable to reach out to TuneBoto's customer support for further assistance. You can also explore Best 5 Amazon Video Downloaders 2023.

FAQ about TuneBoto Subscription Cancellation

Here are some common concerns of people using TuneBoto or looking for a TuneBoto cancel subscription.

Is TuneBoto Legal?

The legality issue regarding TuneBoto can be complex because it can vary according to different conditions. If you want to download content for personal use, there is no need to think about TuneBoto cancels the subscription. It is because downloading anything for entertainment is legal.

However, if you use the content to include in your content and claim it to be yours, you will get into legal problems. You cannot use the content without permission and make any claim.

How Much Does the TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader Cost?

If you are skeptical about TuneBoto services and cost, do not directly go for TuneBoto cancel subscription option. It offers a free trial to test the features and select a suitable package for yourself. You can opt for a monthly package for $14.95, an annual plan for $59.95, and a lifetime plan for $129.9.

With a lifetime plan, you need to pay for it once. After that, it will automatically keep the software, and you can enjoy the service as long as you want without additional cost.

Is TuneBoto Safe?

Do you wonder TuneBoto auto-renewal system is safe or not? Remember that this software is legit and worth trying, as it fulfills all the requirements; we can look into video downloaders. Indeed, it may require an Amazon Video account, but it does not collect the data except videos.

However, some people avoid paying fees and download cracked versions. It is not illegal to use, but it can harm your data and device. Therefore, it is better to avoid using cracked versions and look for better and more affordable alternatives that can keep your device safe and secure.

Top 3 TuneBoto Alternatives after Canceling TuneBoto Subscriptions

Here are some of the best alternatives to TuneBoto. They can offer menu leverages at an affordable price without risking your data and computer. So let's hop on.

1. Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader


Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader is best TuneBoto alternative because it has astonishing features to download your video in easy steps. 

The addition of batch download features allows users to download multiple videos in one go. Quality has always been an issue that makes people think about TuneBoto canceling their subscription. However, Y2Mate ensures you get the output in high quality.

It is equipped with the latest technology to download a full movie in a matter of minutes. You can separately save the subtitles in all required languages. Here are some notable features of Y2Mate.

  • Y2Mate Amazon Downloader is region-free. It allows you to download videos from any region.
  • Download videos, movies, and episodes at 3 times faster speed.
  • It is highly compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • You can save subtitles integrated with video or separately in SRT files.
  • It removes the ads while downloading the show to have a seamless experience.
  • It has a built-in browser to make search convenient.
  • The metadata saves with the file so you can have a well-organized library.

2. MyStream Amazon Downloader


MyStream is a high-end and simple Amazon Prime Video downloader. It helps you quickly download the videos in high quality. This downloader downloads high-quality video without hindering pixels.

MyStream video downloader allows you to download videos from different countries. Moreover, it downloads the movies in high quality to let you enjoy the movies offline without destroying the original crisp of the picture. MyStream’s main features include:

  • It guarantees you a reliable downloading service with good speed.
  • The batch downloader feature allows you to download multiple videos and episodes simultaneously.
  • MyStream updates the library regularly to let people enjoy the latest movies and any additions.
  • You can choose various audio tracks such as EAC3 5.1 or AAC etc.

3. MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader


This is another considerable alternative to TuneBot to avoid TuneBoto cancel the subscription. MovPilot can convert amazon prime videos to full HD quality. It can grab multiple episodes at a time and download them with exceptionally fast speed.

If you like to enjoy a show in different languages, fortunately, MovPilot allows you to save original audio and subtitles in up to 6 different languages. Here are some noteworthy features of MovPilot

  • It is highly compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • MovPilot downloads the video up to 1080P for a crispy clear picture.
  • You can convert the file into MP4 or MKV format to improve compatibility for further sharing.
  • It downloads the videos at a high speed to save time and energy.
  • MovPilot has a high success rate in terms of quality and services.


TuneBoto is a well-known Amazon Prime video downloader. It has many appreciable features, but at the same time, it is bank-breaking for some people. So, they think about TuneBoto cancel subscription. If you are the one, consider better alternatives such as Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader. It allows you to download unlimited videos at a faster speed in a shorter time. All you need to do is select all desired titles and wait for a while. Then you are ready to enjoy your offline streaming time.

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