How to solve the problem of not being able to download videos with VideoProc Converter

In the realm of video editing, VideoProc Converter (formerly VideoProc) is attracting attention for its versatility as an all-in-one software. At the same time, however, there are some problems that users face. In particular, when using the download function to paste and analyze URLs, do you suddenly get an "Analysis Failed" error message, preventing you from fully utilizing the functionality?

Take a break here. This article will clearly explain the cause of this error message and provide more specific solutions. This will help you get the most out of VideoProc Converter. We promise to be your guide to make your video editing journey smooth again.

What is VideoProc?

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VideoProc is a video editing software available for both Windows and Mac with four main features

Video and audio conversion

VideoProc supports video files in many formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, VOB, MOV, SWF, MPG, WMV, and 3GP, with over 370 built-in video and audio codecs. It is capable of converting video and audio files between various formats.

DVD Converter

VideoProc can convert DVD video to video formats such as MP4, MKV, etc. and save them to your PC. The converted videos can be freely played on various devices such as media players, iPhone/iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, PSP, etc.

Web Video Download

VideoProc can download videos from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Just paste the URL of the video page into VideoProc and a list of downloadable videos will be displayed. Select the appropriate video according to resolution and format, and the video will be saved automatically.

Screen Recording

VideoProc has the ability to record not only the PC screen, but also the camera screen at the same time. Using this feature, you can record game play, take iPhone screenshots, and record and save live broadcasts and livestreams.

Four reasons why you cannot download videos with VideoProc and what to do about it

If you are unable to download videos from the Internet with VideoProc, there are four main causes and possible solutions for each.

Cause 1: Bug in VideoProc itself

Sometimes errors occur, such as video links not being detected or the application not working properly. The workaround for this problem is to restart the PC and clear the cache. Restarting the computer may solve the problem of a slow computer. Try restarting your computer, especially if you have been using it for a long time, as this can create a lot of virtual memory on the hard disk, slowing down VideoProc and possibly slowing down downloads as well.

Cause 2: Unstable Internet Connection

Video downloads may stop in the middle of downloading. If this is due to your connection environment, it may be helpful to consider changing providers. Reinstalling VideoProc may also help. If the application is running slowly due to glitches or cache buildup, try reinstalling the latest version of the application.

Cause 3: Anti-virus software settings

Depending on the settings of your antivirus software, it may determine that the downloaded file is a virus and prevent you from downloading it. To solve this problem, it is important to review the settings of your security software. There is a way to temporarily turn off the security settings, but this should be considered as a last resort.

Cause 4: Changes in specifications of video distribution services

With the tightening of regulations on illegal uploading, video distribution services are regularly changing their technical specifications. To cope with this, we recommend using the "Y2Mate DRM Downloader," which is updated frequently. Y2Mate DRM Downloader" is the most frequently updated version of "Y2Mate DRM Downloader," as it is the first to know about and respond to changes in video delivery service specifications.

These are the main reasons why you cannot download videos with VideoProc and the countermeasures for each. By implementing these measures, you will be able to resolve your video download problems.

Alternative to VideoProc Converter: Y2Mate Downloader

We present here a dedicated downloader that, like VideoProc Converter, allows you to download videos from distribution sites, but with more advanced features.

Y2Mate Download er is a powerful tool that allows you to download videos from free distribution sites such as YouTube and Twitch, as well as from paid platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Download videos in original quality

Y2Mate Downloader allows you to download videos in high quality up to Full HD (1920*1080 ) with vivid details. It is ideal for viewing on large screens and downloading videos where detail is important (e.g., natural landscapes and complex animations).
Y2Mate's high-quality audio tracks also support a variety of audio formats, including EAC3/AAC 5.1, an efficient audio codec that reduces file size without sacrificing sound quality.
EAC3, a component of Dolby Digital Plus, provides multi-channel audio support and is designed for home theater systems. Its high-quality sound enriches the detail and depth of the audio, providing a realistic sound experience.

Provides extensive compatibility with MP4/MKV file formats

With Y2Mate, it is possible to convert videos to MP4 or MKV formats. These formats are compatible with many devices including web browsers, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops, as well as various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In addition, the MP4/MKV formats provide high-quality video while keeping file sizes reasonably small. This means you get a high-quality viewing experience while saving on data usage.

With Y2Mate, you can save your favorite videos in the format of your choice. You can watch them anytime, anywhere on your device.

No worries about foreign films with subtitles

Even for foreign productions, Mate automatically detects subtitles and has a powerful feature that allows you to download and permanently store subtitles in all supported languages along with the video, if you wish. Internal or external subtitles are no problem.

It is extremely easy to use and can be downloaded with a single click. Just click on the appropriate site icon from the homepage or copy and paste the URL of the video, and the download will start automatically. Various settings can also be made on a single screen, making it extremely convenient. If you are interested in making the most of various video streaming services, please take this opportunity to check it out.

Comparison of VideoProc Converter and Y2Mate Downloader

Below we have created a comparison chart between VideoProc Converter and Y2Mate downloader.

  VideoProc Converter Y2Mate Downloader AIO
Main Functions Video editing & conversion, PC screen recording, DVD copy, video download, music download, audio conversion Video Download, DRM Removal
Supported Sites Limited sites Over 500 video delivery platforms and 1500+ websites
Picture Quality Supports 4K editing and conversion 720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K
Download Restrictions No free version is offered. In addition, there is a possibility that long-form works may not be available for download.

The free version allows you to save 3 videos to try out.

The paid version allows you to save up to 100 videos from the same platform each day.

Reputation Many features, but problems may exist with each feature Excellent safety and functionality


The following are the major causes of video download problems with VideoProc and the solutions that can help: restarting the PC, clearing the cache, changing the Internet connection, reviewing the settings of antivirus software, and using the Y2Mate DRM downloader. By implementing these measures, it is possible to eliminate video download problems. We also introduced Y2Mate downloader as an alternative to VideoProc, explaining the advantages and usage of this highly functional download-only software. If you are interested, please give Y2Mate Downloader a try.

Y2Mate DRM Downloader
Download videos to your PC and keep them forever with Y2Mate DRM Downloader! With support for a variety of formats and picture quality, it offers a better experience than regular download software. In addition, it offers a full range of subtitle functions.
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