5 Quick Methods to Fix Wondershare UniConverter Not Working

Wondershare is a tech site that provides various products to deal with design, video and audio. Among various products, Wondershare UniConverter combines downloading, screen recording, and editing functions into one software package.

Although UniConverter can provide convenient services for users to download and process videos through powerful functions, sometimes it breaks down. To help you locate and solve the problem quickly, this post provides 5 effective methods from the program itself to your system. Read the remaining parts to find more.

Wondershare UniConverter

Why Does Wondershare UniConverter Break Down?

To solve the problem of failure download, you need to identify the causes first, and you will be able to formulate a plan of action to resolve the error. Why does my Wondershare UniConverter always pops up a warning window or directly break down? There are 4 possible causes.

Cause 1: Unpredictable Bugs

Sometimes, UniConverter itself might encounter internal issues. This could be difficulties recognizing video files, unexpected program behavior, or other errors. In such cases, the best course of action is to check for updates from Wondershare. They regularly release patches to address bugs.

Cause 2: Poor Network Connection

A smooth and stable internet connection is crucial for successful video downloads. If your connection is weak or prone to interruptions, the download process might stall or fail halfway through. If you suspect your internet might be the culprit, consider switching to a more reliable provider or troubleshooting your existing connection.

poor connection

Cause 3: Anti-Virus Software

Overzealous security software can sometimes misinterpret video files or UniConverter as potential threats, leading to download blockages. Take a look at your antivirus settings. You might need to adjust specific rules or temporarily disable your antivirus software to allow UniConverter to download videos.

Cause 4: Copyright Changes of Distribution Services

Video sharing sites like Vimeo frequently update their technical specifications to prohibit unauthorized downloads. As a result, download tools like UniConverter might become temporarily incompatible. What's more, UniConverter can't download videos from subscription-based platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+.

Quick Troubleshooting UniConverter Not Downloading

Now we've understood why Wondershare UniConverter fails from time to time. This part will provide several quick solutions to fix Wondershare UniConverter not downloading problem accordingly. Try these 5 methods one by one.

Method 1: Upgrade Wondershare UniConverter

Occasionally, software glitches can cause UniConverter to malfunction. If you're facing download issues, try reinstalling the latest version of the application. A fresh install can often clear out any temporary glitches and restore the software to its proper working state, allowing you to download videos again. But it should be noted that the update may affect your license verification.

Method 2: Install an Official Patch

Google updates the download API from time to time, making older versions of UniConverter incompatible. This can prevent you from downloading videos altogether. If you want to fix the problem without updating the program, navigate to the official Wondershare site and download a specific patch designed to fix the compatibility issue.

wondershare patch

Method 3: Restart the PC and Clear Cache

If the two methods above fail, a simple computer restart can work wonders probably. When your computer runs for extended periods, temporary files build up on the hard drive, slowing down the program. This can also affect UniConverter and its download functionality. If you're having trouble downloading, try restarting your computer. This can clear out temporary files and potentially settle the matter.

Method 4: Check the Anti-Virus Software Settings

Like mentioned above, your antivirus software might be overprotective, blocking UniConverter from downloading videos. If you're facing download issues, check your antivirus settings. You might need to adjust specific rules or temporarily disable your antivirus software to allow UniConverter to work successfully.

Method 5: Use Its Alternatives

In some cases, the video service you're trying to download from might have made changes in their technology that UniConverter hasn't yet adapted to. This can temporarily prevent downloads. Since it is so, you can consider using an alternative video downloader that is actively updated to remain compatible with the latest video service specifications.

Here we recommend Y2Mate One, a professional tool to download videos from 1200+ streaming sites in high quality up to 1080P, 2K, and 4K without effort. These sites include video-sharing sites Pornhub, Vimeo, and popular subscription VOD platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc.


If you're interested in this tool, read the comprehensive review on Y2Mate to get more info.

Y2Mate v.s. Wondershare UniConverter

To provide a quick overview of the new program, check the following table to get a preliminary understanding of the basic functions of Y2Mate through the comparison.

Downloaders Y2Mate Wondershare UniConverter
Video DL 1200+ Sites 4 Video-Sharing Sites
Quality 720P-4K 1080P
Output Format MP4/MKV MP4/MKV/MOV
Easy to Use ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
Supported Language Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi, Thai, etc. 24 languages in total English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
Subtitle Download

What Can You Get from Y2Mate?

Y2Mate can not only download high-quality videos but also save soft, hard and external subtitles along with your favorite shows. With the batch download function, you can even save multiple episodes from Netflix in just one click.

Supported by advanced tech, Y2Mate speeds up your download to 10X faster, saving a 2-hour film in 10 minutes. The success rate is up to 95% on average. What's more, you can get free updates forever by using this versatile tool.

y2mate video downloader

Y2Mate offers a variety of pricing plans, including monthly, yearly, and perpetual plans. In the unlikely event that you are unable to download your video, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

The easy-to-use UI allows even computer novice to download their loved shows quickly in simple steps. Take Netflix for example, you can follow these simple 4 steps to save videos on the local filters of your PC:

Step 1: Download and Install Y2Mate

It's recommended to download Y2Mate through the official site to get the 100% safe installation package.

Step 2: Find Netflix in VIP Services

Click the Netflix icon from VIP Services to navigate to the official site with the built-in browser. Login to your own Netflix account so that you can get access to the playing page of various shows.

y2mate downloade

Step 3: Play the Video and Set Download Options

Play the video you want to download, and the auto system will analyze the URL immediately. Wait for seconds, a window will pop up for you to customize settings, such as resolution, language and subtitles. Click "Download Now" to start downloading. Different from UniConverter, you can download 100 videos in one day with Y2Mate.

y2mate downloader

Step 4: Check and Find Your Downloaded Shows

The download process will be presented in detail in "Downloading". You can find all downloaded videos in "Downloaded". By clicking the little file icon, you can quickly trigger the local filter where the videos are saved.

y2mate downloader

This is the whole process of how Y2Mate works. You can also read the post about Y2Mate Netflix Downloader review to see more comments about this tool.


When faced with the issue of Wondershare UniConverter not working, it is important to consider the various causes from different aspects. Follow the instructions provided in this post to solve the problem quickly. If all methods fail, you can also consider some alternative options like Y2Mate. Hope you can follow these troubleshooting steps and finally resolve the issues, saving high-quality shows soon.

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