How to Download ARD Plus Videos on Your PC?

Are you enchanted by the diverse and engaging content offered by ARD Plus, the German public broadcasting network, but find yourself constantly frustrated by the inability to watch these videos at your convenience.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on 'How to Download ARD Plus videos'. Here, we will delve into simple, effective methods that will empower you to download and enjoy your favorite ARD Plus videos anytime, anywhere. 

What is ARD Plus?

ARD Plus is a digital television channel offered by ARD, one of Germany's public broadcasters. It often broadcasts additional content or extended versions of programs that are aired on the main ARD channel. The types of programs it broadcasts include documentaries, discussion programs, and culture and music programs. 

ARD plus

ARD Plus is renowned for their captivating TV series. Here are the current top 3 shows you shouldn't miss.

Firstly, we have "The Silent Valley". A compelling drama set against a serene countryside. It tells a mysterious journey where secrets unravel with every twist and turn, resulting in an unexpected conclusion. The suspense keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Secondly, there's "The City Skylines". A vibrant story that captures the chaos, heartbreak, and triumphs of urban life. Its diverse and dynamic characters experience life's highs and lows, making it highly relatable.

Last but not least, is "Behind the Lens". An intriguing drama that offers a deep dive into the world of filmmaking. It showcases the ups and downs in the lives of actors, directors, and everyone involved behind the scenes. 

These TV series are not only popular for their engaging storyline but also for their seamless editing and outstanding performances. So, prepare your snacks and get ready for a binge watch!

Is ARD Plus Free?

Unlike ARD Mediathek, ARD Plus is not a free streaming service. Luckily, ARD Plus comes with a tempting feature - a 14-day free trial. And after then the service cost 4.99 Euros each month. It's an attractive deal considering the diversity and richness of the ARD Plus content you are exposed to with your subscription. The nominal monthly cost makes it affordable and a favorite choice amongst many digital streamers. 

In addition, if you are an active subscription user of Magenta TV, you can use ARD Plus without any cost becuase ARD Plus belongs to the MagenTa TV. 

Can You Download from ARD Plus?

ARD Plus is a public-service broadcasting network in Germany. While it offers a lot of its content online, it currently does not offer a direct download option. You can stream content on their site, or through their app if it is available in your region.

However, tools and software available online may be able to download videos from ARD Plus, such as Y2Mate MPD Downloader.

How to Download ARD Plus Videos?

Here is a simple guide on how to download videos using ARD Plus and Y2Mate.

First, you need to copy the URL of the video from ARD Plus that you want to download. Once you have the URL, paste it into Y2Mate.

Paste ARD Plus into Y2Mate

After that, make sure to log into your ARD Plus account to access the content you need.

Access ARD Plus via Y2Mate

Next, look for the specific ARD Plus video that you want to download and select it.

Finally, you will see a 'Download Now' button. Click it and your video will begin downloading.

Just follow these steps and you'll have your ARD Plus video downloaded in no time.


In conclusion, downloading videos from ARD plus is a relatively simple process once the necessary tools and steps are understood. Y2Mate MPD Downlaoder makes effortlessly downloading ARD plus videos for offline viewing possible.


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