How to Download Tubi TV on Different Devices and How to Download Tubi Videos

Tubi, one of the main American over-the-top ad-supported free online streaming services, has made an unreasonable mark with 40 million monthly active members at a time when online streaming of responsible powerful OTT platforms has been rocking the virtual entertainment sphere. Tubi TV, which is owned by Fox Corporation, offers content from major studios such as Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate. So, learn how to download Tubi TV on many different devices and how to download Tubi TV videos so that you can enjoy its ad-supported free service with and without advertisements, as well as the internet.

How to Download Tubi TV on Smart TVs

Tubi TV is now available on many smart TVs. Here's the guide to installing it on two of them: LG TV and Amazon's Firestick.

How to Download Tubi TV on LG TV

To learn how to download Tubi on an LG smart TV, simply follow the steps below while making the most of your free time with the Tubi universe.

  1. To begin, press the "Home Button" on your LG TV remote control.
  2. There will be a demonstration of the LG content store.
  3. Go to the top of the screen and select the "App" option.
  4. The list of available apps in the selected category will be displayed in the selected category.
  5. Install "Tubi" by clicking on it.
  6. After installation, you can instantly use the Tubi application on your LG smart TV.

How to Download Tubi TV on Firestick

Tubi TV is available as an official app on the Amazon App Store. As a result, there's no need to manually install it.

Install Tubi TV on FireStick by following the steps below:

1. Go to the FireStick's home screen. Press the UP direction button on your remote's navigation ring a few times until the top menu bar is selected. In the top-left corner, select the Search option.

2. Enter the Tubi TV app's name. After putting in the first few letters, Tubi TV is likely to appear in the search results. In the search results, click it.

3. On the following screen, you should see the Tubi icon. Choose it!

4. On the following window, click the Download option.

Note: The Get button will appear in lieu of the Download button if you are installing this program for the first time.

5. Wait for the Tubi TV app to download to your FireStick. It shouldn't take more than a minute to complete.

6. The Open option should appear once the software has been downloaded and installed. To use the app, simply click it.

Now Tubi TV has been successfully installed on your FireStick.

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How to Download Tubi TV on Mobile Devices

The texts below are about how to download Tubi TV on Android and iOS devices.

How to Download Tubi TV on Android

To get the Tubi app on any Android device, carefully follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. On your Android phone, open the "Google Play Store" app.
  2. Look for the app "Tubi TV."
  3. Select " Tubi-free movies & TV" from the drop-down menu.
  4. To obtain the latest version of Tubi installed on your Android smartphone, look for the "Update" option and click it.
  5. With your free Tubi TV app downloaded to any of your Android devices, you're ready to begin.

How to Download Tubi TV on iOS

Following the methods below for Tubi tv app downloads on the iOS platform, you can watch Tubi on any of your iPhone/iPad devices after downloading the Tubi app from the "App Store."

To download the Tubi app, follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Tubi app.
  2. To link your Tubi account with your Facebook account, go to Facebook and click "Register."
  3. You can also register via email.
  4. To register with Facebook, go to the login option in the Facebook app on your smartphone, or enter your Facebook email address and password. After that, select "continue" and then "open." Your Tubi registration has been completed.
  5. Alternatively, if you want to register via email, provide all of your essential information, including an email address and a password of at least 6 characters. When you've finished filling out the form, select "Register."
  6. You've got your Tubi tv set up and ready to go on the iOS platform.

How to Download Tubi Videos: Y2mate Tubi Downloader

Y2Mate Tubi Downloader is setting high notes for serious watchers who would hate to miss a single episode or scene of their favorite movies.

Y2Mate Tubi Downloader’s Amazing Features

1. Download Tubi videos in Top Quality

The downloaded Tubi contents can be saved in 720p. Just start enjoying the high-quality video with Y2Mate Tubi Downloader

2. Batch Download and Fast Speed

The quickest downloading capabilities makes this software an excellent option to download Tubi videos. This allows you to download a full movie in less than 10 to 20 minutes.

3. Watch Tubi Movies Without Ads

One of the best functions for Y2Mate Tubi Downloader is no Ads in your video. Enjoy the smooth Video offered by Tubi.

4. MP4 File Download

The Y2Mate Tubi downloader allows you to download any content and you can have unlimited downloads. You can save the MP4 files to your computer so that you can view them on any device.

5. Tubi Subtitles Can Be Saved as SRT

With Y2Mate Tubi downloader, you have the option of what to do with your subtitles, no matter saving them as an SRT file or embedding them in your video.

6. Built-in Browser for Video Searching and Playing

Y2Mate Tubi downloader comes with a built-in browser that allows you to search for your favorite videos. It offers the exact same content as Tubi.

Steps to Download Tubi Videos with Y2Mate Tubi Downloader

The experience of downloading your favorite movies offline through Y2mate download is thrilling. Now let me walk you through the downloading steps.

Step 1: Choose "Tubi".

After finishing the installation, please open Y2Mate Tubi Downloader and click "VIP Services" on the left bar, then choose "Tubi".

Step 2: Log in to your account.

You need an account on the Tubi channel. You can open the channel with the built-in browser using your login credentials.

Step 3: Search for the video you want to download.

Find out which Tubi video you want to download. Then, Y2mate Tubi Downloader will automatically start to analyze the video.

Step 4: Customize the output setting.

After analyzing, Y2mate Tubi Downloader will remind you about the downloading settings: video resolution, audio, subtitles, batch download and schedule. Then, you can click "Download Now" or "Add to Queue", and the downloading process will start right away.

Step 5: Find your downloaded videos.

You'll see what Tubi videos you have chosen to download in the "Downloading" part of "Your Library".

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