How to Download SongLIV Videos on PC and Mobile Device? Detailed Guide

Owned by Culver Max Entertainment, the over-the-top subscription-based streaming service SonyLIV is very active in India. As a high-quality over-the-top (OTT) service, it offers local network content as a streaming service, including movies, TV shows, live sporting events, and original programming.

You can sign up to enjoy free content and subscribe to its premium plan to watch more popular content here. Like most streaming services, SonyLIV also provides a download feature for users to watch on the go. To help you better enjoy offline viewing, this post will introduce how to download SonyLIV videos on computers and mobile devices with step-by-step guidance.

Learn More About SonyLIV

To begin with, let's introduce some basic information about SonyLIV to see what you can get from it and how much you need to pay for the premium service.

What is SonyLiv?


On January 23, 2013, Culver Max Entertainment launched the streaming service known as SonyLIV, which mainly services audiences in the Indo-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Canada, South Asia, and United States.

SonyLIV offers coverage of more than 40,000 hours of TV programs in both Hindi and English because it has access to more than 700 movies and 18 years' worth of content from channels that are a part of Culver Max Entertainment. Since it initially launched online, SonyLIV has been broadcasting live athletic events. You can also find anime on SonyLIV, as it makes a number of Animax's original anime shows available to watch in their entirety.

In addition, it includes material that has been granted a license by Indian third parties, like Lionsgate and ITV, among others. SonyLIV has taken on a more active role as a producer and distributor of both movies and television shows as of the year 2020. Due to this change in emphasis, SonyLIV now offers a variety of original programming content through its online library.

SonyLiv Subscription Plans

If you're satisfied with the SonyLIV content, LIV Premium is a good choice. The pack is available as a monthly and annual subscription now. The price is set as Rs 299 ($7.99) per month, and Rs 999 ($49.99) for a full year. Compared with other streaming services, it's very cost-effective.

SonyLiv premium

Only subscribers can use the download function and get access to all LIV original programming and movies in terms of functionality. Members can watch Sony and SAB programming in addition to Live TV networks and also access Hollywood blockbusters and foreign television shows.

Love sports shows? No problem. Many wonderful live sports such as WWE events, PPVs, live WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown will be unlocked for subscribers. The next feature is that it enables up to 2 simultaneous watching sessions and allows you to watch kid-friendly content. Additionally, a maximum of 5 profiles can be made.

Note: Even if you subscribe to the premium plan of SonyLIV, there are still ads in Live Sports and TV channels.

How to Download Video from SonyLIV on PC?

No access to the internet but still want to watch Sonyliv shows? Use the download functionality to download SonyLIV videos in advance with your premium subscription. But even in this way, there is still a download limit on the device. That means, you can only download and watch your downloaded Sonyliv videos on the official mobile or tablet app.

If you don't want to download video from SonyLIV on PC or transfer it to other devices for better offline viewing, there is a better choice - Y2Mate Video Downloader.

Tool Required: Y2Mate Video Downloader

Y2Mate Video Downloader
Download high-quality videos from 190+ streaming sites, including SonyLIV. Save shows in 1080P MP4/MKV and convert them to other devices for unlimited offline viewing anytime, anywhere as you prefer. Elevate your offline viewing experience now with Y2Mate Video Downloader!
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Y2Mate Video Downloader is a multifunctional tool. Its major function is to download 1080P videos and save them in highly compatible format such as MP4 or MKV. Additionaly, Y2Mate also owns the features of simplicity and convenience of use, capacity to download subtitles, ID3 tags, and metadata.

With the cutting-edge tech, Y2Mate has speeded the download up to 4MB/s on average (based on your Internet connection), helping you save a film in several minutes quickly. As the download tasks are performed in background, another significant benefit is having access to your video while it is being downloaded.

Your access to a fantastic video download experience should be made possible with Y2Mate Video Downloader. In summary, it would be one of the most dependable solutions ever for your needs because of its simplicity, convenience of use, ability to download videos in 1080p, and even greater quality.

4 Steps to Download SonyLiv Videos

So what should you do to download video from SonyLIV on PC or Mac? Follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1 - Enter SonyLIV with Y2Mate

Launch Y2Mate and enter the official site URL (www. sonyliv. com) in the top search bar. Enter SonyLIV with the built-in browser of Y2Mate.

download sonyliv videos

Step 2 - Login Your SonyLIV Account (Optional) and Play a Video

If you want to download videos that can be freely accessed in SonyLIV, just play the video using the inbuilt browser of Y2Mate. However, if the content is only available for premium members, you need to log in first to play the video you want to download.

sonyliv video downloader

Step 3 - Set Download Options and Download!

Wait for seconds for the URL analysis when you play the show. Set your download options in a pop-up window just like the following shows. You can select multiple episodes to download them at a time.

sonyliv video downloader

Step 4: Check Download Process and Find Saved Videos

Navigate to the "Downloading" part to check the real-time download process. Click the file icon beside each video from "Downloaded" to trigger the local folder where the video is saved. Now you can enjoy downloaded content on your PC or transfer it to other devices.

download sonyliv videos

How to Download SonyLIV Videos on Mobile?

If you subscribe to LIV Premium, you can download videos through the official app on your phone or tablet. To do this, please make sure that your LIV app has been updated to the latest version, and follow these steps:

  1. Login to LIV app and choose the video you want to download
  2. Check if there is an arrow icon beside the video. If not, you can't download the episodes
  3. Tap the download arrow icon and choose the video quality
  4. Tap "Start download" to download the show for offline viewing
  5. Select "More" from the menu of the LIV app
  6. Tap "Downloads" to find all downloaded videos on your mobile devices

Note: You can only access downloaded content on your device for a short period of time, and this time limit may differ for each piece of content. You can see how long you have left to watch the content in the "My Downloads" section. If the time runs out, you can download it again to watch.

Wrapped Up

Understanding how to download SonyLIV videos on mobile devices and PCs can greatly enhance your streaming experience. By utilizing the Y2Mate Video Downloader and following the step-by-step guide provided above, you can easily save your favorite content offline for convenient viewing anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are a subscriber to SonyLIV or simply enjoy exploring its vast library of content, knowing how to download videos on various devices is helpful in improving your offline viewing experience. If you're also interested in other streaming services, continue to read how to download BritBox videos and save Sling TV shows for offline viewing.


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