[In-Depth Review] lnovideo Ultimate Video Downloader

Have you ever found a video you liked on YouTube or other video sites and wanted to save it to your computer for later viewing? There are various video downloading software available, but we would like to review "Inovideo Ultimate Video Downloader".

What is lnovideo Ultimate Video Downloader?

Inovideo Ultimate Video Downloader is a video downloader developed by Inovideo.

It has the ability to download videos from over 1000 video sites including YouTube, Pornhub, Nico Nico Douga, FC2 Video, Xvideo, Dailymotion, and Hulu. In addition, it also has the ability to convert videos such as MP4.

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lnovideo Ultimate Video Downloader Price

The price of lnovideo Ultimate Video Downloader is as follows

  • Monthly Renewal Subscription: $1,480 (without tax)
  • Annual Subscription: $3,980 (without tax)
  • Perpetual License: ¥5,980 (without tax)

These prices are exclusive of tax, and auto-renewing subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Perpetual licenses also include updates and technical support.

How to download videos with lnovideo

First, run the software.

Paste the URL of the video you wish to download into the URL input field and click "Analyze".

Next, select the resolution of the video and click the "Download" button.

You can see the downloaded video on the Download Complete tab.

How to use lnovideo Ultimate Video Downloader

Now, let's verify how usable lnovideo Ultimate Video Downloader actually is.

The author was actually able to copy YouTube URLs and download them to his PC without any problems, and he had no complaints about the download speed. Also, the operation was relatively easy.

However, there were some who said that videos could not be downloaded from other than YouTube.

Although the official website lists a number of available paid distribution sites, in reality, it seems that videos can only be downloaded from free video distribution services such as YouTube.

Therefore, we would like to introduce an excellent video downloader that can download videos not only from YouTube, but also from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other paid video sites.

Alternative to lnovideo: Y2Mate Downloader

Here I would like to introduce to you Y2Mate, a powerful and highly functional video downloader that can download videos from more than 1000 video distribution sites, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other paid distribution platforms. Y2Mate can download videos from more than 1,000 video sites, including paid subscription platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here are some more advantages

Higher quality and more enjoyment

Y2Mate uses the latest technology to ensure that image quality is not compromised when downloading. If the distributor supports it, it is possible to achieve ultra-high picture quality up to 8K. Enjoy higher quality content than you can see on your TV at home.

Support for Various Formats

You can freely choose the format when downloading videos so that they can be played in any environment. No need to worry even if your PC is not the same environment as your home PC.

Substantial subtitle functionality

Y2Mate offers automatic subtitle detection and SRT file storage, so you can enjoy even foreign productions with ease.

More peace of mind with automatic ad elimination

Ads are automatically removed when downloading, minimizing the risk of getting a virus. This is a great feature that eliminates the wait for ads.

What do you think? While there are different factors to consider when choosing a download software, Y2Mate is probably one of the easiest and most widely used tools out there.

With several plans available, including monthly, annual, and perpetual licenses, as well as a free version, we encourage you to take this opportunity to experience Y2Mate's superior features for yourself.

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